Sequel to That One Summer!

Avery moved back to Kentucky with no thoughts on ever going back. She's determined to forget about her first love, but his face is imprinted in her memory. Something happens though, and they meet again. It's like they were falling in love all over again, she try's not to but his eyes are persuasive as ever. Will she take the risk, or stick it to the man?


1. The Awakening

Avery Hinningsway walked into her last day of high school.  Tomorrow it would be one year exactly since her and Niall met, she tried to push the thought out of her wondering brain.  Easton DeMetz walked up to her.  Easton was somebody special though, her 5 month boyfriend.  He had light brown hair and caramel brown golden eyes.  He a lot taller than Avery so he forehead kissed her.  Grinning from ear to ear he pulled her into a tight hug.  He smelled the same, spearmint and like fresh cut grass.  They walked to homeroom together holding hands.  


"Avery, what's the matter," Easton asked.  There hands swung back and forth.  She shook her head softly and looked at him.  How could she look at him, and see Niall?  


"I'm fine," Avery said smiling.  They walked in the class together and sat in there assigned seats across the room from each other.  Avery had stayed up all night working on English end of the year paper and had no time to fill out Sophmore Opinions.  It was a book the school made every year in which every student was featured.  They gave their opinion on everything and sometimes wrote old memories.  She scribbled some random words down hoping not to fail the last grade of the semester.  Ms. Cait walked in idly staring down at her smartphone.  


"Anything," Sara Milen asked at the front of the class.  For the past week Ms. Cait's baby kitten had been missing and she had been losing it.  The class felt horribly sorry for her, but they had no work so that was nice.  Bad part?  She was a lot stricter.  


"No.  Fill out these papers," she said passing out forms to the whole class.  In complete silence the class worked, only 2 people weren't listening to music.  Avery and Dustin Tylers, he got his phone taken up from the house.  The house was what everyone called the principals, the two(Mr. Lachin and Mrs.Lachin) would take up your phone and give you detention for no reason.  


Bleep-Bleep-Bleep.  Avery looked down at her jacket pocket.  Through the thin fabric she could see her phone lighting up.  Looking up she saw her teacher listening to her own music.  Pulling her phone out she saw the most unexpected text ever.  


"Louis awake".


It was from Dani her very good friend from California.  Avery nearly jumped out of her seat and on the floor when she saw it.  Running out of the room she pressed the call button.  Straight to voicemail.  She paced up and down the halls and Easton ran out of homeroom.  


"Babe, are you ok?" he asked in his southern accent.  He was originally from southern Mississippi.  He had the cutest accent ever.  


"I don't.  I can't.  Like.  How.  Shit," Avery said confusingly.  He looked at her, she was crying a little bit, but wiping her tears quickly.


"What's going on,?" Easton asked, his eyebrows were knitted together.  


"I have to go to California," Avery said looking straight at him. "We have to go to California."


For the next hour she sat in the office calling everyone but Niall's phone.  Nobody was answering, so she called her mom.


"Mom.  I know we haven't talked about it, but I have to go back to California.  I know, it's been 2 years, I don't have any business there.  I do though.  Louis just woke up from his coma, they texted me, I have to be there for them," Avery explained into the phone.  


"Baby, are you sure you can go back," asked her mom.  


"I'm bringing Easton," Avery argued.  


"This is going to be expensive," her mom retorted into the phone.  


"MOM PLEASE, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I CAN JUST STAY WITH DAD THIS SUMMER. EASTON CAN STAY TO!," Avery yelled quickly.  She had to get onto a plane now.  As in this instant.  


"Fine girl, your dad called 15 minutes ago.  Flight leaves in an hour," her mom said hanging up.  

Yes, dad had already called and planned out everything. 
















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