My guardian angel, Harry Styles..

I've tried to kill myself several times before. I am anorexic. I cut. I am depressed. And the last thing I need is your pity.


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Hi. I am Amelia Allen . Just a normal girl or woman, whatever.. Well except of the fact that I've tried to kill myself. No, I don't want your fucking pity. I don't want to live anymore. I can't find a reason to live. The only thing that keeps me alive is music. You probably think I am one of those teenagers who is listening to the music they play in the radio? Well no, I am different. I love rock and indie. People always recognize me for my black The Rolling Stones t-shirt, my black leggings and my boots. I am not one of those girls with hundreds of likes on my pictures and every boy drooling about. You know what? I don't want to be that girl. I am myself. Some people tell me what I am rude and arrogant. I wouldn't call myself that. I just don't like people in general. The only human I actually like is my boss.. Oh wait, did I forget to mention that I live for tattoos and piercings. I have plenty of them. Every tattoo or piercing tells their own story. I live in London. When you think of London, you probably think about Big Ben, London Eye. Well I don't live in a fancy area. I live in a shitty area, in a shitty flat with my dog. People always dream about having a house, making a family and find the perfect man. Well I don't dream about that. Actually I don't dream about anything. I am already dead inside..

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