Sequel to That One Summer!

Avery moved back to Kentucky with no thoughts on ever going back. She's determined to forget about her first love, but his face is imprinted in her memory. Something happens though, and they meet again. It's like they were falling in love all over again, she try's not to but his eyes are persuasive as ever. Will she take the risk, or stick it to the man?


7. Little White Lies

Avery visited the garden on a daily basis mostly by the pond.  Today she hadn't brought anything with her, all she wanted to do was explore.  Right before she went outside, coming down the stairs, she ran into Easton.  


"Hey, Avery, can we talk," Easton pleaded leaning against the rail.  


"No, I don't think we can," snapped Avery, she tried to get passed him but he stood there.  


"I did it for you," he said shortly.


"Seriously?  You cheated on me, for me?  You went behind my back and made-out with others girls, for me" How does that work?" Avery asked putting her hands on her hips.  


"I didn't want to lead you on and pretend that I was something I'm not," explained Easton.


"You are such a liar, are you kidding me?  You sure didn't lead me on, now I'm just left with a broken heart, again!" yelled Avery causing the others to come out of their rooms.  Zayn put a hand on Avery's shoulder but she just shook it off.  


"I loved you though Avery," he said quietly.  Avery scoffed and pushed past him.


"Save it for someone who cares okay?  And I don't care.  If you didn't get the message, we aren't dating anymore.  I don't even want to talk to you anymore,"Avery walked outside swinging her hair back and forth.


She walked to the little lake and sat on the edge of the water dipping her toes in.  Studying the wall on the other side she saw a little edge behind a tree.  There was no way to get there except for across the lake.  Its dark waters were scary but Avery was determined to get across the lake.  A little shed was hidden by another range of bushes.  Curiosity once again enveloping her she went over to it.  It creaked open to reveal an assortment of boats and logs.  She pulled one of the big logs out and carried it over to the edge of the lake.  Standing it up she positioned it in front of the ledge.  It fell and landed with a loud crack on the ledge.  If she was going she would have to go quickly.  Unluckily the log wasn't very wide.  She put her arms out and started across it like a type rope.  It started wobbling really badly but she was almost there.  Taking the last jump it fell off the other side.  She pulled it high enough to reach later.  When she threw the limbs of the tree past it revealed a stone wall covered in green vines.  She stared at it and saw a shape carved into it.  It was a door.  Peeling away the vines she tried to pull it open.  Still it didn't work. Then she saw a thin brown rope hanging behind the vines. Pulling it out she recognized a key attached to the bottom.  The key hole was at the base and as soon as the key was pressed inside it flung open. 


Books covered the walls and a desk and bed were at the far side.  It was pretty dark and shady but looked like it was once comfortable and roomy.  She walked around the room picking up a few of the items.  She came to one of the big bookcases and pulled it off.  


Property of Niall Horan

It was a diary. Avery put it back down but stared at it.  Why would it be in here.  She picked up the next book and it also had Property of Niall Horan written on it.  Circling the room she decided this had been Niall's private study or getaway place.  She looked for the earliest date on the diaries.  2004 January- March she calculated Niall would have been 11.  What could a boy that young have to write about?  She didn't even think Niall wrote at all let alone kept journals.  She decided to read some of the first one just to find out what he wrote about.


"The therapist wants me to write in here until I get better.  I think she's is mad, but mum is forcing me to.  The therapist said to write what I feel in here.  But how am I to know what I feel?  I am just a child according to mother.  Mum said to start off talking about my problem.  I'm bullied and depresse-"


She didn't even finish the first entry before freaking out.  Niall had been bullied?  How come nobody ever told her?  She heard something outside but didn't put the book down.  No wonder Niall was so closed off.  These books held all the answers.  Avery was going to read them just to get to know Niall better.  Would this make her a bad person?  Hopefully not.  She pulled the key string over her head and walked outside.  The sun was low in the sky and she was barely able to see.  This time she ran over quickly and hurried into the house.  Nobody was in the lobby so she hurried up to her room to grab a book cover to hold it.  It was a romance novel and Avery usually carried around books so nobody would suspect anything.


"Avery," said Dani behind her.  They hadn't spoken over the past few weeks and Dani sounded different.  More mature maybe?


"Yeah?" Avery asked putting the book on her side of the room.


"I just wanted to say that I am really sorry for giving you a hard time,"  Dani spoke the words like they had been rehearsed a million times.  


"I guess it hasn't been easy for you lately," Avery said sympathetically.


"It hasn't.  I want to try and be friends with you," said Dani.  She walked into the closet and probably started changing.  


"Are you going to eat or anything it's only like 8:00," Avery asked picking up the book and walking towards the door.  


"I already ate; the rest of the gang has an interview tomorrow morning.  Harry's out drinking and playing bar games.  You don't have to go though.  Liam is over at his girlfriends house," Dani explained walking out of the closet.  


"Liam's new girlfriend?" Avery asked changing into some shorts and a tank-top.  


"Her name is Abby, I actually like this one,"Dani said.  


"What's she like?" Avery asked grabbing her book and standing by the door again.  


"She's really nice with long brown wavy hair!  I think she will treat him nicely, she writes books," Dani laid down and yawned taking her glasses off.  She flipped off the light switch off by her bed and Avery assumed the conversation was over.  She walked out of the room and went into the kitchen.  Nobody else was there so she put the T.V. on music and made some noodles.  Louis came in once to get some milk but he didn't even notice Avery.  Tomorrow was his first interview after the surgery and waking up, he was really distressed probably.  


