Sequel to That One Summer!

Avery moved back to Kentucky with no thoughts on ever going back. She's determined to forget about her first love, but his face is imprinted in her memory. Something happens though, and they meet again. It's like they were falling in love all over again, she try's not to but his eyes are persuasive as ever. Will she take the risk, or stick it to the man?


5. Enough is enough

Avery sat with Louis in the gym he was lifting weights while she stretched.  Nothing had actually come back to him yet, except for a sliver of memories.  It was from his earliest childhood memories.  It's only a few little things but the doctor says it's a start and a good one.  He has been awake for almost a week and a half.  Avery was all jittery from earlier in the morning and couldn't sit still.  


"Louis?" Avery asked while doing jumping jacks.  


"Yeah," his voice came out strained when he lifted. 


"Is all the cancer gone inside of you?" she asked lifting a bottle of water to her lips.  She spit it out immediately and looked around.  


"What?" asked Louis looking around.  


"Someone put something in my water," Avery said.  Louis stood up and walked over.  He sniffed the water and looked around.  


"It smells a bit like rubbing alcohol," he mumbled look around intently at the other customers.  He jogged over to a old woman and they started speaking.  Eventually she pointed over to a teenage group of girls.  Louis and Avery walked over to them silently.  


"Did one of you put something in Avery's water?" Louis asked frustrated.  They turned and looked guilty but confident.


"Why would it matter anyways?" a girl smacked her gum loudly.  


"Because she could have died," Louis defended Avery.  


"Nobody would care," another laughed.  Avery clenched her fists.  She couldn't let these words get to her.  It had happened before but she had someone to lean on.  Someone like Niall.  Louis laughed angrily.  


"I would care.  And frankly I know a lot of other people that would care too," Louis words were true but Avery couldn't believe them.  Easton had been spending a lot of time away from the house.  He would come back all happy them hug on Avery.  Him, Liam, and Zayn seemed to be really good friends, she would talk to them about it later.  


"Whatever," the girls stalked away angrily with their hands on their hips.  Louis stood fuming and Avery walked around him past the girls into the car.  They had drove in separate so she had some time alone.  She bent her head forward onto the steering wheel and let out a short sob.  Pulling herself together she drove to a bar and eatery down the street.


It was small and dirty but Avery really didn't care right now.  She walked in to find blaring rock and roll and the smell of alcohol heavy.  Dodging past a few oncoming drunkards and walked to the end bar.  She sat down and just ordered water.  Her purse was folded in her lap but turned to watch the people dancing.  Most of them were not somber and slightly mad so it was quite funny.  A few couples were making out against the back wall.  Noticing familiar brown hair she walked over to one of the couples leaving her drink on the bar.  Pulling his shoulder back so she could see his face anger boiled inside of her.  


"Easton," she shrieked over the music.  He looked half in and half out.  


"Avery is that you?" he asked stumbling over someone.  The music wasn't the only thing making her blood pound.


"No, nevermind.  I can't even deal with this," Aver started to walk away but Easton wouldn't back down.  


"Please, I'm sorry," he said, his hair was messed up. You know that thing you get in your throat before you start to cry?  Avery had that.  


"Get away from me.  Don't even touch me," she ran to the car and let herself break this time.  Tears ran silently down her face.  She couldn't stop but she knew it was time to go.  It was getting really dark and she drove in the silence of hurt.


The door slammed shut when she got home echoing because everyone was sleeping.  Avery slugged up the steps and walked to her and Dani's room.  Opening the door she noticed someone else with Dani.  She flipped up the light switch and found something highly disturbing taking place.  Dani flew up.  And then Niall did the same. 


//////////////Authors Note\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

This is so short I am extremely sorry.  All of the chapters that weren't published got deleted and I had to rewrite all of them today:(  I am really sorry ya'll!  A lot has been happening but I will try and update at least twice a week now! Excuse the horridness of this chapter.  

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