Sequel to That One Summer!

Avery moved back to Kentucky with no thoughts on ever going back. She's determined to forget about her first love, but his face is imprinted in her memory. Something happens though, and they meet again. It's like they were falling in love all over again, she try's not to but his eyes are persuasive as ever. Will she take the risk, or stick it to the man?


4. Contempt with myself

Over the next week Avery had been in a series of awkward situations with Niall and Dani.  Once Niall had walked into the hall bathroom when she was brushing her teeth, he angrily stormed out.  Lately he had been out of the house or playing his guitar upstairs.  Dani and Avery had to share a room so it was inevitably horrible.  Dani played rock music and trashed the room.  At the doctors request Louis and Avery spent 2 hours privately everyday so they could talk and jog some memories.  Usually they went to the gym and worked out while talking.  Liam was sort of to himself lately singing ballads in the shower which were audible all over the house.  Harry had broken up with his girlfriend and was being very....normal.  Zayn and Perrie moved their wedding to July 21 this year.  


"Avery," spoke Easton pulling her out of a daydream.  They were sitting on the roof, having climbed from the boys room.  He pulled her closer and she layed on his chest.  It was early morning they were watching the sun rise.  He had woken her up and brought her through the boys room for a picnic.  It lightly started sprinkling after they finished eating.  Easton pulled her to the top of the roof and stared at her through the steadily increasing rain.  


"Avery Elle Hinningsway," he yelled over the downpour.  She grinned, speech time.  "I don't know how long it technically takes for you to fall in love with someone.  It's happened to me though, in a matter of months.  I've fallen for all of your flaws, your imperfections, and your mistakes.  I've fallen for your beautiful eyes, world-peace making smile, and cancer curing life.  That's not even half though.  Day by day I find out little tinks of things I never knew.  It marvels me the way you can bewilder a many like this.  Figuring you out is trying to calculate the mass of the sun without paper and a calculator.  You are blinding and bright, smart and funny, beautiful and athletic, I could never have lived the way I am living without you."


Avery smiled and teared up quite a bit.  "I love you," she said simply."


"To the moon and back," he answered.


"Forever," she said while he pulled her towards him.


"And always," he whispered to where it was barely audible over the rain.  Then he kissed her.



(A/N I have never done a Niall P.O.V, we shall see how this plays out)


I was awoken by the sound of feet on my roof.  I sat up in rush causing spots to cloud my vision.  Looking down at my pillow I saw spots, crying in my sleep again I suppose.  It was just getting light outside but I noticed the far window pushed up by a basket.  Walking over lazily I tried my hardest to be quiet.  The basket was almost empty except for a bag of trash.  I looked up and saw nothing.  Fans were staring towards the house but it was pouring down rain and I couldn't see that far out.  I swung onto the roof and soon wished I hadn't.   


"What th-" I stopped myself from speaking.  Avery and Easton were kissing right in front of me.  This had to be a set up.  I missed her so much. She looked happy with Easton, but with me she had this spark about her.  I couldn't help but fall for her all over again as I watched her kiss him.  So small yet powerful.  She stood on her tippy-toes with her arms draped around his neck.  I climbed back inside.  Not such a good way to start off the day.  


(A/N after these chapters I am going back to 3rd person unless I say otherwise.  Keep that in mind or it will get confusing.)


Easton and I were kissing and I was in another state of mind.  It was like a place between heaven and Earth. Nobody was there except us existing in an alternate universe.  And then I was pulled back, my eyes fluttered open.  I glanced around and saw a blonde heading back inside.  How does he still have this affect on me?  


Easton smiled at me, he hadn't seen.  Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran started blaring from the gates. I guess it was the fans.  We started dancing Easton and I.  It was a cute picture moment probably.  He twirled me and pulled me close.  


"So I hold you close to help you give it up," he kind of sang in my ear.  He knew the lyrics, that was remarkable.  I giggled slightly, lightheaded.  "This feels like falling in love.  Falling in love.  We're falling in love."


After he finished the song we stared at each other.  I heard voices in the distance.  Rumors about Niall's previous girlfriend and the new guy probably.  It was fine though, because I was perfectly happy right now.



(A/N last P.O.V. until otherwise notified)


The butterflies, there gone.                 


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