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Arizona just moved to California from the other side of the country because her mom got a new job. Arizona is known as the strange different girl with an attitude and the girl that plays some sports. Arizona meets Luke the star football player at her new school. She falls for him right away but he is already taken by Amber the prissy cheerleader.


2. Just getting to class

Luke just finished showing me around the school and now it was time for third period. We have English this period. Luke told me. Alright. I told him even though I already knew my schedule by heart. Mrs. Danielson this is your new student Arizona Smith. He told her as she smiled. Hi Arizona just sit in the back with Violet she is wearing the pink dress.

Hi, I'm Arizona. I said putting my hand out to shake her hand. Hi, I'm Violet. She said as she shook my hand. Where you from ,and is this your first day? She asked. I'm from Maine and yes its my first day. I told her. I was new a few years ago. Anyways how old are you? Violet asked. I'm 16. I said as guys looked back at me and Violet. Don't worry they just checking you out. 'Cause you're new meat , and they already tapped every other girl here. Well hot girl. Violet said as we laughed. Well only one of them is cute. I said looking at Luke. OMG!!! You can't like Luke!! Violet gasped. And why not? I asked confuse about what Violet just told me. He goes out with Amber. Captain of the cheerleading squad. Violet told me.

(Ugh if there is one thing I hate most out of everything is cheerleaders. They are so damn annoying.) Why the hell do guys love cheerleaders! I almost yelled but Mrs. Danielson didn't hear so I was good. I know right. Anyways I think Luke is still checking you out. Violet told me giggling. He is probably staring because of my shorts they are so short. I whispered to Violet.

We are going to lunch in 5 minutes want to sit with me n some of my friends? Violet asked me. Sure are you friends with Luke? I asked giggling. Yea he my brother , but he rarely sits with us. Violet said sadly. Fuck. I mumbled under my breath. Violet started laughing after she heard me.

When we got to the cafeteria a bunch of guys surrounded me and Violet. Bye guys. I said pushing them away. Everyone just stared at me. Hey I'm Amber. I just saw u push all those guys out of the way and i just wanted to know why? Amber said acting concerned. Hi I'm Arizona and i don't like the attention sorry. I said walking away. Wait you are pretty want to join the squad? She asked. Nope I'm gonna stick with basketball and away from skirts n hoes. Bye I said with a smirk. Wow! did you really just say that to Amber? Luke asked. Yeah I did. I told him. Damn Arizona you're the first person ever to stand up to my girlfriend. Luke said laughing. You and Amber are dating wow. Shit just got real. I said as we both laughed.

Yea but i don't really like her no more anyway I will see you later. The guys are still stunned that you walked passed their asses. He said as he walked near the guys. (OMG I just talked to Luke. Eeeeeek!) Earth to Arizona. I want you to meet Jake he is my best friend. Violet told me. Hey sorry. I spaced out what's for lunch? I asked walking to the lunch line. I think its Italian. Jake told me. Ight that sounds good. I said smiling. Luke told me what you said to Amber she is really going to kill you. Jake told me. Lets see her try. I'm not scared of a prissy bitch like her. I said as she walked up to me. Hi Arizona I was just wondering if you wanted to go to a party at my house after the football game on Friday. The whole school is going you should come. Amber said with two girls behind her. Ight I will think bout it. I told her looking her up and down. Hope to see you there. One of the girls said laughing. Shut up Megan. Amber told her. Hey what's your name? I asked. the girl was dark skinned like me and Violet. I'm Tiffany. she said quietly. I like your name I hope to see you around soon . Bye I said as they walked away

You goin to the party? Jake asked. Ehh maybe. I said grabbing my lunch. You should me and Jake are going and Luke will be there. Violet told me. What ever fine but Violet you come to my house later and help me pick out an outfit? I asked her. Yeah want me to give u a ride home? She asked. No ma brother gonna pick me up. I told her. When we got to the table. A few guys where sitting there.  Hey can u umm move this is our table. I said standing up. And who is going to make me? He asked. You are looking at her. I said losing my patients. Look I don't   listen to girls they listen to me got it. he told me standing up. sorry not a hoe now bye. I said laughing. He tried slapping me across my face but i grabbed his wrist and pulled his arm behind his back. Now you going to leave or do u want to try that again? I asked angrily. Come on guys lets go. He said grabbing his things and moved.

Damn so many surprises in you Arizona. Luke grinned and sat next to me. Sorry he got on my nerves. I could NOT let him get away with it. I said acting like Amber and dying cause of it. Everyone else laughed to but Amber just glared at me. Amber gonna kick your ass Arizona. Jake told me. Was you there when I beat that dude up? I asked raising my eyebrows. Yes but Amber is different. Luke said sadly. She looks like any other prissy hoe I have seen i said leaving the cafeteria. Luke followed me.

HEY!! She isn't a hoe! Luke exclaimed angrily. What ever is a better lie to u keep saying it. I said walking to my math class. Then Luke grabbed my arm. I am not lying she isn't. he told me. Everyone has a different opinion. I said standing against a locker. Well im telling you the truth. Luke told me. Right there and then i wanted to kiss him so he would stop talking about her but i couldn't so i just walked away. Wait! Luke said as he handed me a piece of paper. What's this? I asked. Open it later I will see you after math. He said walking away.


A/N: sorry the 1st chapter was kinda short and boring but the 1st few chapters may be short but the chapters will get longer and more interesting i hope u liked the book so far. comment if anything ^^

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