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Arizona just moved to California from the other side of the country because her mom got a new job. Arizona is known as the strange different girl with an attitude and the girl that plays some sports. Arizona meets Luke the star football player at her new school. She falls for him right away but he is already taken by Amber the prissy cheerleader.


8. A Week Later

It has been a week since the party and i started having cramps and missed my period. I didnt pay it any attention until i started throwing up a lot today. I called Violet to come over but to buy me a pregnancy test before she got here. My parents were out for the week at the hospital so i was home alone a lot.

I heard a knock on the door. Come in! I called knowing it was Violet. Then i heard Violet and Luke coming to the bathroom. Baby you alright? Luke asked rubbing my back. Yeah I just need you to leave the bathroom while Violet helps me take this pregnancy test. I told him as Violet walked in.


A few minutes later we got the results. It was positive. I am pregnant?! I said happy but scared. Then Luke came in. You're pregnant! Luke said happily picking me up and spinning me around and kissing me a bunch on my cheeks and my neck. You're happy?! I asked confused. Yes we are having a baby. Luke said kissing my lips. Luke I love you so much. I said kissing him. I love you to Arizona! Luke said as we walked to my room.

Hey guys imma go to Jake's house see you love birds later. Violet smirked. Bye girly thank you. I said giving her a hug. Bye Violet see you later. Luke said kissing my shoulder. When are we gonna tell our parents bout me being pregnant? I asked. We should tell them right away. Luke told me rubbing my stomach. Alright but i have to tell Alex first his girlfriend is taking him out of the hospital later and bringing him home around 1:40 and it was 10:29 am. So Luke and I laid in bed all day talking. Mainly about baby things like names, clothes, ect.

I fell asleep and woke up to me cuddled up to Luke and my head on his chest. You know you look beautiful when u sleep? Luke asked playing with my hair. You creep. I laughed as i sat up with Luke. 'Cause we heard some open the door. Arizona I'm home! Alex called. Luke and i came running downstairs. Alex I have to tell you something. I said sitting him down.

Arizona what's wrong? Alex asked. Ummmm how can i say this? I'm pregnant. I said scared. Then Alex jetted up. What did you do to my little sister! Alex yelled really mad. I did nothing we didn't think this would happen! Its not our fault! Luke yelled back. Then i ran to my room crying. I lock the door and Alex and Luke tried talking to me but i wouldn't listen. Look you guys need to talk bout what is going on im going to go shopping with Violet. I said putting on shoes and grabbing my jacket and bag.


Violet and I came into the house and the guys were watching tv. Hey baby. Luke said happily walking over and giving me a kiss on the cheek. Hey sweetie! My mom said hugging me. We told mom and dad. Alex told me. Yes we know. My dad said glaring at Luke. Daddy stop. I wined walking upstairs with Violet following me.

When we got to my room violet and i started talking. Are you excited to have the baby? Violet asked. Yeah but also scared. I told her as my mom knocked on the door. Violet can you go so i can talk to Arizona please. Mom told us as Violet left.

What happened Zona ? My mom asked. What are you talking about?! I asked angrily. Its just that you were so sweet and not having sex. My mom told me. Then i grabbed my jacket and ran outside with Luke following me as i cried but i kept running. Arizona stop running! Luke called catching up to me. I stopped and cried in is arms while it was raining. Calm down baby. What happened? Luke asked. My mom! She fucking basically called me a slut. Im not like that and you know im not like that. I said angrily. Baby it is alright everyone that matters knows you're not. Look i was gonna wait to tell you this but i was thinking of getting us our own place. Luke told me looking into my eyes. Are you serious? I asked shocked. Yes I am. He said happily wrapping his arms around my waist.

Awww but that means you are stuck with me every morning and everynight. I giggled. Yeah I know thats why i want to. He said pulling me closer. Awww. I blushed. I love you. Luke said moving my wet hair out of my face with his hand. I love you too. I said putting my arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. Luke pulled me closer and kissed me more.


The next day i had school and somehow everyone knew i was pregnant. I was called a whore and was given print out of using condoms. I ran out of the school crying. Luke found me. Baby whats wrong? Luke asked. So you haven't heard what people are saying about me. I said angrily but still crying. You are non of those things. Baby I love you and our baby. I dont care what anyone else thinks or says. They can say what ever the hell they want i love you and that wont change. Luke told me as i blushed and stopped crying. I love you too Luke, but what they are saying it hurts. I told him showing him the print out the girls gave me at our school. Luke was pissed off. Who gave you this? Luke asked pissed off standing up. Amber and a few other girls. I told about to cry again. Come on its lunch now we are going to confront everyone there. Luke said grabbing my hand walking into school.

We got there and everyone laughed at me. EVERYONE!!! SHUT UP AND LISTEN!!! Luke yelled standing on a table then everyone shut up and listened. LEAVE ARIZONA ALONE!THATS MY CHILD TOO! WHO CARES IF SHE IS PREGNANT I LOVE HER EITHER WAY! SO AMBER DONT THINK ABOUT MESSIN WITH HER BECAUSE ARIZONA IS MY WORLD AND NO ONE HURTS HER! Luke went on as he put his hand out to help me up on the table.

I took it and he held me close. I love you. He told me giving me a kiss on the lips. I love you too. I blushed as everyone clapped. Except for Amber she was just pissed. That was so cute what you did for Arizona but girl what bout basketball you cant play with the baby. Tiffany asked as Luke helped me down off the table. I guess i cant play but my baby is more important then basketball i will just play next season. I told her. Shit what is couch gonna say? He gonna be pissed off you're the captain. Tiffany told me. I know im captain. I will talk to couch. I told her.

Why are you talking to that whore? Amber asked pissed. Look i may be pregnant but im no whore unlike you. I said getting angry. Baby calm down. Luke told me pulling me away. No she a bitch imma put her in her place. I snapped. You dont wanna hurt the baby i will handle this alright go with Violet. Luke told me. What ever. I said walking away. Hey girl that was so sweet what ma bro did for you. Violet said jumping up and down.

I know. I smiled as Luke hugged me from behind. Hey Zona. I told you i would handle it. He told me. Why she crying? I asked laughing. She is just mad that our baby isnt hers. So i told her if she tries to hurt you or the baby in any kind of way she wouldnt wanna show her face around here again. He told me kissing my cheek. Ight. I said getting my lunch.

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