*Sequel to Red Hero, Protector,Defender. This is book #4* I wanted to try. I wanted to let him devour me under the silk sheets. He placed his lips against mine and kissed me passionately. I was ready for this.
I'm married to him now. We're allowed for this right? "Shianne I love you so much." With that he started. I can tell you now. I wanted him more than ever.
They're married. Everything is once as it was. Peaceful. Well until Cyberious comes back. Shianne is still human. He wants her changed otherwise she needed to die.
"Let's be alone together, we can be young forever, screaming from the top of our lungs lungs lungs."-Alone Together, Fall Out Boy.
*please read from book one before you read this so you don't get confused.*


33. Fighter

Shianne's POV: I didn't know much about what was going on. I don't know anything. I stood up from the tree I was leaning against and looked around. It was dark, cold and damp. Snow stuck to my shoes and my breath was showing in the air. I could hear a few cracks and I looked seeing nothing. I was getting a little frightened. I felt a cold hand on my hand and I gasped. "Shh Baby it's only me."I sighed in relief that it was only Liam. He kissed my forehead and picked me up. He sped us back to our house and set me down on the front porch. I took his hand as we walked inside. He flicked on the light switch and I smiled. "You put up a tree?"I asked. He looked back over at me and smiled. "I knew you would like it."He said. I kissed his lips. "Could you go make me something to eat please?"I asked. He smiled. "Sure what would you like?"He asked. "Soup."I said. He let go of my hand and walked away into the kitchen. I smiled and kicked off my shoes and I took off my coat and hung it up then made my way upstairs. I hadn't realized that I left my phone here as I walked into the bedroom. I took it off the charger and saw the text Luke sent me. I opened it and read what he said.

Hey sissy xx. I know it's almost Christmas soon! Look I just have to say this, when it comes to that day go to the house you used to live in and there will be a package for you. Merry Christmas brat! Love you xx.

I smiled and typed back: Love you too xx. I'm kind of curious to see what is in the box. But I couldn't go until tomorrow. "Babe your soup is ready!"Liam called from downstairs. I set down my phone and made my way downstairs. I met Liam in the kitchen and he wrapped his arms around me. "After you're done eating come upstairs. I owe you."He said. "What do you owe me for?"I asked. "Being my everything."He kissed my cheek and let go of me. I sat down and ate my soup staring out the window. It was so beautiful out. I loved winter. After I finished eating, I did as Liam asked and I went upstairs. I opened the door and it was dark. The only thing lighting the room was candles. I smiled as his little cheeky ideas. I continued walking in. Only to see a pile of his clothes on the floor. So that meant he was naked. Oh god. Should I join him? Before I could answer myself two bare arms wrapped themselves around me and lips were against mine. "Hi baby."He whispered after he finished kissing me. "Liam what are you doing?"I asked smiling. "Things."He said. I rolled my eyes. "Now take off your clothes beautiful."He whispered. "And what if I don't?"I asked. "Then it looks like we'll play hard."Liam smirked. "Oh sounds fun."I said. "It'll be cooler if you undress."He smiled. "Hmm I don't know Payne."I smiled. He rolled his eyes and moved his hands up my shirt and brought it over my head. I threw it to the floor and Liam unbuttoned my pants and slid them down my legs. "Liam-" "I know you can undress yourself."He said. I scoffed at his remark. "Now Mrs. Payne better get into bed."He smirked. I walked over to the bed and sat down. Liam leaned down in front of me and I smiled at him. He looked up into my eyes and his eyes turned blue. "Now what?"I asked. "Let me express my love to you."He smiled. I grabbed his arms and slid my hands down them to connect both of his hands with mine. I slid back more to the middle of the bed and Liam made his way on to the bed. "Shianne I love you so much."He smiled. "I love you more."I teased. "I love you most."He placed his lips against mine. I moved my hands from his and wrapped my arms around his neck. We fell down onto the bed and my head hit the soft pillow. Liam slipped his fingers into the side of my underwear and slid it off my legs. He ran his hands up my back and unclipped my bra throwing it to the side. He ran his hand down my leg and he moved his lips to my neck kissing and sucking. I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. My hands moved to his hair as they ran through it. I loved Liam. Liam moved his lips down more to my breasts and bit and sucked on them. I bit my lip trying to hard not to quiver. I never had felt this feeling to me. It was a bit weird. Liam moved back up to my lips and kissed them passionately. He moved his tongue into my mouth and I let moans escape. I could feel his tip at my entrance and I wrapped my legs around his torso. He slowly thrusted into me and I could feel myself pull into a little smile. Liam went faster creating friction between. I bit on his bottom lip and pulled. Liam moaned and I let go of his lip and he continued to kiss me. I ran my hands down his arms to his hands and our fingers interlocked. Liam went in and out of me and my moans just got louder. Liam let go of my hands and he ran them up my waist. He moved one hand to my cheek and he stopped kissing me. We kept our foreheads together. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the pleasure he was giving me. "I love you so much."Liam whispered. I re opened my eyes to see his face. "I love you too."I smiled. He kissed my forehead softly. "when do you want me to stop?"He asked. "I don't. I want to spend every minute of this night with you."I whispered. "I don't think we can pull that off baby."Liam whispered back. "Then just kiss me."I suggested. He nodded and he kept thrusting into me and he would kiss me now and then. "Shi I wanna try something."Liam said getting up. He took my hand and I sat up. He got behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I laid my head back on his shoulder and his tip rose. He thrusted into me from behind and kissed my neck. I lifted my arm and wrapped it around his neck. My mouth opened a little and moans crept out. I felt Liam wrap the blanket around us. Liam moved his lips up my neck to my jawline and I turned my face so he could kiss my lips. His kisses became sexual and his tongue entered my mouth. My tongue danced with his and Liam used his free hand to travel up my leg, past my torso to my chest and back down again. I moved my hand from his neck and took his hand in mine. He moved his lips away from mine and he breathed against my skin. I closed my eyes and felt Liam lay us back down. He began thrusting again and I looked up at him as he hovered over me. He ran his thumb over my lips and I watched his expression carefully. "You're still so beautiful."He whispered. I smiled. "I know Liam."I said. "Even when you had your scars."He whispered. Slowly those memories crawled back in to my head and I felt frightened. "Oh I'm sorry babe."He whispered. "It's OK."I said. "Just don't bring them up again."I smiled. He nodded and kissed my forehead. I felt myself tighten around him and I sighed to myself. "You're close."Liam smiled. "I don't like this part."I frowned. "Cum for me baby."Liam whispered and I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I released and and quivered my lips in a disgusting way. Liam's lips formed into a smile. "Babe it's not that horrible."He said letting my lips go. "Yes it is."I said. He chuckled and kissed my cheek. I started to yawn and Liam noticed me getting tired. "OK I think that's enough for us tonight."Liam smiled. He stopped thrusting and laid down next to me. He grabbed the blanket and laid it over both of us and I snuggled close to him. He wrapped his arm around my waist and lifted me on top of him. I laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes. "Goodnight babe."Liam whispered. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head before I fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of my phone going off. I was alone in bed. I groaned and reached over for it. Text from Luke


