*Sequel to Red Hero, Protector,Defender. This is book #4* I wanted to try. I wanted to let him devour me under the silk sheets. He placed his lips against mine and kissed me passionately. I was ready for this.
I'm married to him now. We're allowed for this right? "Shianne I love you so much." With that he started. I can tell you now. I wanted him more than ever.
They're married. Everything is once as it was. Peaceful. Well until Cyberious comes back. Shianne is still human. He wants her changed otherwise she needed to die.
"Let's be alone together, we can be young forever, screaming from the top of our lungs lungs lungs."-Alone Together, Fall Out Boy.
*please read from book one before you read this so you don't get confused.*


13. You're what?

Liam's POV: I stroked Shianne's hair as she fell asleep. I'm glad she's happy with herself again. She went through a hard time in the past week. Also since she cut herself, she's gotten more sure of herself. She hasn't broke down and cried at random times. And when Cassie removed her scars, she's gotten happier. I think she just wanted to erase her past. I lost my train of thought when my phone went off. I reached over and grabbed it from off the nightstand. It was a text message. I opened it and read what it said:


Heyyyyyy!!!!!! I have exciting news to tell you!!!! Come over quick!!

Me: Well Shianne's asleep, I don't feel like waking her up.

Cassie:Then come yourself. 

I sighed and set my phone down. I slowly unwrapped myself from Shianne and got up. I slipped my clothes back on and put on my shoes. I grabbed my phone and the car keys before walking out the bedroom. I ran out the house and into the car. I wonder what these news are. 

Cassie's POV: I watched the car pull up. Yay! Liam's here. I can't wait to tell him that I'm human again. I watched him get out of the car and he walked in to the house. I quickly ran downstairs. "Where's Cassie?"He asked. "I'm right here!"I squealed. He looked at me and his eyes widened. "W-What happened to you?"He asked looking at me. "I'm human again!"I smiled. "Why!"He yelled. "Is it a bad thing?"I asking. My smile turned in to a frown. "What about Cyberious? You're supposed to be a vampire so you don't die."He said. "Well I like being human. I miss it."I said. Liam sighed. "I don't know Cassie. Is it really a good thing?"He asked. I nodded. "It is. I swear it is. Come on I thought you'd be happy for me. I mean you liked me when I was human."I smiled. "Alright fine. Give me a hug."He said opened his arms. I laughed and gave him a hug. "I wonder what Shianne would think."I said letting go of him. "Yea I'd bet she would be happy."Liam smiled. "Do you think I could come over tomorrow?"I asked. "Yea sure. I wouldn't mind that at all."Liam said.

Cyberious's POV: "SHE'S A WHAT!"I yelled. The whole point of turning was so she could not die. Now she's going to have to pay. They're all going to have to pay. Especially that human they already had before Cassie went back. The best part is they can't even see what's going to happen anymore. "She's a human."Gerard gulped. "We have some planning to do then. Gerard, you, Brendon and Mikey go and destroy those two humans. We can't have mortals know about us. They spread."I ordered. They all nodded and ran off. "Make sure you do a lot of spying!"Clary yelled as they disappeared. 

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