*Sequel to Red Hero, Protector,Defender. This is book #4* I wanted to try. I wanted to let him devour me under the silk sheets. He placed his lips against mine and kissed me passionately. I was ready for this.
I'm married to him now. We're allowed for this right? "Shianne I love you so much." With that he started. I can tell you now. I wanted him more than ever.
They're married. Everything is once as it was. Peaceful. Well until Cyberious comes back. Shianne is still human. He wants her changed otherwise she needed to die.
"Let's be alone together, we can be young forever, screaming from the top of our lungs lungs lungs."-Alone Together, Fall Out Boy.
*please read from book one before you read this so you don't get confused.*


24. The Human

Shianne's POV: Megan had snuck me out and now we're looking for Liam. I needed to see him. We were by mine and Liam's house. Something had made me think he would be home. So I ran in the direction my house was in. I reached the back yard, running to the back door. I pulled it open. "Liam!"I called. Nothing. I ran upstairs to our bedroom. "Liam!"I called again. Nothing. I sighed and kicked the wall letting myself fall to the floor. I wish he was here. Maybe I should stay here. Megan could keep me company and keep me safe. Where was she anyway?

Megan's POV: "Mikey let me go!"I yelled. He had me in a lock where I couldn't free myself. It was horrible. "No. Tell me where the human is."He growled. "I don't know! She just ran off."I said. "Hey! Let her go!"I was turned around to see Liam, Gerard by his side. I smiled. "Mikey leave her alone. She doesn't know where the human is."Gerard said. He sighed and threw me down. "Fine. You win."He smirked then ran away. "No."Liam growled running in the same direction.

Shianne's POV: I sat down on the bed staring at the picture of Liam and I on our wedding day. I smiled and picked up the picture. I heard the rushing of footsteps. Was that Liam? I set down the picture and in walked in Mikey. "Hey babe."He smiled. I gasped and took a step back. "Awe don't be afraid."He smirked and ran to me. He grabbed a hold of my arms and pushed me out the window, along with him. I screamed as loud as I could as I fell to the ground. Pain spread in all sorts of places and I cried out in agonizing pain. "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER!"Some one screamed. I turned my head to see Liam. My Liam. "Liam!"I cried. "Shut up you!"Mikey growled kicking me. I gasped and I started rolling down ward towards the tree. I hit the tree and soon enough I found myself bleeding all over. I could see as Liam and Mikey fought. I couldn't see at all really what was going on as my vision blurred. All I saw was a head coming off and flames arose. Someone came over to me and I could feel my eyes get heavy. "Baby come on, stay with me."Liam. "Liam."I whispered. He picked me up and I tried so hard to stay awake. It felt nice being in his arms again. But soon enough- my eyes closed and I found myself sleeping.

"Liam she'll wake up soon enough.". There was a long pause. "What if she doesn't? What if I'm to late?"He asked. "Look. She's waking up."Another voice said. My eyes made there way open and it took a few minutes for my vision to come. "Shianne."Liam whispered hugging me. I winced. "Sorry babe."He smiled. "Just because Mikey's dead doesn't mean Cyberious isn't finished with what he wants."I looked over to see Paul. I looked over at myself. I had bruises from head to toe, and my leg was in a cast. Cuts made there way along my body. I feel horrible. Liam helped me up and into his arms as he sat on the bed with me. I laid my head on his shoulder as Paul spoke. "If Cyberious really wants her dead then he'll come down himself and do it."He said. "I won't let him."Liam growled. I looked down at his free hand and used this as my opportunity to hold his hand. I reached my hand over and touched it. He looked down and smiled and his fingers interlocked with mine. "Liam you need to tell him you have a date set for this. He wants her either changed or dead."Paul told him. I knew Liam wouldn't let me die. "Cyberious is coming here tomorrow."Cassie said walking. She looked at me. Her eyes were full of anger. Liam just held me closer. "Liam you better have a date set."Paul said then him and Cassie walked out. "He won't hurt you."He said and kissed my forehead.

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