looking for love

Arizona just moved to California from the other side of the country because her mom got a new job. Arizona is known as the strange different girl with an attitude and the girl that plays some sports. Arizona meets Luke the star football player at her new school. She falls for him right away but he is already taken by Amber the prissy cheerleader.


6. Later on

Later on that day me and Luke went to the park. We were walking hand and hand with their finger intertwined. It is very beautiful out today. I told Luke. Nope. Luke told me with a grin. Oh and why is that? I asked confused. 'Cause I'm with a very beautiful thing. Luke told me. Oh really and what is that? I asked giggling. You he said pulling me close and kissing my lips softly. Awww your so sweet. I told him wrapping my arms around his neck. You are sweeter though. He told me with his arms wrapped around my waist. 

Why is he coming back? I asked my mom angrily. I don't know sweetie just deal with it he is only staying for a few days. My mom told me. I'm gonna sleep over at Violet's house those few days. I said going to my room. Zona i know your dating her brother. My mom told me as i ran downstairs. Then Alex and Luke walked into the house. How do you know? I asked. Your brother told me and I work with his mother now. My mom told me. UGH! Mom this is Luke. Luke this is my mum. I told him. Hi Luke. Your mother told me a lot about you. My mom told Luke. Alex was mum like this with your bitchy girlfriend? I asked. No not even close. Alex laughed.Shut up. I growled.

Well i have to go i will see you at school tomorrow Arizona. Nice meeting you  Mrs. Smith and Alex. Luke said as i walked him outside. That was better then i expected. I told Luke. Yeah it did. I will text you later. Luke told me as he kissed my cheek. Bye. i blushed. Then i ran inside. Omg Mom! What do you think of him? I asked. He is a very nice boy but...(I hate when she says but) His mother told me how he is he is going to be a bad influence on my baby girl. My mom told me. I'm no baby. He isn't a bad kid mum! I yelled storming off.  

Zona can i come in? I heard a voice say. Come in. I told the voice. Then i saw my dad in the door way. What do you want ?! i said angrily. To apologize about what I did a few years ago. My dad told me as he sat next to me. Then i started crying in my fathers arms. Daddy i missed you but i hate what you did. I sobbed. Don't worry Zona i will make it up to you and your mum. He told me. Alright. I said wiping my tears. And Zona i have something for you. My dad told me handing me a box. I opened it and found a necklace and charm bracelet with pictures of my family. Oh my gosh dad i love it. I said hugging my dad. It was your grandmothers. The necklace was the bracelet I bought. My Dad told me as i laughed 


A little bit afterwards my dad leaving my room Luke text me on my cell.

Luke-hey zona i saw your dad come inside are you ok?

Arizina- yes im fine i got a necklace and bracelet he apoligized i Cried

Luke-wait u cried? Im surprused

Arizona- yeah dont get used to it i never cry

Luke-well u did today babe

Arizona- since when did u call me babe ????

Luke- since now lol ;) u ready for that party tomorrow nite?

Arizona- SHIT!! Thats tomorrow i forgot i made plans with my daddy

Luke- fuck alrite :(

Arizona- haha got u boo imma sleep now see you in the morning xoxo :*

Luke-ight bye baby

The next morning i woke up to Alex waking me up. Get up sleeping beauty its 6:00. Get your lazy ass up. Alex told me as my dad walked passed the door. Son i heard the news when r you gonna purpose to your girlfriend? My dad asked. Tomorrow because she might come to my apartment when she comes down.

Well im gonna take my shower. I said leaving to go to the bathroom.

A/N:sorry bout the short chapter and late update i have been busy with basketball n school i will update when ever i have time and please comment what u think bout my book. Love you guys.

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