Summer love

Nikki Lowe lived alone in a huge house right on the edge of Perth. She was 19 years old and worked as a life guard and surfing instructed at her local beach. One day while she is out surfing with her four best friends, Katie, Cally, Alice and Perrie, she gets hit by a massive wave. When she finally wakes up, she sees her idols standing over her; One Direction! Her biggest crush, Louis Tomlinson had saved her life when he was hit by the same wave. When Louis des covers he has feelings for Nikki, he decides he is going to go for it! But him and the boys are only in Australia for 3 months... What will happen with their relationship?


3. The wave!

Fianly! My shift is over and I can go and surf! The girls had been teasing me all the way trough my shift and now I could go and join them. I grabbed my suf board out the locker room and check my stripes bikini in the full length mirror. Perfect. I head down the the beach and I see that Cally is already down there. I splash out to where they all are, "hey girls!" I yell, they all turn and start to woop. They all say that I'm the best suffer and that is probably true. 

We caught a few good waves and I rode every single one of them, each time erring a cheer from my girl friends. "Wow! Nikki! Come catch this one!" They yell. I massive wave was comming over the horizon. Oh yeah. I paddle and as soon as I get the right angle.. SMACK! I hit another surfer and we go streight under water. Even though I couldn't see, I knew we were tangled together, their hand was on my back and for some reason, my hands were round their neck. Suddenly, we were lying on the shore, gasping for air. "Are you alright?" A male voice asked. "I'm good," I gasp. I realize that I have still got my arms around him and his hands are on my waist. Waite.. I could have sworn I recognised that voice. British, huskey... I look over at who I am embracing and Fangirl like crazy! Louis! Louis Tomlinson! I had got my arms around Louis Tomlinson! We both stood up and Liam Payne walked over to us, "Lou! You alright?" He asked cooly. I start to hyperventilate. Oh my god! Oh my god! 

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