Holding Your Hand

All little girls dream of being a popstar and dating Justin Bieber, right? Being famous, having millions of dollars, a huge 7 story mansion, tons of fans, having a hot boo named JB, having everybody love you and want to be your friend, that's what everybody wants right? Fame? Fortune? Well Aly learns what comes with all of that.


26. Oh No

Alys POV

Me and Pattie started planning, we sent Amanda out to get party stuff, food, etc. We were finished and just waiting for Amanda when I got the call..

Doctor: Hello.

Aly: Is she okay? What happened?

Doctor: She's not going to make it. I'm sorry. She got in a crash, some guy rammed into her and hit her head on.

Aly: Oh my gosh.

I started crying. My bet friend was dying.. In the middle of crying some woman walked in. She was my age, long black wavy hair, and black eyes. She's gorgeous. Nh. She walked up to me.

?: Hello.

Aly: Who are you?

?: I'm Nova

Aly: Hello. How so you know Amanda?

Nova: I'm a friend of hers, but I live

far away. I just moved here today and heard about the crash.

Aly: We'll welcome. She's not doing to well.

Nova: Oh gosh.

We got to talking and then the line went dead. Amanda is gone...

I canceled the party and stayed in bed for a couple weeks. I saw my door open, Nova walked in with Justin.

Justin: Hey baby. How are you?

I ignored him and turned over.

Justin: Boo, don't do this. I love you.

He leant down and gave me a kiss on the forehead

Aly: I love you too.

Nova: Hey. I wanted to know if you want to go to lunch with me today?

Aly: um. Okay.

Let me get ready

I put on some jeans, a crop top, and some sandals. We drove out and started talking. That's how me and Nova became best friends.

Week later.

Justin's POV

Alys sitting next to me at the party. We finally had it today. But it's still a little sad for Aly.

Alys POV

I stood up to go get Justin a soda and my stomach felt like it was exploding. I fell to my knees and Justin picked me up.

Justin: Ehats wrong baby?

Aly: My stomach..

He picked me up crying and drove to really fast the hospital. They admitted me in right away because I was pregnant. They checked everything and even though I was only 7 months right now they said I had to deliver or the baby will die. It might die anyway, or have serious problems, but they had to deliver it.

After 20 hours of labor my baby was delivered. It was on and off for it. The second it was born they rushed it out of the room and took it away from me. I was heartbroken. Because of me that baby might not live. I don't even know the gender yet.

Justin's POV

After a couple hours they brought our baby boy into the room. The second we saw it we knew his name was Quentin. He was a beautiful healthy baby boy. Aly and me were crying. Aly held him first and then me. It was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced.

*hey Lovelies! Sorry if it sucks, I'm writing it during school on the bus since I'm on a field trip. xD So yeah. Anyway hope you enjoyed! I personally love the name Quentin, what do you think? Bye Boos :*

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