The Wolf In Me

This story is about Shade Caron. Her mother and father gave her to werewolf hunters who ran an orphanage in Maine. They were told about what she was and they decided they didn't want the responsibility. She was rescued by a woman named Kaylie Quinn, a sweet woman with a kind heart. Now, Shade has a sister named Hailey Quinn and a lot of friends that care about her. She has also found the alpha of a pack, David. As she grows to like the beta of his pack, Clyde, and he joins her school, what will happen? And when she meets the three other packs of wolves, will she be taken from her pack? Or be let in on a secret that has been kept from her for so long?


2. I think he knew us...

As Shade sat in the front seat of her mothers truck, waiting for her to get out of the store, she wondered what was taking so long. Was everything okay? Was there a long line? Shade started to worry. She was very protective of her family even though she knew that they could take care of themselves. As she started to get unbuckled and hop out to check her mother walked out, with Hailey carrying a bunch of groceries, so she got out anyway to help and just played it cool. "Thank you, Shade." Her mother said as she took some bags from her and Hailey. 

"Yeah, thanks." Said Hailey sarcastically as Shade only took one bag from her for fun.

"No problem!" She said back sarcastically to her sister.

As Shade put the bags in the back and waited for Hailey to get in the middle of the single cab truck.

"So, did you see any of them?" She whispered to her as their mother turned on the radio.
"Yeah, I think so..." She said, with a slight pause before saying "And I think he knew us..."
Wow!! Thank you all for this!! 4 Favorites and 223 reads!! I am so proud of you guys and so grateful for you!


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