We Share The Same Sun

Axl Johnson, the lead singer of Simone Tendra. Who would've guessed that he would fall in love with a girl like me?

I wish he hadn't now, because what I'm left with isn't worth anything.


3. The Sober Call Back

After I finished my casserole, I sat and chatted to Elijah for a while, whilst Brice beat Gabriel at Xbox. We were sat at the kitchen table, watching the other two getting het up over a video game.

"Was it Axl on the phone?" Elijah asked. I nodded, sipping my tea and not looking directly at him. Elijah is brilliant at getting things out of me, and eye contact is always what breaks me. "What did he want?"

"Nothing in particular."

"Mmhmm. Sure."

"You bitch!" Gabriel shouted at Brice, throwing his controller onto the floor.

"You're just a sore loser," Brice mocked, waving her controller in his face.

"I should go. Lots of things to do. Thanks for dinner," I said, seizing the moment. I grabbed Brice and waved goodbye to Gabriel on my way out.

Once we were inside our flat, Brice went off to have a shower, leaving me alone. Our flat isn't anything special, but it suits us. We're both on pretty demanding courses, so we don't have time to party, so lack of space doesn't bother us. The front door opens into the living room, which has stripped wooden floors and creamy walls. The sofas are wine coloured leather, and we have a dark oak coffee table in between the sofas and the TV. 

The kitchen is just off from the living room, and is almost identical to Elijah and Gabriel's: it's small, with a galley-styled kitchen and a larger space at one end where we have our 'dining table', which is really just an old door I found on my way home from work with blocks of wood stuck onto each corner. But it works. We don't really use the 'table', so there's no need to invest in a proper one. 

From the living room is the hall which leads off to our bedrooms and the bathroom. The bathroom is average, all white suite: toilet, sink basin and bath with a shower attachment. If it were my house, I would just have a shower, but we're renting, so I can't just go changing things. 

My bedroom isn't a bad size; it has enough room for my double bed, a desk, an office chair, a chest of drawers, a small wardrobe and a bookshelf with some space left over in the middle for me to walk about. Really, I use the space in the middle of my room to draw out blueprints which are part of my architecture course.

I locked the front door and went into my room, shutting the door behind me. I have a view of the city from my room. It's not stunning- there are no glistening stars or brightly lit skyscrapers, but you still get the sense of an urban jungle. My flat is not in New York, so you can't really expect the views of the city that never sleeps in the suburbs of a city in which very little happens apart from the students. Despite the rubbish un-New-York-like views, I like to sit on my bed and watch the rain trickle down the window and retard the lights outside, making everything in this world seem brighter than it will ever be.

Lying on my bed, the last thing I remember hearing is Brice switch off the water in the bathroom and shut her bedroom door before I fell asleep. I realise that architecture is no way as near as demanding as medicine, but I write for the university newspaper and I have a job waitressing a few nights a week, so I am a very busy person, and I often don't get as much sleep as I should.

Morning came, and at first light, my phone rang. I leave my phone on silent, but the vibrations shook my mattress, waking me up. My alarm clock read 5:09. Grumpily, I grabbed my phone, sliding the icon to start the call.

"Hello?" I croaked, trying not to fall asleep again.

"Dia, it's me," Axl replied. 

I was surprised that he had remembered what I had said to him, but I knew that he was serious with a sobered phone call.

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