The Wolf In Me

This story is about Shade Caron. Her mother and father gave her to werewolf hunters who ran an orphanage in Maine. They were told about what she was and they decided they didn't want the responsibility. She was rescued by a woman named Kaylie Quinn, a sweet woman with a kind heart. Now, Shade has a sister named Hailey Quinn and a lot of friends that care about her. She has also found the alpha of a pack, David. As she grows to like the beta of his pack, Clyde, and he joins her school, what will happen? And when she meets the three other packs of wolves, will she be taken from her pack? Or be let in on a secret that has been kept from her for so long?


6. Now this may take a while to get… SNAP!

As Shade awoke to the sound of harsh yelling and… was that a jaw snap and a whimper? She tried to sit up, but she was light headed and every muscle in her body ached, and she let out a tiny whimper of her own. Wait, whimper? That made her sit up, but her hands felt funny, and she looked down and they were… PAWS! She jumped back with a surprised yelp and started spinning in circles, and accidentally hit a table, nearly falling to the floor once again, but regained her balance and backed herself into a corner. That was when she noticed the large dark brown wolf walking towards her, and she started to growl. 
"It's okay, I won't hurt you." Said a voice in her head. She shook her head trying to figure out where the voice was coming from.
"You can hear what I'm saying in your head, not with your ears, it's a wolf thing, okay? Now this may take a while to get" SNAP! Went her jaws as she jumped at the wolf. "Used to!" He said as he jumped back to avoid her razor pointed teeth. Shade looked at this wolf with so much hate, but then their eyes met, and she shrank down to the floor and rolled over in a "Submit" position, letting him know that he was the Alpha. Then she started to remember the previous events… 

Walking through the woods, dark, scary, wolf… A kiss, right on her rambling lips… Clyde! She jumped up still being cautious and started to lick under Clyde's jaw in a way of saying sorry. She could feel her tail wag and she lost all control she fell to the floor happily whimpering and in order to calm herself down she rolled over and looked up at him and she saw those eyes, starting to feel that safe, calm feeling when they were walking through the woods. That's when she heard a growl, it came from a much larger, white wolf with black paws and and a tail stuck nearly straight up, showing that he was pissed. With teeth bared he looked at her, and she immediately got up but only came to a crouch, as she realized that this wolf had much more power in this place than Clyde. 
"My name is David, and I am Alpha of this place, submission is to me, not to Clyde, understand?"
All Shade could do was nod, she couldn't believe how much fear she felt when David spoke. It made her cower where she stood, and she noticed all the other wolves behind her as they started to laugh at her, but David snapped his jaws turning his head a bit, and they all immediately shut up. As David turned his head back toward Clyde, a harsh tone came through her thoughts like a knife as David curled his lips, bared his teeth and said. "I think you have some explaining to do." 

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