Holding Your Hand

All little girls dream of being a popstar and dating Justin Bieber, right? Being famous, having millions of dollars, a huge 7 story mansion, tons of fans, having a hot boo named JB, having everybody love you and want to be your friend, that's what everybody wants right? Fame? Fortune? Well Aly learns what comes with all of that.


6. Aly's Little Secert

Aly's POV

I woke up in Justin's bed, Justin's arm wrapped tightly around me. I tried to get up to go get a drink and shower but I felt a tug on my waist.

J: Don't Go baby. Stay and Cuddle.

A: Baby, I want a drink. plus we have a long day today, we need to get ready.

He started pouting. I just laughed.

J: Ohhhh so my misery is funny?

A: Very haha.

He jumped up and chased me. He chased me around the room, down the stairs, around the kitchen, and back up the stairs. I was laughing so hard my vision went blurry and I couldn't see. I fell on the 5th step. I fell backwards and landed on my ankle, I swear I heard as crack. I started whimpering.

J: Babe, stop playing..

I tried to stand up and screamed. The pain was so intense it went from my toes to my ankle. It was like 10 people were stabbing me.

J: Oh fuck, you aren't playing..

He picked me up and ran me to the car. We drove super fast to the hospital. They checked out my ankle and found out it had broken in 3 different places and the bone shattered. The reason it hurt so much was because the pieces of bone were stabbing my muscles, they said they needed to operate as soon as they could. They scheduled the surgery for the next day. The doctors left me and Justin in the room alone.

J: Babe, this is all my fault! I am sooo sorry.. Please don't hate me..

He started to cry.

A: Justin..

He wouldn't look at me.

A: Justin look at me now. It is not your fault, we were fooling around. I do not hate you! I never could never would, I love you to much.

I kissed his lips softly.

J: I love you too boo...

I drifted to sleep...


I woke up as the doctors came in to take me to operate. Me and Justin just looked at each other and they took me away.

Justins POV

They took her away. I just waited in her room for about 3 hours before they brought her back in. they said everything went well, but he ankle should be sore for a while and she cant walk on it yet. I said I understood and just watched the angel as she slept.


** A couple months later **

Aly's POV

I walked down the stairs, still limping but faster than I was a few weeks ago. The smell of bacon and coffee brewing warmed my senses. My stomach growled. Oh god I was hungry.


Stay Strong <3

No I cant eat that. I need to control myself. I'll just have a swig of coffee to keep Justin off my case. He never really noticed how my eating habits have changed. I went from a pig to just a gronala bar: 45 and a swig of OJ: 26 for breakfast, no lunch, and just a banana: 35

or any kind of fruit for dinner. I've been watching myself. Working out everyday, for 6 hours a day.


Stay Strong <3

I mean this isn't the first time I've stopped eating. When I was about 13, I stopped eating and was put into the hospital where they pumped hundreds of calories into my veins and shoved food down my throat. I cant go back to that prison. Where a bunch of dead souls roam, waiting for someone to save them but nobody ever will. Nobody ever does.

I limp down stairs to a cooking Justin.

J: Babe theres some coffee on the table and I'm making some bacon so hold on.

A: No thank you. Not hungry.

J: You haven't eaten anything since yesterday morning. Sweety just have some.

He shoved it in my face, I moved back. He moved forward, shoving in. I closed my mouth. He sensed something wrong. I kept fighting. He grabbed me and wrestled me to the floor putting that piece of bacon in my mouth. Finally he got it in. The juicy strip going down my throat to my stomach. He let go, I curled up in a ball and cried.. and cried.. and cried..

*A/N : Hey Lovelies(: I wanted to put out there that starving yourself isn't okay. you are all beautiful. You are. Believe me. Anyway, I will try to update every day this week, but not promises.. Please, again, sont starve yourself, you are beautiful. Love you boos. If you need to talk kik me : misschyleebieber , okay Bye boos :*

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