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Arizona just moved to California from the other side of the country because her mom got a new job. Arizona is known as the strange different girl with an attitude and the girl that plays some sports. Arizona meets Luke the star football player at her new school. She falls for him right away but he is already taken by Amber the prissy cheerleader.


4. My second day

The next day at school I had science for first period with Luke and Violet. Hey Arizona. Do you know where Luke is? Violet asked. No I thought he was with you? I said confused. No he isn't he left earlier this morning. I thought he went to your house to pick you up for school. She said wide eyed. Alex drops me off in the morning or I walk. I told her still very confused. Then Luke walked through the door. ( I swear I was going to kill him if he didn't show up.) Hey sorry I had to go and do something. Luke told u. Alright Luke. Just tell us next time you do that. I told him

Ight I will. Luke said as we sat in our seats. Mr. Wolf is a fun teacher but talks a lot so violet were texting a lot during class.

omg amber was at my house yesterday just to see Luke~ Violet


She took him to his room n they where in there for ever!~Violet

omg what did they do?!~Arizona

idk brb mr.wolf~violet

When we stopped texting we started doing a work sheet. After a few minutes the bell rang and we left for second period. Second period was try outs for any sports. I got changed in the girls locker room for the basketball try outs. I saw a lot of girls but only a few would be chosen for the team so I had to bring all of my game today. LAIDIES OUT ON TH COURT NOW!!!coach yelled as we ran out. LOOK AT NEW GIRL!!! Several girls laughed. I grabbed a ball and started throwing some free throws. I made all of them but one.

After a few minutes me stretched and got ready to scrimmage each other. It was the old players against the girls trying out. After the score was 5-5 the next point would win and we would go hit the showers. We were all tired out but surprisingly my team was still playin the same way we did good I pasted the ball to what looked like... Tiffany!? She caught it at the three point line and MADE IT!!! Tiffany, Arizona, and Angel you made the team the rest of the new comers hit the showers and get to third period. Coach told everyone.

After coach told us what we needed to know we went to the locker rooms and changed. (Well and took showers.) Tiffany i didn't know you played. I said confused. Look just don't tell Amber alright.Tiffany stormed out. After i changed I ran into Violet. Hey Arizona how was try outs? Violet asked excited. I made the team, but so did Tiffany. I whispered to Violet as she almost screamed. OMG!!!! Are you serious!!! I didn't know she played!!! Violet basically yelled so everyone could hear. Then i noticed everyone look at us. You are loud girl. I said as we laughed and walked to English.  


It was the end of the day and Luke drove me home. Violet told me Tiffany is on the team with you. Luke said as we stopped at a red light. Yeah she did but Amber don't know and she doesn't want her to know, or she is off the squad. I told him as i looked out the window then the light changed. What's wrong Arizona? Luke asked me knowing something was up with me. Nothing I'm fine. I lied as he parked the car on the side of the road. Don't lie to me Arizona I know something is wrong with you. Luke told me as I crossed my arms. Where are we? I asked trying to change the subject. A few miles away why? Luke asked as i got out of the car and started walking to my house. ARIZONA!!!!Luke yelled as he ran to me and wrapped his arms around me.What are you doing? I asked confused in his tight embrace. I love you Arizona. He told me as I started crying in his arms. Baby please don't cry. he told me stroking my long wavy brown/black hair. (Since when did he start calling me baby?) Why did you just call me baby? I asked shocked. Long story. He said as he pushed my hair out of my face. Then i leaned in for a kiss but i stopped. Lets get back into the car. I said as Luke blushed. Alright he said with his arm around my shoulder.


A few minutes we got to my house. My brother is home now. I said as i saw his car. Do you want me to stay out here or do u want me to come inside and meet him? Luke asked getting out of the car as Alex came outside and glared at Luke. Hey Alex. This is Luke. I said trying to break the silence. They stayed silent until violet came over. Thanks for coming over Vi. I said as she stared at Alex. Yeah no problem who is that? Violet asked with her eyes on my brother. My brother Alex. I said laughing. Damn it. He cute. She said looking away. Zona I'm going to the store for mom i will be back in an hour. Alex said glaring at Luke. Alex don't worry Luke what do nothing to me. I said grabbing his cell from his back pocket. Give me my phone Zona. Alex said laughing. Omg!!! Roxie is calling. I said answering the phone. Hey Alex! Roxie exclaimed happily. Hey Roxie its Zona Alex's sister. I said running as Alex chased me. Oh hey Zona. Where is Alex? she questioned. Chasing me for his phone i took it. I said running away from Alex and now Luke and Violet. Why would you take his phone?! she said angrily. 'Cause he my brother and always will be. I said as i stopped running. Alex talk to your girlfriend before i kill her. I said walking tords the house. 

What is wrong Zona? Alex asked. Your prissy ass girlfriend. I told him. Oh i guess you are gonna hate what I'm about to tell you? Alex asked. What are you going to tell me? I asked. I'm going to ask her to marry me. Alex told me. But you're only 19 you could change your mind! I exclaimed. I'm sorry Zona, but this is my choice.Alex told me sadly. Well i don't like. I said as I ran away. Luke ran after me as I started crying, He caught up to me after a while.  What is wrong? Luke asked with he had a strong grip on my upper arms. Making sure i wouldn't run away. Then i kissed him. 

A/N: hey guys thx for reading sorry i write short chapters i try to make them long but ehh I don't know. I'm going to write new chapters over the weekends. Maybe during the week when im not busy. comment favorite or like tell me what u think.

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