Holding Your Hand

All little girls dream of being a popstar and dating Justin Bieber, right? Being famous, having millions of dollars, a huge 7 story mansion, tons of fans, having a hot boo named JB, having everybody love you and want to be your friend, that's what everybody wants right? Fame? Fortune? Well Aly learns what comes with all of that.


29. Aly

Justin's POV

After all the doctors left, Aly was asleep. I just sat there and stared at her. She looked so, vunrable. I couldnt help but break down. I was shocked when the door opened. In walked, my mom and Scooter.

P: Oh my gosh.

She gasped. I looked at Aly, i didnt even notice the gaint cut that had sticthes going down her temple.

S: What happened?

I told them the story and mom started crying.

P: Is she okay?

J: I think. I hope..

I started crying again.

S: Justin, she'll be fine. Dont worry.

J: How can you be sure?

S: Cause, excuse me, she'd be dead by now if she was supposed to be.

I froze.

J: Excuse me?

S: Justin, i didnt mean it that way.

J: Then how did you mean it? You know what, idc. Can you just leave?

S: Justin.

J: Please..

I started crying. He got the hint and left. I broke down all over again, when i heard a ringing.

Aly: Babe, babe. Justinnnnnnnn

I opened my eyes to Aly sitting on my stomach.

J: Well goodmorning beautiful. How are you feeling after the Ellen thing?

A: Oh, um. Trying to forget.

I look at her head, no scar! Hehe. But i guess the Ellen thing happened..

J: Its okay baby. Everyone has those days.

A: I guess.. Idk..

J: You know what? We have a meeting with Scooter but after that want to go to your favorite place ever?

A: Disneyland?!

J: Course baby!

She jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I laughed and got dressed.

* 1 hour later *

Aly walked out with her hair curled, and her makeup simple. She was wearing a white minnie mouse sweater, pink skinny jeans, and some nike hidden wedge sneakers. I saw her and my jaw dropped. She giggled.

A: Well, someone likes my jeans. haha

J: Nah. I like youuu

She walked over to me and gave me a kiss. I grabbed her waist and we walked to my car, wearing matching Minnie and Mickey sweaters. We arrived at Scooters.

S: Hey guys. So lets just jump into it.

A: K

S: Aly, i want you to take a break.

A: Why?

S: You arent in an emotional state to preform or anything. Your health means more to me than your career. Just for a couple weeks.

A: Um.. Okay. I understand.

My heart broke for her. This was the last thing she wanted to do. Then an idea popped into my mind.

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