Holding Your Hand

All little girls dream of being a popstar and dating Justin Bieber, right? Being famous, having millions of dollars, a huge 7 story mansion, tons of fans, having a hot boo named JB, having everybody love you and want to be your friend, that's what everybody wants right? Fame? Fortune? Well Aly learns what comes with all of that.


32. Explaination Needed

Aly's POV

I sat up and tried to walk to the bathroom, when I failed I decided to crawl. Justin apparently saw me half way and jumped up.

J: What the hell are you doing?

A: Going to the bathroom

I tried to joke but justin was not amused.

J: Stand up Aly.

A: I cant..

I picked me up and put me on the bed. My knee was extremely swollen and blue. He ran his fingers across it in amazement.

J: Why didn't you tell me it was this bad?

A: I'm already such a pain to live with, I didn't want to bother you.

J: Your my pain. But I love you Aly, you could never bother me honey.

He smiled and kissed my forehead.He then picked me up.

A: Um where are we going?

J: Um doctor silly.

I whimpered. No I cant please.

A: Justin no.

He didn't listen. I started hitting his chest. He didn't care, I cried and hit his chest even harder. the tears were coming down hard now. He dropped to the floor, me still in his arms.

J: Aly, I need to know what is happening.

A: I need to leave.

J: What?

A: I'm hopeless Justin.

I said tears running down my face.

A: I need to die. I want to die.

His face froze in pain. I broke him

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