The Wolf In Me

This story is about Shade Caron. Her mother and father gave her to werewolf hunters who ran an orphanage in Maine. They were told about what she was and they decided they didn't want the responsibility. She was rescued by a woman named Kaylie Quinn, a sweet woman with a kind heart. Now, Shade has a sister named Hailey Quinn and a lot of friends that care about her. She has also found the alpha of a pack, David. As she grows to like the beta of his pack, Clyde, and he joins her school, what will happen? And when she meets the three other packs of wolves, will she be taken from her pack? Or be let in on a secret that has been kept from her for so long?


4. Following The Big Bad Wolf.

"So…" Clyde said in his low partially country voice. "What made you believe me?" He asked
"I don't know, maybe because this has happened before?" Shade said sarcastically.
"That's not what I asked." He said mockingly.
"What do you mean?" She asked, a little confused.
"What made you believe me? Not why did you believe me, but what in your head made you believe a guy you don't know?" He asked. His voice was so sincere, she could have swore he was reading her mind as she sat there and thought about how his presence gave off a safe, warm, trusting feeling. Wait, what was she thinking? She didn't even know this guy, but the way he looked into her eyes with his, she felt like she could tell him anything and everything she ever felt, or thought about.  Again! She needed to stop thinking that she was so comfortable around him…  
"I don't really know… I should trust you, right? I mean, you have to be the alpha of the pack for a reason, right? Unless you have to kill someone… then I don't think I trust you very much…"
She said, now just rambling. That's when the unexpected happened. He turned around and planted a kiss, right on her rambling lips. 
"You ramble on a lot, don't you?" He asked after pulling away. All Shade could do was look at him dumbfounded and confused. Why hadn't she tried to stop him? She couldn't find the answer to that question, but she found herself getting right next to him, and allowing his hand to slip right into hers as he led her through the dark cold woods. 
"I kinda feel like little red riding hood, following the big bad wolf…" She said sarcastically. All Clyde could do was look at her, with those sparkling eyes, and laugh. That was when the biggest cave she had ever seen in her life came into view, and she suddenly just wanted to burry herself right into Clyde's chest and hide. 

This is to all my wonderful readers, I thank you very much for taking an interest in my story it is the first book I have ever actually tried to write, and I hope that all my new readers enjoy! <3 I will be posting more every chance I get. You may also feel free to comment any Ideas you have for the story. THANK YOU!!! In this Chapter you may notice that I have changed his name from David to Clyde due to one of my friends thinking I was using his name!

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