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Arizona just moved to California from the other side of the country because her mom got a new job. Arizona is known as the strange different girl with an attitude and the girl that plays some sports. Arizona meets Luke the star football player at her new school. She falls for him right away but he is already taken by Amber the prissy cheerleader.


9. Surprises

~8 months later~

Its ben 8 months since i got pregnant and i have gotten bigger. Luke still treats me the same. We found out we are having twins. A boy and a girl. We are naming the girl Ashley and the boy Joshua. I woke up in Luke's arms, but i noticed my water broke. Luke wake up its time! I yelled during a contraction. Time to eat im starved. Luke said casually putting on pants and a shirt. NO!!! ITS TWIN TIME!!! I yelled in pain. Luke rushed grabbing my things panicking like hell. I walked downstairs and woke up Alex he helped me into Luke's car and Luke packed my things in the car and they jumped in.

When we got there i was rushed to the delivery room. I was in labor. I pit on those gown things and Luke was with me. I squeezed his hand as i pushed. It hurt like hell. Ashley was first at 5 pounds and 12 ounces. Joshua was last and 6 pounds and 7 ounces. We were told Joshua had asthma but he passed everything else. Ashley passed everything also just a little under weight.

When we were alone with the twins Luke sat next to me on the bed and we held the twins. I held Joshua and he held Ashley. Luke was so happy that he was a father now. We had our own place now. So we have plenty of room for the babies. Ashley fell asleep in Luke's arms. Ashley looks just like her mother. Luke laughed as i fed Joshua. But Joshua has an appetite like his father i giggled. Luke kissed me and ashley woke up. Ashley was light skinned like me and Luke, she has deep brown eyes, and dark brown hair. Joshua was the same skin tone, had blue eyes and black hair

A few hours later Violet and jake came to see the twins with Alex.Awwww the twins are so cute. Where is the baby boy? Violet asked as i handed her joshua. Luke handed Alex Ashley since jake was playing with Joshua with Violet. Now i want a baby. Violet said looking at Jake. No not yet. Jake said kissing Violet. Yo that still ma sister. Luke laughed. Imma be a parent soon. Alex told us. Roxie is pregnant? I asked. Yeah she has been for 2 months just never told me. He told us. Well congrats man. Luke said getting up to change Ashley's diaper.

Wow why didnt she say nothing? I asked confused still shocked. She said she was scared and didnt know if i would want the baby. Alex told us. Well obviously you do. You've been wanting your own kids since we were little. Maybe more then me. I laughed. Yeah I remember. Alex said ad everyone laughed. Well you will like being a father. I know i do. Luke said kissing my forehead. Then kissing Ashley's. Well you better cause that shit hurts like hell. I said as everyone laughed at me. Guys are lucky they dont gotta push their kids out of them. Violet added still laughing.

Violet, Jake, and Alex left an hour later and it was just the babies me and luke. For another 2 hours before out parents came to see the babies. Luke is so attached to Ashley. I kept thinking. You alright Zona? Luke asked me. Nothing. Im just worried bout what our parents will say. I know my parents arent so happy bout me being a mom at 16. I dont think your parents like it either. I said putting Joshua in the crib thing they got at hospitals. Baby its fine dont worry. Luke said pulling me close to kiss me but a nurse knocked on the door. Come in. I said as she walked in with a few other nurses n doctors. Whats going on. What are you doing with Ashley? Luke asked a little irritated. Luke go with them. I will be ok with Joshua. I told him kissing Luke's cheek as he handed Joshua to me, and left with the nurses and doctors.

A few minutes later another knock on the door came and i was holding joshua. Come in. I answered as my father and mother walked in. Hey sweetie. Where is Luke and Ashley? My mom asked. The nurses took her but Luke is watching what they do to her so she is fine. I told her handing her Joshua. He is so handsome. My mother giggled. My dad was silent until the nurses and Luke cane back in the room Luke was a bit upset. Whats going on? I asked. Your daughter is having problems with hearing she failed the hearing test, and she possibly could be blind also.

As she said that i bursted into tears i couldn't handle it. Arizona your mother and i will be back in a but we will bring back some lunch. My father told me giving me i kiss on the head and putting Joshua in the little crib. O-ok. I sobbed. Baby everything will be alright ok. Luke told me pushing my hair back. No it wont! Ashely cant see or hear like we can. She cant enjoy anything. I kept crying.

Yes she can she can still feel and they have yo do another test to make sure if she is blind, and i dont think she is. Luke told me.

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