looking for love

Arizona just moved to California from the other side of the country because her mom got a new job. Arizona is known as the strange different girl with an attitude and the girl that plays some sports. Arizona meets Luke the star football player at her new school. She falls for him right away but he is already taken by Amber the prissy cheerleader.


3. After math

At the end of math class I read the note Luke gave me. Hey Arizona. Look I know that we just met but I kind of like you. I'm not like any of the perverts around here just saying all this to get laid. I just want a girl I can trust and tell anything to. I knew you were different once I laid my eyes on your beautiful face. After math we have a free period meet me by the library so we can talk. Even though I don't know you too well please meet me there.Luke

Did I really just read this? I asked myself over and over again in my head till the bell rang. Arizona! I heard someone call. Hey Tiffany. I said as I stopped walking. Don't tell Amber I told you this but she planning to do something to u at the party so I would be careful if u go to the party. Tiffany said giving me a hug and walking away before anyone could see us talking.

When I saw Luke I blushed. Hey. I read the note do you really mean all that? I asked. Yes every word come on lets go inside the library. Luke said grabbing my hand and sneaking to the back of the library where no one would see us. What did you want to talk about? I asked as we stopped. Then he kissed me with his soft lips. We kissed soft and tenderly. I know i wanted to kiss him this whole day but it didn't feel right kissing him while he had Amber so I backed away. Wait. This doesn't feel right. I told him scared of his reaction. Why doesn't it. He asked shocked. You have a girlfriend remember Amber? I told him.  Alright. Luke said sadly. Do you want me to go and leave you alone right now? I asked putting my hand on his shoulder. No just stay here with me? he said holding me close in his arms. (Alright I know what you're thinking. Why didn't I kiss him back? Why did I back away? Well it didn't feel right doing it even though I hate Amber)

For the rest of our free period we say in the back of the library holding onto each other. Luke had his arms around my waist and legs and I had my arms around his neck and chest. Are you alright. Luke asked looking into his brown eyes.(I love his eyes so much) Yes I'm perfectly fine in your arms. Oh my god did I really just say that out loud? I asked as I picked my head up off of Luke's shoulder. Yeah you kind of did but it was cute. Luke said as he kissed my cheek. I blushed. Then I heard the bell ring. Come on lets get to Health before we are late i said grabbing his hand and walked into the hallway people stared so I let go of his hand. As we walked to the health room and realized we had that class with Amber and my new best friend Violet.

Violet ran tords me and hugged me. You guys know people are talking bout you two becoming a thing and now it's pissing of Amber a lot so Luke if u like Arizona then u better break up with Amber's slutty ass. Violet said pulling my arm and taking me to health class. Hey Dad this is Arizona she is new here can u please sit her next to me in the empty seat. Violet begged alright. Thank you Mr. Dickenson. I said as we ran to the back. Our health teacher is ma dad thank god. Violet said as we laughed. Then Amber walked up to me and Violet. Arizona i heard that you and MY boyfriend were together in the library. Amber growled. Alright i already know this why are you telling me this? I asked teasing her. You kissed him didn't you?! she asked as i stood up. Why don't you ask him yourself instead of being a bitch and coming up to me asking me what YOUR boyfriend did. Go ask him what happened. NO one over here is scared of you so get your head out of your ass and ask Luke exactly what happened! I yelled as Luke walked up to us.

Girls that's enough. Mr. Dickenson told us scolding me and Amber. I'm sorry this wont happen again. I told him as Amber rolled her eyes. Amber I did kiss Arizona. Luke told Amber as she tried punching me. i blocked the weak punch though with my lower arms. Don't do that anymore you punch like a bitch. I said as Luke glared at me. Then I sat down before Mr. Dickenson saw or heard anything. Amber I think you and i should break up. Luke told Amber as she got angry. UGH you will pay for this Arizona!!! Amber screamed. Violet and i just laughed.


After school Violet and I went to my house to get my outfit for the part on Friday. Vi isn't it a pool party? I asked. Yeah do you have a cute bikini? Vi asked squealing. How about a whole section in my closet just for bikinis. I said showing her all my bikinis and other swimwear. That is a lot. OMG this is my size can I barrow it for the party. She asked holding a pink and white bikini. Yes you can. You can have it I'm not that into pink anyway. I told her as I found a cute red and orange bikini and a pair of shorts to go over it and a gray crop top.

MOM!!! i called as i heard her come inside from work. Yes baby! my mom answered. This is  my friend Violet. We are in my room picking out outfits for a party on Friday after the football game. i told my mom as me and Vi walked downstairs to grab a snack. Ok on Friday don't be out late because Saturday you have to get up early and go out with me to go to your fathers house so i can drop you off before i have work. she told me as I ate an apple. Ok we will be back in a little while we goin to her house to tell her parents she over here I told my mom as I grabbed my cell phone and left.

We got into her car and left for her house and started talking about Luke. So do you think Luke gonna ask you out to the party on Friday? Violet asked me. I don't know maybe. I said giggling Yeah he at home now i will ask him. Violet laughed. OMG is that why we are at your house? i asked. Yeah kind of. she said as we pulled up to her house. We jumped out of the car Luke and Jake where outside. You left your keys again? Violet asked as she unlocked the door. Yes i did Luke laughed. Boys. i said under my breath. I heard that. Luke said laughing. what ever i said walking into the house. Luke followed me in and grabbed me by my waist. i kissed his neck because he is taller then me and I couldn't reach his lips.

After a few minutes we started playing video games. Around 8 pm I went home. Luke gave me his number and dropped me off at home my mom was asleep so I took a shower and got into my pj's and started texting Luke

Hey its Arizona~Arizona

Hey Arizona what's up?~Luke

Nothing just laying down you?~Arizona

Playing some video games with Violet~Luke

That's cool ;)~Arizona
Yeah :*~Luke

:$ Are we a thing now?~Arizona

I guess so~Luke

Ok imam go 2 bed its getting late night c ya at school :* ~Arizona

ight c ya bye :$ ~Luke

I turned my cell phone off and went to bed i had a very long day but it was fun. Alright I'm glad that me and Luke are kind of together but its a like weird that we just met today right? Oh well im to tired to talk anymore going to bed now.

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