Sequel to That One Summer!

Avery moved back to Kentucky with no thoughts on ever going back. She's determined to forget about her first love, but his face is imprinted in her memory. Something happens though, and they meet again. It's like they were falling in love all over again, she try's not to but his eyes are persuasive as ever. Will she take the risk, or stick it to the man?


2. You Have To Be Kidding Me

Easton and Avery were in a rush packing tons of things into multiple suitcases.  Eventually when an hour was up they had everything together and organized.  Easton drove them to the airport and they boarded with seconds to spare. They sat first class together holding hands looking out the window.  Avery was daydreaming about flying when Easton interrupted her.  


"What's the story with you and California?" he asked noisily.  Avery thought a few seconds about how to explain it.  She couldn't exactly not mention Niall and still tell the truth, he was a part of her past there.  She decided to be honest though, because honesty works best in relationships.  


"I went there and met One Direction.  During the process Louis Tomlinson was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and put in a comatose state.  We all went to Carolina for the surgery and they had to postpone everything such as concerts and meet greets.  People were trashing all of us and I went to jail for a short period of time like 2 hours.  Zayn proposed to Perrie and they are supposed to be getting married soon.  I met one of the best friends ever named Dani, she has her own clothing line and everything. Liam and Danielle broke up.  Harry Styles fell in love with me.  I fell in love with Niall Horan.  We had a summer romance.  It was short and sweet but during it felt like a life-time.  It was only us two all the time, I really really liked him.  One afternoon we went out to eat and we got in a really big fight.  We both said things we didn't really mean.  But we said them.  I left the next day," Avery fiddled with her necklace staring at it.  "Without a goodbye."


"Look at me babe," Easton spoke quietly it was getting dark outside and most of the people had fallen asleep.  Avery looked up at his face.  He grinned revealing his straight teeth and big dimples.  I smiled back and him and we kissed.


"I'm glad I left," Avery said staring him straight in the eye.  


"I am to," Easton said kissing her on the forehead.  At the beginning of the year Easton had moved to the school and made a huge impression on Avery.  He kissed her the day that they met.  She was walking out of the classroom and she pushed into him. She fell on top of him and they stared at each other for a moment then kissed.  It was on accident, but Avery had brushed it off.  He had this feeling of protection though.  When his arms wrapped around her small body.  


"Don't let me go," Avery whispered in his ear.  He tightened his grip and pulled her closer.  Avery fell asleep after a few minutes.  Easton fell asleep a while after Avery and neither of them woke up until it was time to get off the plane.  Avery led him outside but started freaking out a little bit.  She was about to walk into the home of 7 people that might hate her.  Holding her head up high she called a taxi cab.  Easton and Avery rode in silence.  Easton was taking backseat selfies with Avery photobombing.  They pulled up to the house and the usual crowd of fans had gotten larger since the awakening of Louis Tomlinson.  She pushed past and walked up to the gates. 


"Avery,?" a girl asked standing next to her.  She was an obvious fan with a huge sign, shirt ,and hoarse voice.  


"The very same,"Avery answered looking for a security guard. She spotted a farmiliar one and pushed over to him.  He stared suspiciously out of the corner of his eyes at her.  "It's Avery from 2 summers ago."


"I'm going to need some identification,"he said grimly focusing his attention on her.  Avery pulled her drivers license out with shaking hands.  The man nodded and gave her a path through the gate.  She pulled Easton and picked up her luggage.  The walked up the stone path and up to the front door.  Since it was technically Avery's house, she could barge in, but she felt the need to knock.  The door was answered by a healthy looking Zayn.


"Avery," he asked stunned picking her up into a hug.  She held him long but dropped back down and pulled Easton into the picture.


"This is Easton, my boyfriend,"she said smiling.  It was really great to see Zayn, but she didn't want to make Easton jealous.  


"Avery's my sister, if you hurt her, I'll break each of your fingers individually,"grinned Zayn shaking Easton's hand.


"Don't have to worry about that," said Easton.  Zayn invited them inside and they stood awkwardly in the lounge.  


"What's up with Louis?" Avery asked looking at the house. It hadn't really changed.   


"He's back, he really is.  Everyone else is at hospital with him, I came back to get a few things for the others," explained Zayn.  He had a laptop in his hands and a bag of what was probably food.  


"Can we come,?" asked Avery hope smothering her words ,she needed to see him.  Zayn looked hesitant at first but finally agreed.  The caught a ride to the hospital and walked confidently inside.  Zayn and Easton were discussing sports so Avery rushed ahead.  She rode up alone so the other 2 could go get food.  Avery bounced on the balls of her feet and bit her lip.  It dinged open and she skipped down the halls.  She poked her head around the corner to see the gang lined up on the regular chairs.  Dani and Niall were missing so she decided it was her best shot now.  


"Avery Himmingsway,?"asked Liam standing.  He pulled her into a big bear hug patting her back.  Harry stood up and looked open-mouthed at Avery.


"Avery!"he exclaimed hugging her tightly.  Perrie waved from the chairs politely and Harry's supposedly girlfriend wasn't present.  Just as she pulled away from the chair, Niall and Dani bustled out of the room.  Dani was talking to Niall whose attention was captured instantly by Avery's presence.  Everyone stood silently, Niall's mouth hung agape.  He blinked slowly.  Avery banned every romantic thought possible from entering her mind, she had Easton.  Easton, Easton, Easton.  


"BITCH," yelled Dani running at her.  Fist came contact with skin and Avery collapsed to the ground.  


AUTHORS NOTE/////////////////////////////////// This is what Easton looks like for all of you who were wondering!


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