My guardian angel, Harry Styles..

I've tried to kill myself several times before. I am anorexic. I cut. I am depressed. And the last thing I need is your pity.


3. 3

I woke up to my phone vibrating. It was my alarm. I have to work today. Still no feels as usual. I walked over to my closet. All I can see is was black. Black, black and more black. I don't own much clothes because of the fact that I don't buy my stuff. I create it. Today I was wearing my Lana Del Rey tshirt and my black leggings and of course my black boots. As I walked out of the door. It hit me. I was late, and Ben said we had a load of work to do today. As I walked into the shop. I saw Ben with a sceptic look. "Late again Am?" He said with a warmly smile. "Yeah, I am so so sorry. I know we have a lot of work ahead of us. It won't happened again I promise" I said as is hurried over to my seat. "It's okay. Yeah we have so much work to do today! You gonna have to help me. There's this guy. He wants a butterfly tattoo on his stomach. I know butterflies and flowers are you special area" After a while I stood there watching Ben drawing a tattoo to this guy who wanted the butterfly tattoo. He is so talented. I still don't get it. Why do I even get to work here? I don't have any special talents. I walked over to the disk. Theres he is. The guy who wanted the butterfly tattoo and his friend. I walked over to the guy. He was not bad looking, but not my type. Curly hair, dimples and green eyes. Nothing special. "Hello, I am the girl who's supposed to tattoo you" " He looked up. "Hey, I am Harry Styles, it's a pleasure to meet you" he said with a flirty smile. What a flirt. Disgusting. "You too" I said cold. Just let me out of here. I just want to go home and listen to music. Music is my escape from reality. "What's your name?" He asked. Should I lie? Well no. I won't have to see him again. "My name is Amelia" I quickly said. "Nice to meet you Amelia. I am Tom Atkin". He held his hand out. I didn't want to shake it, but I held my hand out. "Nice to meet you too" I said. I knew that curly haired guy. He's Harry Styles from One Direction. Sigh. It's not that I hate One Direction, I just don't listen to their music. He somehow looked like my brother. Those big green eyes and small tattoos everywhere. As I finished Toms butterfly tattoo, Harry stayed silent. He just stared at my work. "You're so talented Amelia" Tom said, I smiled warmly and thanked him. Maybe he wasn't that worse? Well he's not any popstar so he doesn't have an ego. "So do you have any tattoos?" Harry asked. "Yes I do. I have so many" I answered polite. The only thing I like to talk about and I am most comfortable to talk with strangers about is tattoos.
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