*Sequel to Red Hero, Protector,Defender. This is book #4* I wanted to try. I wanted to let him devour me under the silk sheets. He placed his lips against mine and kissed me passionately. I was ready for this.
I'm married to him now. We're allowed for this right? "Shianne I love you so much." With that he started. I can tell you now. I wanted him more than ever.
They're married. Everything is once as it was. Peaceful. Well until Cyberious comes back. Shianne is still human. He wants her changed otherwise she needed to die.
"Let's be alone together, we can be young forever, screaming from the top of our lungs lungs lungs."-Alone Together, Fall Out Boy.
*please read from book one before you read this so you don't get confused.*


26. I love your warmth.

Shianne's POV: Liam stroked my hair as I tried to fall asleep. Not working so well. I mean he was here with me. I should be happy. I mean I am happy. But I couldn't sleep because of the pain in my leg. And because I just wanted to see Liam and talk to him. Which I haven't been able to do for 2 weeks. Which isn't a long time for most people. But it was a long time for me. I wanted to see his golden orbs turn blue because of the love he has for me. I want him to touch my cheek with his hand because he loves my warmth. All I needed to do was turn around. So that's what I did. He smiled at me as I looked up at him. His gold eyes turned blue. I smiled. "You need to sleep baby."He said. "I don't want to."I sighed."Alright then, let's watch a movie to kill time."He suggested. I nodded and he got up and put in some random movie. He got back into bed and I snuggled close to him. His hand traveled down to my broken leg (all of it is broken BTW.) and rested his hand on my thigh. The coolness of his hand soothed the pain that was brought to it. I closed my eyes and rested my head on his chest. His other hand was gently placed on my cheek and I felt myself smile. "Did I ever tell you I love your warmth?"Liam whispered. I smiled. "No but I figured you would of.". He chuckled. "I guess two minds think alike sometimes." I opened my eyes and looked up at him. "I guess so." I placed my lips on his jawline where I could reach him and I placed my head back down on his chest. Liam pulled the blanket over us and had me in a way I felt safe. I grew tired and eventually I fell asleep. 

A/N: Sorry for the fill in chapter


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