*Sequel to Red Hero, Protector,Defender. This is book #4* I wanted to try. I wanted to let him devour me under the silk sheets. He placed his lips against mine and kissed me passionately. I was ready for this.
I'm married to him now. We're allowed for this right? "Shianne I love you so much." With that he started. I can tell you now. I wanted him more than ever.
They're married. Everything is once as it was. Peaceful. Well until Cyberious comes back. Shianne is still human. He wants her changed otherwise she needed to die.
"Let's be alone together, we can be young forever, screaming from the top of our lungs lungs lungs."-Alone Together, Fall Out Boy.
*please read from book one before you read this so you don't get confused.*


14. Tonsils.....

Shianne's POV: I woke up around 3 am. A really sharp pain hit my throat. I sat up trying to grasp as much air as I could. I just realized I was naked. I grabbed my underwear that were on the floor and one of Liam's shirts from the hamper and ran into the bathroom. I turned on the light and grabbed a little flash light from the cabinet. I turned it on and opened up my mouth checking my throat. It was a bloody red and it was throbbing like crazy. There was only one answer to this. My tonsils. Fuck. My doctor was all the way in L.A. "Liam!"I barely called out. No answer. No rushing footsteps. Where was he? I looked out the window. Where was the car? He just left me with no note. Did he go hunting? I couldn't wait for him to get back. I ran into the closet and got dressed in to a pair of leggings, uggs and a cardigan. I got on to the laptop and booked a plane ticket for L.A. I needed to go ASAP if my tonsils are acting up I might as well find out. I grabbed a bag and threw clothes in. I unplugged my phone and IPod. I grabbed my earplugs so I could listen to something while I was on the plane. I pulled out a pen and paper. If Liam didn't leave a note saying where he was going then I'm doing the same. I'm not telling him where I am. I left a note saying I'd be back in a few days and that I'm sorry for leaving so suddenly. I rushed out of the house. I grabbed my keys and got into the car quickly. I drove to the airport and rushed my way through security. I got on to the plane and soon I found my way to L.A. Liam I'm sorry. 

Cassie's POV: Liam and I walked into his house the next morning. I had no one to keep me company last night so Liam stayed over with me. "Shianne! Babe I'm back!"He called. Nothing. Was she still asleep? "Hold on I'll be right back."Liam said rushing up the stairs. I sighed and looked around. This was a nice place they had here. I'm jealous. "Cassie. I can't find Shianne anywhere."He started panicking. "Did she leave you a note?"I asked. "Hold on I'll go look."He said speeding back upstairs. "SHE DID!"He yelled from upstairs. I went upstairs in to the bedroom. He read it. Pain showed in his face. "She left for the week. Nowhere does it say where she went, or why she left. Did I do anything wrong to her?"He asked looking over at me. I shook my head. "You didn't do anything."I said. He threw the note down and went over to the wall. He laid his head against it and punched holes in it. "Liam calm down, I'll text her."I suggested and I pulled out my phone.

Me: Shianne where the fuck are you?

Shianne: Having Tonsil surgery

Me: And Liam wasn't informed of this because?"
Shianne: I was never told of where he went last night, why should I tell him where I am? Besides you should of seen the future.

Me: Well I'm not a vampire anymore so you're on your own here

Shianne: Tell Liam I'm sorry and that I'm getting my tonsils removed. 

I sighed and looked at Liam. "What did she say?"He asked. "She's not saying where she went but she said she's getting her tonsils removed."I said. He frowned and sighed. This time his head went right through in to the wall.

Me: Shianne come on! Liam looks like a fucking ostrich with his head in the damn wall! He's upset that you aren't telling me where you are.

Shianne: He never told me where he went.

Me: He was with me at the house giving me company. So sorry he didn't leave a note for you to read. You're so fucking stubborn. You had Liam thinking you were in trouble.

Shianne: Oh. I didn't know.

Me: You're fucking stubborn. Maybe you should of thought of texting him to figure out where the hell he went. 


Me: You deserve it.

I stopped texting her. She's such a b-. No Cassie don't say it. Liam can read my mind now that I don't have my blocking power. Liam turned around at looked at me. "Don't even say she's a bitch. Ever."He snapped. "Sorry. She just pissed me off."I said. He rolled his eyes. "Fine. Do you know where she went?"He asked. I shook my head. "Maybe you should just track her scent. You are a vampire."Harry said. I turned around. "When the fuck did you get here?"I smiled. "A minute ago."He said wrapping his around me. "I should and I will. I'll be back with her soon."Liam said disappearing out the door. "She's going to be in so much trouble."Harry said. I nodded. 

Megan's POV: "Shianne you can't just leave with out telling him. He's out looking for you."I told her over the phone. She could barely talk. "What do you mean?"She asked. "He's a vampire dear. He can follow your scent."I said to her. "Oh shit I forgot that he could easily find me."She coughed over the phone. "Do you think I'm stubborn?"She asked. I had to think for a moment. "No but Yes. You're not usually but you should of told Liam where you were going."I said. She sighed. "I know. Now I feel like a horrible person. I mean that's what Cassie is making me feel like at least."Her voice was cracking. "Don't listen to her right now. Just focus on your main priority. Worry about Liam and Cassie later. You'll see Liam when you see him."I smiled. "Thanks. Ugh Megan I have to go all the way out to L.A. I haven't been there in 2 years. I'm afraid people will recognize me."She said. I sighed. "I can't help you with that. Listen I have to go. I'll see you when you get back."I said hanging up. "So do you know where she went?"Liam asked. I nodded. "L.A. Her doctor is probably there."I said. We sped off through the trees. "I don't know what to say to her when I see her."Liam said. "I can't help you with that Liam. It's your mouth."I said and we ran out of Washington. 

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