looking for love

Arizona just moved to California from the other side of the country because her mom got a new job. Arizona is known as the strange different girl with an attitude and the girl that plays some sports. Arizona meets Luke the star football player at her new school. She falls for him right away but he is already taken by Amber the prissy cheerleader.


7. The Party

Tonight is the party Arizona what are you gonna wear? Violet asked as we got to my house after school. I was thinking my black n red crop top and my tie dye skinny jeans. I told her as we ran to my room.

Omg cute! Violet squealed. You're going to look great! Violet basically screamed. Alright the party is in 4 hours. We got a lot of time to get ready. I told her. Lets go to my place to get ready. Violet said grabbing my make up bag and my outfit.

When we got to her house Luke was there. Hey! Luke said grabbing my waist and kissing my cheek. Hey baby. Im here just to get ready for the party. I told him as i faced him still in his grip. Oh so you didnt come to see your sexy boyfriend? Luke asked with a fake frown. Oh and who is that? I asked. You are looking at him. He laughed.

I giggled and ran as he chased me upstairs into the bathroom. No where to run. Luke laughed as he shut and locked the door. Oh well i aint going no where. I said pulling off his shirt revealing a six-pack amd v-line. We started kissing he picked me up as i gasped he put his tongue in my mouth. He sat me on the sink and he pulled my shirt off of me. Then his father knocked on the door. I put my shirt on and ran out the door.

Girl what were you and my brother doin? Violet asked laughing. We almost did it until your dad caught us. I giggled. Really? She laughed. Yes but i still got my v-card. I told her. Not for long. Luke laughed. Yeah ok. I said kissing him.


We went to the party and Luke and i were dancing. Luke kissed me then everyone gasped. Then Amber came over and tried to hit me but i punched her in the jaw and she dropped to the ground. Luke and I ran to his car and drove off to his house. When we got there no one was home just Luke and I.

Want to go up stairs and sleep or sleep on the couch? Luke laughed. Your bed. I said walking to the steps but Luke picked me up and carried me bridal style upstairs. Our lips connected midway up the stairs. When we got to his room he sat me down on his bed so I took off my shirt and pants and got under his covers. Luke did the same and cuddled next to me.

I dug my head i to his chest as he out his arms around me. Baby you're cold. Luke told me holding me as close as possible to him. You're warm. I giggled as we started kissing. I giggled into the kiss and Luke sneaked his tongue into my mouth. I moved a bit closer to him and put my hand in his boxers. He took them off as i did the same. In the kiss he undid my bra. ( Now im not getting into details but you obviously know what happened.)

The next morning i woke up with my head in Luke chest as he stroked my hair. Morning beautiful. Luke said kissing me. Good morning baby. I smiled into the kiss. Then my cell phone rang. Luke handed me my cell. Baby it is your mom. Luke told me as i answered the phone. Hello. I answered. Arizona where the hell are you? My mom asked. I slept over at violets last night after the get together cause it was late. I told my mom. Alright you can stay another night if its alright with her parents. Im not gonna be home till tomorrow night. I love you bye sweetie. She told me. I love you too mom bye. I said hanging up. You're stuck with me all day. Luke laughed kissing my neck. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I laughed. A good thing. Luke laughed along.

Want to go out and grab breakfast or stay home? Luke asked knowing my answer. We are staying home. I said putting my underwear on. Luke put his boxers on and grabbed my bra before i could and ran. I chased after him. Until we got to the bathroom. You're not gonna get it unless you give me a kiss. He said holding my bra in the air. Luke is way taller then me so it wasn't a fair match. Fine you get a kiss. I said as i kissed him. Then i grabbed the bra and ran to his room and locked the door.

After i put my bra on and a cami Luke's phone rang. I unlocked the door and noticed it was amber. Hello?! I answered. Why the hell did you answer Luke's phone?! Amber asked pissing me off. Last time i checked im his girlfriend! I said angrily as Luke took the phone and hung it up. Why did you do that i was yelling at her? I asked still pissed off. Baby its alright. Luke said picking me up. Alright. I love you Luke. I blushed. I love you too Arizona. Luke told me as he kissed me.

He carried me downstairs and we watched some tv. We put on the news. That's Alex! I cried seeing he was in a car accident. Luke ran over to comfort me. Baby come on lets get dressed and go to the hospital and see how he is doing. Luke said wiping my tears with his thumb. A-alright. I sniffled as he walked me up stairs still crying a bit.

I got dressed then Luke and I left for the hospital. We got to the hospital and my dad and mom were there i was crying my as off by then while Luke tried to comfort me. Alex will be alright ok baby. Luke told me as my father walked over to me. Arizona your mother and I are leaving u can stay here and see Alex if they alow you. My dad said giving me a kiss on the forehead and holding my mom's hand as they left. I payed no attention to it though cause of Alex.

Are you Arizona? Alex Smith's little sister? A nurse asked. Yes I can i see him? I asked standing up as Luke wrapped his arm around my waist. Yes right this way. She said walking to a room. When i saw Alex all beat up i fell to the ground and bursted into tears i couldnt see my brother like that. Baby its alright. Luke told me picking me up kissing my forehead. N-no! I-it's n-not! I sobbed. I started to cry even more into Luke's shirt and he carried me to the car while i still was crying.

We got to the car and he put me in the back seat and he sat next to me and shut the door. He hugged me and i started crying even more. I-i ca-an't st-tand to s-see h-him like th-that. I sobbed trying to get my words out. Baby he is going to be fine alright. Please stop crying i can't stand to see you cry. Luke told me giving me a kiss on the lips. Alright can we just go home please? I asked wiping my eyes.

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