It was around 10:00 when Avery had finished watching her movie and eating her dinner.  Now time to read the journal.  


"It happened again today.  They called me ugly and a disappointment to all people.  I can't help it get to me; everyone is on their side never on mine.  Mum had to come down to the school today because they took my lunch and slid it into the girls toilets. I had to go inside to get it and they locked me in.  I missed the rest of the day until they came and got me.  One of the girls had drawn a picture of me.  They labeled it Troll Teeth and hung it on the door.  How could 6th grade girls be this mean?  I am scared to play any sports because I never make the teams.  Always beaten out by Oliver White.  He's one of the people that tease me every day.  I want to have friends but it's kind of hard when nobody seems to like me.  Even the teacher seems to hate me.  She sends me to the front every day for simple things.  I'll admit maybe singing isn't the best way to impress the girls but standing up without permission really?  Speaking of the girls Shelby Holston is the prettiest girl in 6th grade.  I want to marry her one day, but she likes Oliver.  Every time I look at her Oliver pushes me over and spits at me."


Avery had the smallest tears in her eyes.  This was horrible to read.  How could Niall have gone through that?  How could anyone go through that?  Now Avery knew why he was so insecure about himself.  People used to draw him as a troll and lock him in the girls bathroom.  Avery had to stop multiple times to reread what he had written his writing wasn't the best.  Probably another thing for people to criticize him by.  She continued reading until around 1:00 where she discovered more of his troubling past.  The front door had just been slammed shut.  Avery walked out to find someone leaned against the door.  She walked quietly and tapped them on the shoulder.


"Verey?"slurred Harry.  Drunk.  You could literally smell the alcohol standing a few feet away from him.  He had his hand wrapped tightly around the metal door handle to steady his weak body.  


"Harry, are you okay?" she asked putting a hand on his shoulder.  


"Bout fine.  Just a little tired," he said stumbling past her to the kitchen.  She caught up with him and grabbed the end of his jacket.


"Let's go upstairs" she said pulling him lightly.  


"Oh now girls gone wild is it?" he asked her stretching out the words.  


"No, I'll take you to your room," Avery said forcefully.


"I think I'll have a banana before we engage on that adventure,"he walked into the kitchen tripping twice.  Avery stood back and bit her lip.  




She was cut off when he picked up a long knife.  It shined from the light of the muted TV.  He held it with his hand grasping the handle.


"What if I just?  Just stabbed myself!" he yelled rolling his eyes.  It was dark and Avery held her hand to her mouth.  "Nobody would miss me at all.  All to busy in lovey dovey land to notice Harold over here.  I am always so alone."  He put his hands on the counter and let his head hand down.  Avery's heart was pulsing.  She wondered if she should go get someone, but she was to afraid to leave him alone.


"I'm scared," she whispered in the silence.  He looked at her his dark eyes shining with tears.  


"Of me?" he asked her.  He looked scary though.  He had on dark jeans with a button down dark shirt.  His hair was slicked back and he also had a knife in his hand.


"Of everything," Avery realized the words were true once they came out of her mouth.  He laughed lightly and hiccuped every few moments. 


"Of me," he concluded.  "Nobody likes me.  Nobody has ever liked me.  It's always my fault.  I can't do anything right ever."


"I like you Harry," Avery said.  Tears had welled up in her brown eyes and were threatening to spill over.  


"No you don't you're scared of me right now!" he screamed coming towards her.  She pushed herself against the wall and slid down to the ground.  He stopped and dropped the knife, it clattered to the floor.  He fell to his knees.  At first Avery thought he stabbed himself but he hadn't.  "I just don't understand why people are so mean."


"It's okay," she said to him like he was child.  The alcohol was overwhelming now that they were closer but she stayed there.


"I just don't know what I have ever done to anyone.  I can't do anything without someone thinking something," he was quieter now.  Avery glanced at him and saw a tear roll silently down his face.  Seeing Harry Styles cry was like watching all the angels fall from heaven.


"Harry, when you came into my life you cast mystery and disturbance, but your smile was absolutely contagious.  You make me feel so special," Avery said taking the knife from the ground and sliding it under the door.  She placed a hand on his face where the tears were coming.  


"I have been in love with you from the day we met.  You think you are so imperfect and ugly, but you. are. so. beautiful," he cried.  Avery placed her lips on his sweaty forehead.  


"Can I?" he asked her once she pulled back.  He grabbed her face in his hands and edged her forward.  Their lips were centimeters apart.  Here they were both kneeling on the tiles of the kitchen floor.  His hands had pushed her dark hair back and had wrapped around her body pressing them together.  His long fingers ran along her arm sending shivers up her spine and chill bumps all over.  Green eyes met brown and they were glued together.  He tilted his sideways and leaned forward.  He parted his lips and kissed her.  She could taste the beer on his lips but it was fine her fingers were entangled in his hair. His lips were so soft and warm.  They moved as one in rhythm together. 


Author's note: omg guys I had no internet for like 3 days and I couldn't update:(((((((((((( Yeah so I hope you enjoy this super long and informative chapter....feels though right?  I just wanted you to know Avery is not a slut.  She isn't I promise.  Next chapter as soon as I can!  We have a new character in the book!  She is played by @mamanando's on this site!  You should follow her because she is a boss writer and she is amazing!  Who should Avery be with?  I have a lot lot lot lot more planned for this book!  Cliffhangers are the best though!  haha bye xx

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