My Big Brother's a Superstar (a Niall Horan fan-fic)

My mom just got married. I knew Bobby had two sons, I met Greg, but Bobby said that he had a son that was away. Imagine my great surprise when I found out my new big brother was a superstar. A superstar named Naill Horan.


4. The No Directioners Club

Waverly came over to my house. Niall was stuffing his face full of food. I opened the door and let her in. Niall came up to saynhi, but Waverly ignored him.

"Sorry, umm... boy bands aren't my thing. " she said.

"So, waverly, let's gt started." I said. We started by making giant posters to hang up around the school. Next thing we did was establish a clubhouse in Bobby's shed.

"Kay, so first thing, we recruit tomorrow. We need more members. Second, sleepover?" I ask.

"Already aaked my mom!" She said.

"Great!" I replied.

We stayed up all night, makimg various things for our club. Posters, ect. I was to tired to notice. We fell asleep in yhe clubhouse. I got woken up by Niall.

"Hey, sissy, I'm gonna be leaving. So, see ya!" He said.

"Finally!" I yelled, when he was out of ear shot. That roused Waverly. 

"Wha?" She muttered.

"Niall's leaving!" I yelled. She looked at me, then fell back to sleep. I laughed before waking her. We had a long day of school ahead o us.

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