Sequel to That One Summer!

Avery moved back to Kentucky with no thoughts on ever going back. She's determined to forget about her first love, but his face is imprinted in her memory. Something happens though, and they meet again. It's like they were falling in love all over again, she try's not to but his eyes are persuasive as ever. Will she take the risk, or stick it to the man?


10. Moments

"C'mon Avery," Harry begged childishly.  It was the biggest week of the summer, Zayn and Perrie wedding in 3 days, and here she stood being begged by Harry to go to club.


"Why?" Avery asked sitting on the couch, it was late and everyone else was wedding planning.  She flipped through the magazine boringly.


" haven't had any fun this summer since we don't have a tour, please?" Harry asked sitting next to her.  She closed the mag and looked him straight in the eyes.


"Listen Styles, I'm not going to get drunk and go frickle frackle with you," she poked his chest and he laughed. 


"Thank youuuu," he giggled dragging out the u.  She stood and they walked together upstairs to get changed.  He left her at the door and continued to go up.  Avery walked in her closet and looked around.  She had never smoked, drank, or had sex.  Unexperienced or lucky.  She pulled out a dark almost black purple dress.  It was mid-thigh and sleeveless.  Hair straightened and light make up, she walked out of her room with vans on.  Heels made her clumsy and taller than other people.  Harry sat in his usual black jeans and black shirt at the bottom of the stairs. 


"You look nice," Harry said when Avery reached the bottom. 


"Oh shut it Styles," Avery said when he opened the door for her.  The ride to the club was silent and awkward.  Harry's eyes kept finding Averys.  They would make awkward eye contact then laugh and look away.     


"So you are calling me Styles now?" he asked her lowering the music down.


"Yeah, I like it," Avery said nodding.


"I should make up a nickname for you," he grinned looking back at the steering wheel.  He pulled into the club and ran around the car to open the door for her.  She smiled small and walked arm in arm with him.  The club was full of people dancing, neon lights flashed around, and head banging music pounded in the back ground.  Harry pulled Avery to the bar and ordered them both drinks.  When they came up Avery hesitated.  "You've never drank before have you?" Harry asked already finished with his shot. 


"No," Avery blushed. 


"It helps with pain, you feel so numb.  All of the thoughts crowding your mind, they disappear.  You are alone and you finally feel free," his eyes grew a bit darker.


"Is that why you drink?" she asked him seriously.


"I drink to feel okay, so yeah, I guess," he said grimly.  Avery lifted it to her lips and let the stale alcohol enter her system.  At first she gagged and her reflex was to spit it out.  She forced herself to swallow.  Harry laughed at her facial expressions and he almost seemed back to normal. 


After way to many drinks the two of them fell into the dance floor and bounced along with the rhythm.  Avery laughed and tried to pull herself together.


"Styles we have to slow ourselves down," she said slurring every word. 


"But we need to have fun," Harry was shoved into Avery by another drunk.  He grabbed her and pushed her lightly against the wall.  Careful of his large body pressed against his, he ran his hand along her shoulder.  It sent shivers all over her body.  His head pressed against hers and looked right into her eyes. 


"Harry," Avery gasped realizing they were about to kiss.  He grabbed her face in his hand and brought it slightly forward. 


"Just let me," Harry whispered.  His lips grazed over hers and then he pressed them forcefully together.  She let out a deep breath and he picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist.  People around them were in wonderland and too busy to notice them. 


"Let's go Styles," Avery pushed them apart and led him past people.  She had regretted it as soon as it happened.  "Dammit, you can't drive like this."


"Yes, yes I can," Harry said walking to the car.  Avery started laughing at his dizzy movements.  The parking lot was in 3 different colors in her eyes. 


"I'll call Niall," she giggled.  The phone was hard to hold in her clammy hands, but she eventually got him on the phone. 


"Avery?" Niall asked through the phone. 


"Can you come to get Harry and I?" Avery hiccupped. 


"Uh, yeah.  Where are you?" he asked. 


"The Club on 34th," she pressed herself to remember.  They hung up and her and Harry waited on the curb.  Niall pulled up and rolled down the window with an angry face. 


"You drive?" Avery asked nodding. 


"Get in the car," he looked at them angrily.  Avery got in the front seat while Harry jumped in the back. 


"What even?  How am I supposed to explain this?" Niall asked her. 


"I'm not drunk," Harry said from the back.  They looked back to see him holding the newspaper upside down with his feet out the window.  Avery stifled a laugh while Niall sighed. 


"You both are," Niall said.  Avery wanted to object, but she was to busy watching Harry brush Niall's hair.  "Sit down and buckle up.  I know what I'll say.  Harry and Avery went clubbing and got drunk.  I'll just be honest.  Why do I always want things that don't want me back?"


Niall was talking to nobody imparticular. 


"You hurt me, this made it better," Avery said quietly curling into a ball in the front seat.


A/N:  Sorry it's taken me so long to update:(  I have just had so much to do lately!  All this drama and school stuff.  Narbara, Liam, Hendall, everything.  Not to mention I have a book report due in a day and I haven't even read the book.  Also my friend Rachel committed on Saturday.  So did 2 other really close directioners Ben and Maddie.  Please take a minute to think of them.


Please don't give up guys.  Chapter dedicated to Rachel. 

Keep fighting. 

"Hearts are not meant to be played with"- Rachel 1996-2014.     

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