The Wolf In Me

This story is about Shade Caron. Her mother and father gave her to werewolf hunters who ran an orphanage in Maine. They were told about what she was and they decided they didn't want the responsibility. She was rescued by a woman named Kaylie Quinn, a sweet woman with a kind heart. Now, Shade has a sister named Hailey Quinn and a lot of friends that care about her. She has also found the alpha of a pack, David. As she grows to like the beta of his pack, Clyde, and he joins her school, what will happen? And when she meets the three other packs of wolves, will she be taken from her pack? Or be let in on a secret that has been kept from her for so long?


1. Prolouge

As Shade lay in her bed, inside the little cabin outside that her new mother had let be her room, she heard the soft wind outside. She smelled the crisp night air and wondered if it was late enough to take a walk, but was to lazy to pull out her phone and check. As she lay there a sharp howl pierced the eerie quietness of the night. That was her signal that apparently, it was past the time that she could go out. As she jumped out of bed, she pulled off her clothes as to not ruin another pair of her favorite jeans. She was also wearing her favorite band-t. She felt the slight pain of the transformation of the wolf penetrate her muscles as her back arched and her black and gray fur push through her skin. She looked in her window, and saw her pack Alpha, David, standing on the small cliff overhang near the trees. As she was about to jump off the window cill and head out the door, she saw her reflection. Who was this wolf? Who had she turned out to be? She would never know what was coming her way. But her pack knew. And tonight, she would find out. 

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