The Wolf In Me

This story is about Shade Caron. Her mother and father gave her to werewolf hunters who ran an orphanage in Maine. They were told about what she was and they decided they didn't want the responsibility. She was rescued by a woman named Kaylie Quinn, a sweet woman with a kind heart. Now, Shade has a sister named Hailey Quinn and a lot of friends that care about her. She has also found the alpha of a pack, David. As she grows to like the beta of his pack, Clyde, and he joins her school, what will happen? And when she meets the three other packs of wolves, will she be taken from her pack? Or be let in on a secret that has been kept from her for so long?


5. Meeting The Pack Causes Certain Changes…

At first, all Shade could do was stand there, looking at the beautiful cave, she didn't know how something that was normally so gross in her mind, could be so wonderful. There was furniture, all kinds of it from leather to fur, and a beautiful oak table with "We The Wolves" engraved into it with a wolf howling at the moon engraved under it. As she started to take steps towards it, not even noticing that she had left david's side, she heard a low, deep growl, and it didn't sound friendly. She turned right to the direction of the growl, and something happened that she never thought possible. A piercing pain shot through her back and shoulders, and she fell to the ground but caught herself on her... paws?! What was happening?! She started to feel light headed as her  head hit the ground from surprise, and she felt hands tryign to grab her, and she snapped at them... with her now wolf like muzzle. She realized now why David had shown up when he did. Tonight would be the night that she changed. When the first war between the packs had started, she had just been a helper for medicine, because she didn't turn at the age she was supposed to. But now was apparently the time, and it wasn't even going to give her a warning. As her back arched and her stomach twirled, she whined at the pain, and seconds later she found herself in David's arms as he caught her in her painful state. Why was this happening now? Had the wolf that growled at her scared it right out of her? It was to late to wonder why, and if she ever lived through this, she still didn't want to know. That was the last thing she thought of before she passed out. 

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