I smiled and set my phone down. It was Christmas morning. I wonder what Liam has planned. I really don't want anything from him. He's all I need. As I said before. I sat up and got out of bed and made my way to the closet. I slipped on a pair of leggings, my black toms and a fall out boy sweater. I walked in to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and hair. I walked out. I was really kind of afraid of walking downstairs to see what Liam had for me. I sighed and opened the door. Liam was standing there. "I was just coming to get you."He smiled and gave me a quick kiss. "I'm afraid that you got me something."I said. He smiled. "I did."He said. I sighed. "Liam I don't want anything."I said. "I know I know but trust me you're going to like it."He said. He took my hand and we walked downstairs. "OK now close your eyes."He said. I closed my eyes. "I'm afraid."I said. "Of what?"He laughed. "To open my eyes."I said. "OK you can open them now"Liam said. I opened them and he stood in front of me with a box. Inside was a necklace. It was a little heart and engraved in it was "I love Liam."I smiled as I took it out. "I'm already wearing my bracelet see?"Liam asked showing me his wrist. I looked up at him. "It's beautiful."I smiled. I gave the necklace to Liam and I turned around. He put it on my neck. I turned back around. Liam wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me. "Merry Christmas babe."He whispered then kissed my forehead. "Are you hungry?"He asked. I nodded. "I made you some breakfast."He smiled. "Bagel?"I asked. He nodded. I smiled and we walked into the kitchen. As I ate I remembered I had to go to my old house to get that box that was sent to me. "Uh Liam I have to go do something."I said. "Do what?"He asked. "Luke sent me a box and I have to go get it."I said. "Do you need me to drive you?"He asked. I nodded. I finished eating and I slipped on my jacket. Liam and I got into the car and he drove me back to my old house. I didn't want to sell it only because it was my grandmothers. Liam pulled up into the driveway and I immediately got out. The box was on the stairs. I pulled the key out from under the mat and unlocked the door. I grabbed the box and walked inside. I haven't been in here in a while. I took out a knife and cut open the box. I opened it up and practically smiled. There was a whole bunch of things in here. Along with a picture book. Most of this stuff was gifts from my brothers. The last things in there besides the picture book was a note.


I'm sorry I abandoned you. I know it wasn't the right thing of a mother to do but I only did it because you'd be better off with out me. You'll learn to stop cutting on your own, maybe you'll even fall in love. You'll be in a better place. I'm sorry about leaving you behind. I can't take seeing you hurt yourself like this. I know this note is short but please don't hate me forever. I will always love you,


I quickly put the note down. It hadn't felt right. Was she really doing this for my own sake? I'm sure whatever it is, I am in a better place now. I took the photo book and was about to open it when Liam walked in. "What's that?"He asked. "Just a picture book my brother sent me."I said. He walked over and leaned over the couch. I opened it and I smiled at the picture of when I was little. I was 10 in that picture after Luke dumped blue paint all over me. I turned the page. "Who's that?"Liam asked pointing to the picture of a broad tall man with blue eyes and dark brown hair. "That's my dad."I smiled. I closed the book and set it aside and I stood up. "I can look through that later."I smiled. Liam put his hand to my cheek. "Did I ever tell you how much I love you?"He asked. I nodded. "Plenty."I said. He smiled and kissed my lips. "You know Liam, I really can't thank you enough."I said. "Thank me for what?"He asked. "Making me be myself again."I said. "Shianne, you did that all on your own. You just needed someone to make you smile now and then. You're a fighter Shianne. You can do a lot of things by yourself."He whispered. I smiled. "You can even undress yourself."Liam laughed. I laughed along with him. "But you're welcome. I guess we'll always be there for each other."Liam smiled. I nodded. "I guess we will."I said. Liam placed his lips against mine and wrapped his arms around my waist. "I love you so much Liam."I whispered. "I love you too Shi."


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