Sequel to That One Summer!

Avery moved back to Kentucky with no thoughts on ever going back. She's determined to forget about her first love, but his face is imprinted in her memory. Something happens though, and they meet again. It's like they were falling in love all over again, she try's not to but his eyes are persuasive as ever. Will she take the risk, or stick it to the man?


9. Too Late

Avery went quietly through the garden making her way to the hidden room.  Everyone was asleep but she knew she needed another journal.  The board was halfway in the river and she had to pull it out of muck to get it out.  It landed with a pop on the other side of the pond.  She clambered across making it shake.  When she was safely on the right side she pulled the key out and unlocked the room.  The bookshelf she had gotten the last journal from was the same old and dusty one.  Instead of bringing one she grabbed three.  Before she could stop herself she went to the next bookshelf with her arms full.  Almost letting all the books fall out of her arm she read the name on the side.  Liam Payne.  These weren't only Niall's Journals.  The first time she went around she didn't even bother to look at the names.  She couldn't read the others personal facts though.  That would be rude and inconsiderate.  She was only reading Niall's because he needed help.  Maybe Harry did to, but she could ask him later.    


She closed the door behind her and locked it quietly.  With 4 books in her arm, all Nialls ,now she started slowly back across.  Right before she reached the end her foot slipped off and the journals went flying to shore.  Unlike the unlucky Avery who fell with a loud splash into the warm and murky water.  It was hard to come out and her foot touched the bottom of the river.  It was squishy and muddy.  She rapidly kicked her feet and pulled herself out.  This outfit was officially ruined.


"This way," a voice was coming closer.  She sighed and realized her only choice was to duck back into the river.  Scoffing and angry, she lowered herself back in. 


"Avery's going to be pissed," another voice came.  Great, now someone else was going behind her back. 


"Do you know how alone I am right now?  Do you know what it's like to have the love of your life forget you, and remember your best friend?  Everyone is alone here.  Everyone has been hurt here, but we don't have each other anymore,"Dani said. 


"I'm sorry," the boy said.  Avery racked her brain and realized it was Easton. 


"No you aren't.  I don't want to be alone anymore," there was a long awkward pause.  During which Avery was sure she could feel a great white shark tugging at her foot.  "Shut up and kiss me now."


With Easton carrying Dani they walked slowly past in a heated make-out session, forcing Avery to duck her head under the water.  It enveloped her like a hug, inviting her to stay there forever.  With her eyes closed, it was oddly comforting, then she poked her head back up.  All clear, she climbed back onto the shore and went back to the house.  It was dead silent, everyone was asleep.  Harry had actually stayed home tonight, so she didn't have to wait up for him.  All alone in her room, she decided to read some of the journals.  She grabbed his most recent one from the last summer Avery was here and decided to start with that. 


"It's different with her here now.  I feel like I have someone to talk to, someone to be myself around.  I've practically waited my whole entire life for her.  It's not as hard now, I know I have someone to be here for me.  She accepted my offer of being mine today and I don't know what to say.  The happiness I felt there, it could have lasted forever.  Her eyes are more radiant than the sun, her smile could cure cancer, she's the most imperfect thing I have ever seen.  She isn't perfect, but neither am I.  When she looks at me, my stomach churns.  I've known her for what? A week, maybe more, and I am in a tiny little love story with her.  Louis told us he has cancer.  It's unthinkable.  Louis Tomlinson, one of my best mates.  He's so strong though, he has his girlfriend who loves him more than life."


Avery couldn't help the smile that crept onto her face.  Nial was unlike any other guy she had ever met.  She felt every emotion for him in the world.  She didn't want to be hurt again though, she had to push these emotions aside.




Niall woke up early and walked into an empty kitchen.  All his luck.  Quickly gathering together all the food his strong arms could carry he spilled it onto the new antique couch.  Digging his hand at random he dug for one of the tasty treats and pulled out the most unexpected items ever.  One of my old journal.  My heart started beating a mile a minute.  I stood quickly and looked in the cupboard to see if there were anymore in there.  I flipped open the pages and a thin piece of paper slid out and landed lightly on checker tiled floor.  In a loopy and swirly handwriting it said "Avery".  Anger fumed from him.  He bounded up the steps into Avery and Dani's room.  Dani was missing when he looked at her bed.  Slamming the door it awoke Avery. 


"The hell,"she said groggily turning on her bedside lamp. 


"What the hell Avery," he whispered angrily holding up the journal.  He threw it at the wall letting it fall with a thud.  She stood and ran to him.


"Please sit down I can explain," her fingers wrapped around his large muscles and led him to the bed.  He sat staring her down with his blue eyes. 


"You.  You can't.  Avery seriously?" Niall couldn't complete a single sentence. 


"I went back to the little lake and there was a door.  So, I went inside and found the journals.  You have been acting so sad and distant lately, I had to find out was wrong with you, please don't be angry," she pleaded holding a pillow to her chest.  She looked so small right now.  Her hair had fallen into her face and her body was folded. 


"That was my personal life.  None of the boys knew that, how could you think it's okay to do this?" Niall asked softly and sadly. 


"I just wanted to help you," she said reaching out a hand. 


"I can't change.  You can't change me," Niall took her hand in his and rubbed circles in her palm. 


"I could never ask you to change, ever.  I just wanted to make sure you were okay,"  she said frowning.  Her big brown eyes locked with mine. 


"I love you, for all the right reasons.  Please, just don't do it again.  If you need something, ever, just ask me.  I'll be more than happy to tell you," he said pulling her into a hug.  She curled into a ball in his warm body. 




There goes that word again.

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