We Share The Same Sun

Axl Johnson, the lead singer of Simone Tendra. Who would've guessed that he would fall in love with a girl like me?

I wish he hadn't now, because what I'm left with isn't worth anything.


1. Axl Johnson: International Pop Star, and My Boyfriend.

How can I begin to describe Axl Johnson? The boy that I fell in love with and the man that he is now are two very different people, not only in appearance, but also in personality and temperament. 

The Axl I fell in love with was a kind and considerate gentleman who couldn't do enough for me. We spent nearly every waking moment together, just sitting and talking and enjoying each others company. Now, I barely see him. He's always out partying with his band mates and manager. When I do see him, he is moody, argumentative, and definitely not the Axl I agreed to be in a relationship with.

For the last month, Axl has been on tour with the rest of Simone Tendra (his band which seems to take priority over everything else in his life, including me). Currently, he's in Madrid with Olly, Finlay, Jett and Emerson, all of whom are arseholes. I hate them, and I don't just say that to cause a rift. I say it because I mean it. Yes, they have been best friends since high school, and long before Axl and I started dating, but they have no commitment. They don't have girlfriends, they don't talk to their families, and the only people they interact with are the tour crew, each other and prostitutes. It just makes me sick, and I probably would have driven myself mental if it wasn't for my best friend Gabriel and his boyfriend Elijah. They keep me grounded and keep my mind focused on what matters: university.

Normally, I spend most of my day with Gabriel, but lately, I've been spending all of my day with him, and once we've finished class, I go back to his place for a home cooked dinner lovingly prepared by Elijah. Sometimes I drag my other best friend, Brice, along with me, if I can track her down. Brice is studying medicine, and she barely sleeps. We share a flat across the hall from Gabriel and Elijah, and she goes out early without breakfast and returns late without dinner. I do worry about her, but Raya, Elijah's best friend who is on the same course, assures me that she does eat.

Last night was one of the rare occasions that I found Brice and dragged her along to dinner at Gabriel and Elijah's for dinner. We arrived in good time, just as Elijah was dishing out his famous sausage casserole.

"Diara! It's about time," Gabriel exclaimed as I sat down across the table from him and Brice sat down next to me. "And I see that you have brought the lovely Brice along with you. It's nice to see that you're still alive dear."

"Piss off, Gabriel. You're course requires minimum effort," Brice said grumpily, grabbing her plate of casserole off of Elijah. 

"Touchy, touchy. No need to snap, dearest." I kicked Gabriel on the shin under the table. "Sh- you bitch!"

"Language, Gabriel. Not when we have guests," Elijah warned. Gabe rolled his eyes at his boyfriend. "So, Diara, have you heard from your super star boyfriend recently?"

"Not since he said goodbye when he left to go on tour," I said, shovelling casserole into my mouth and swallowing before chewing it properly.

"Axl's an arsehole," Brice muttered.


"No, Diara, a good boyfriend doesn't ignore his girlfriend for a month! He is a selfish bastard and when I get my hands on him, he will be lucky if I leave him with any balls."

"Now, now, Brice. Let's not get aggressive," Elijah said. You see, Elijah, as well as being a brilliant cook, is taking a course on peace keeping. He hates conflict, and even the smallest argument upsets him.

"I am not aggressive. That git is a selfish low life who treats Diara like shit. He doesn't deserve a girlfriend like Dia if he can't even be bothered to call her."

Just as Brice finished her rant, my phone rang. I pulled it out of my pocket and saw that it was Axl's number.

"Who is it?" Gabe asked.

"It's Axl."

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