My Big Brother's a Superstar (a Niall Horan fan-fic)

My mom just got married. I knew Bobby had two sons, I met Greg, but Bobby said that he had a son that was away. Imagine my great surprise when I found out my new big brother was a superstar. A superstar named Naill Horan.


2. Remarks

When I got to school on monday, we had to share what we did this weekend. And we had to share our names. My mom made me take Bobby's last name, because my mom never saw my dad after she got pregnant. So that means I will be the most popular girl in school now. Yay.

"Hannah, how about you share. I heard you got a new surname. That means your mom got married!" My teacher said, urging me to share.

"Fine. My name is Hannah Horan. And long story short, my new big brother is a superstar. " I said, smiling. Three... Two... One... everyone started chatting amongst their selves. I sat down and let everyone else share. Everyone's faces dropped as I beat all their weekends by a landslide.

"Hey, Hannah," said the most popular girl in school. "I was having a sleepover this weekend. You wanna come?" She asked.

"First off, Lizzie, when did you take an intrest in me? And second, what am I, four?" I remarked.

"Ummm... I thought you are pretty cool." She answered.

"My stepbrother is five years to old for you. So you can stop faking it." I replied, getting up and walking away.

I walked through the door of my new house, and there, waiting for me was the last guy I wanted to see.

"Hey sister." Niall said, as soon as he saw me.

"Isn't my life hell already?" I ask myself.

"So what did do at school?" He asked. "Did you brag about me?"

"If by brag, you mean mention once, then yes, I bragged." I answered, sitting down.

"Inthought you were excited to meet me." He said.

"Ummm... lets get this straight. I was excited before I found out that you are Niall Horan, and every girl in school loved one direction." I answered.

"Good to know. Just give it some time." He said.

"God help me so, I really hope you leave soon." I said.

"You gotta get used to it." He said, before walking away.

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