My Big Brother's a Superstar (a Niall Horan fan-fic)

My mom just got married. I knew Bobby had two sons, I met Greg, but Bobby said that he had a son that was away. Imagine my great surprise when I found out my new big brother was a superstar. A superstar named Naill Horan.


3. My New Friend

"Wakey sissy!" Niall said, walking into my room.

I got straight up, grab the pencil on my desk and run to him. I pointed the pencil at his neck and grabbed his wrist.

"First time I've seen a pencil used as a weapon. " he said.

"Rule one, don't wake me, I will break every bone in your body." I said, letting homof his rist and walking to my dresser. "Now, out with you." I said, pointing at the door. I decided to put on jeans and a t-shirt.  

I decided to walk to school to aboid Niall. I walked throigh the giant doors of the school, and walked to my first class. Everyone was looking at me and whispering. 

"No, It is not a lie, my brother is Niall Horan, and yes, take a good look. I am his boring old stepsister, so you can stop looking at me. And for any one of you who tries to suck up to me, like Lizzie, he is five years too old." I said, standing up. I finished right before the bell rang.

"Take your seats." Is all I cared to listen to. It seemed like a month had passed before the bell rang.

"Hi!" Said a girl I had never seen before.

"If you are here becouse of my bro-" I started.

She cut me off and said, "Oh, I hate One Direction." She said.

"Finally, a girls with some sense!" I say, sticking my hand out. "I am Hannah. You are..."

"Oh, I'm Waverly, nice to meet you Hannah." She said, taking my hand and shaking it.

"So, how about we make a club... the no directioners club?" I say.

"Best idea I have ever heard in my life." Waverly said.

"Come over to my house tonight. We'll make posters." I said. I finnaly had a friend with some common sense. Maybe Niall won't be so bad. I mean, at least my life isn't ruined.

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