Summer love

Nikki Lowe lived alone in a huge house right on the edge of Perth. She was 19 years old and worked as a life guard and surfing instructed at her local beach. One day while she is out surfing with her four best friends, Katie, Cally, Alice and Perrie, she gets hit by a massive wave. When she finally wakes up, she sees her idols standing over her; One Direction! Her biggest crush, Louis Tomlinson had saved her life when he was hit by the same wave. When Louis des covers he has feelings for Nikki, he decides he is going to go for it! But him and the boys are only in Australia for 3 months... What will happen with their relationship?


2. Same Old same Old

"Nikki!" Perrie yelled as I came into her view. I ran head on at her and she lifted me off my feet and spun me round. "Hey Perrie!" I smiled when she set me down. I saw the other girls sitting in the back of Katie's orange camper van, smiling at me. They all climbed out and gave me a hug, "so! Have you heard the news!" Alice began, "No! What?" I asked. The girls just looked at each other, "One Direction are in Perth right now!" Cally yelled, "SHUT UP!" I screamed! No way! "So, are you going to go stalk Louis again?" Katie laughed, "Hey, at least I don't know Liam's blood type!" Yeah. These girls were big one direction fans too. Katie was in love with Liam, Cally with Harry, Alice with Niall and Perrie with Zayn.  "Hey! at least I don't have a SHIPPING name made up already!" Katie threw at Perrie. Perrie had come up with a name for her and Zayn; Zerrie. It was quite cute actually, "Yeah! well! at" Perrie tried to think of something to say back to Katie but she had nothing. She went bright red, which made her purple hair stand out. "GIRLS!" some body shouted at us, we all looked round to see our boss, Janette, standing in the door way of the life guard hut, "COME ON! CALLY, NIKKI, YOUR SHIFT STARTS IN FIVE MUINITES!" She yelled to us. we waved the girls goodbye and went over to the hut.

 I Put the code into my locker and threw my bag into it. Cally's locker was about three down from mine so we waited in there together. soon, we had to go out on our shift. There were two tall life guard seats across the beach. Cally took one and I took the other. Luckily, we were allowed out phones, so we texted, even though we were only about 30 feet away from each other. I pulled my chocolate brown hair out of the bun and let if fall down my back. I was burning up in the Australia sun, so I took my life guard shirt off. I sat, with my feet up on the seat, texting Cally just random things, One direction related,

KEVIN! :) xxx       she sent me at first

CARROTS! :)      I sent her back. I caught her chuckling as she read the random things we were sending each other. Suddenly a helicopter began to circle over the top of the beach. Probably just some flight practice. I decided to not take any notice and continued to text Cally. after a few munities, I picked up binoculars and scanned the sea, just to see if any one needed my help. Wow, those waves looked Epic! Then I saw the other girls in the sea, surfing. just trying to make me jealous. they waved at me and I just bobbed my tong out.

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