In Love or In Hell

Ashley has been with Harry for five months now and she turns to Louis and they have sex. She goes to Niall and has sex and she finds out she is pregnant. Niall had a secret relationship with Harry's older sister Gemma. Niall has a daughter Parsley. Ashley and Liam are now together and they will be singing together and Louis is pissed about it.


11. You're Lucky

(Ashley's POV)

I walked out of Harry and Louis' flat and ran. I ran until I got to the park. I seen a man in all black and he was coming my way and I started to run back to the flat. I don't know who it is and I'm scared what if he wants to hurt me. What if he wants me dead. What if they don't like me. All these reasons are racing through my head. I ended up going to a back alley and hiding behind a dumpster. I hope he doesn't find me I hope he understands I'm pregnant and if he tries to do anything my baby will die and I will be devastated. I want my old life back. Where I knew Harry as my celebrity crush not my boyfriend. I want to relive the X Factor days and get those idiots back. Crying. Why and I crying? Oh yeah that's right my life is out on the line here. He's here. I hear his breathing. It's Niall.





Guy - "Ashley is that you?"





  "Yes why?"





Guy - "I need to tell you something."





I heard a kids voice.








  "What do you want Niall?"






Niall - "I killed Gemma."





 "What the heck is the matter with you, you killed Gemma?"





Niall - "It was on accident I accidently gave her food poison."




I stood up.














"Hi Parsley I'm Ashley, daddy's friend."







Parsley - "Daddy said that you were his girlfriend."





  "Did he really?"










Niall leaned in to kiss me and he kissed me. I didn't kiss back.





Niall - "Why didn't you kiss back?"





 "Niall I'm with Harry."





Niall - "Oh sorry about that."





 "It's fine Niall it's not like I can keep you out of my life forever."





He said "How are you going to keep me in your life?"





  "Niall the baby."




Niall - "Oh yeah sorry."







 "Niall you are going to be in this baby's life right?"







Niall - "Of course Ashwee.





"Niall don't start."





Niall - "What did I do Ashleey?"




 "Shoot Niall come here."




He leaned down.










Niall - "You going to kiss me back this time?"






 "Come here and I'll show you."














He kissed me and he wasn't gentle he was being a little rough. I moaned in his mouth.





Parsley - "Icky."







Niall - "Give daddy a minute with mommy."




Parsley - "That isn't mommy, daddy."




 "Yeah daddy I'm not mommy."






Niall - "Parsley."





  "Niall please."





Niall - "Ashley please."




He spun me around so that my back was facing him and he pulled me in and his dick poked my butt and I jumped.




  "Niall that hurt."





Niall - "I want you back."





My phone vibrated and it was in my back pocket.












Niall - "Really that made me ink."






Harry texted me.




















Harry - "Where the hell are you, you're starting to scare me please answer me babe."




I responded back saying - "I'm in an alley with Niall."
















I kissed Niall and he didn't stop he kept kissing my neck.

















I heard a voice.











"Niall get off of me."





Harry - "You heard her get off of her."



















He pushed Niall away from me and he punched him and he slapped his face and he ended up bleeding.





  "Harry please stop."




Harry - "Babe go home I'm fine."









 "No Harry I'm staying right here."






Harry - "Ashley go home now before something happens to you and take my niece with you."





 "Harry please."




Harry -  "Ashley go now."




I picked up Parsley and ran for Harry's flat. I heard gun shots.

























I took Parsley to the flat and told Louis to watch her because I needed to see what happened. I ran back to the alley and Harry was laying down on the road.




Niall - "H-he s-said to tell you that he l-loved y-you."




"If you would've got off of me he would've been still alive."




Niall - "Where is Parsley?"





  "At Louis' flat."












I called the police. The ambulance came too and they lifted Harry up into the back of the of the ambulance and told me that I couldn't be with him. I wasn't going to fight with them. I went with Niall to Louis' flat. It was silent the whole way there. I walked in and Niall followed right behind me.














Louis - "Tell me everything."




I looked at Niall.












Niall - "I'll tell him just go lay down.




  "Louis where is Parsley?"




Louis - "My room."







I walked back to "His" room. I laid there and started crying. I should have stayed and then we could've died together. If I stayed at the house this wouldn't of happened. I wonder if he has anything of us in his drawers. I walked over to a drawer and opened it and found pictures. Pictures of when we first met. I missed those days. I don't miss the hate on Twitter though. I want Harry back. My ringtone was going off and it was the hospital.

(Phone Call)

Hospital: Hello is this Ashley Akers ?

Me: Yes it is

Hospital: Harry your boyfriend is alright the bullet was in his shoulder no where near his heart

Me: Thanks may I see him ?

Hospital: Yes he's in room 49

Me: Okay thanks

Hospital: You're welcome come here when you want and only 4 people plus you can come

Me: Okay bye bye

Hospital: Bye

I ran to the lounge room.











"Niall, Louis, Harry is alive he's alive."




Niall - "That's awesome I'm sorry Ashley I didn't mean to do that it's just that I really like you."




 "It's fine Niall."




Louis - "I'll go get Parsley and we can leave."






 "Okay Louis."




Niall - "I'm really sorry Ashley."





  "Oh really Niall the guy shot him in the shoulder."





Niall - "Ashleey please listen to me I'm sorry I didn't mean to have him shot."




 "Yes you did Niall, Harry  was listening to the radio and you said that you were following us around."




Niall - "I wanted you to be my girlfriend."




 "You could have just asked."



Niall - "Will you go out with me?"




 "Too late Niall."




Niall - "Well Louis, Parsley and I have to go to our flat because I don't want her to be out too late."




  "Bye Niall."





Niall - "Bye Ashleey."




Louis - "Bye Parsley, bye Niall."





They left.













"Louis can we please go."




Louis - "Okay let me get my keys."









I nodded and put my jacket on and waited for Louis to get his keys.





Louis - "Which hospital?"




"The closest one to here."




Louis - "Okay lets go."




We left the flat and headed for the hospital. The drive was silent and it was peaceful.




Louis - "Ashley we're here."


















We got out of the car and walked into the hospital. Louis asked the lady at the hospital if Harry Styles was still in room 49.





Hospital Lady - "Yes it's down the hall to the right."



















I waked away and Louis was behind me and he ran to keep up with me.





  "You didn't have to run."






Louis - "Ashley please calm down it's okay Harry's okay."






 "I know I'm just pissed at Niall."





Louis - "Shut up and walk in."














I walked in and the nurse was flirting with Harry.













 "Bitch I've been crying for an hour get the fuck away from my boyfriend and we will be alright."














She walked out of the room.
















Harry - "Ashley I'm fine please stop worrying about me."






"Harry you are the love of my life I will worry about you if I want."









He smiled and a tear fell from his eye.






Louis - "Hi Harry."





Harry - "Hi Louis."





Louis - "I love you Harry."




Harry - "I love you too Louis."





  "Please don't do this ever again."







Harry -  "I promise baby."











I started crying.





Harry - "Babe please stop crying."






 "Harry I heard the gunshots and I screamed."





Harry - "I'm okay babe look at me I'm talking, I'm moving."





I laughed.













Louis - "I'm tired and it's getting late I'll come back in the morning for you Ashley."






  "Okay Louis."





Louis left.













Harry - "Do I get a kiss and a hug?"





 "Of course Harry."











I gave Harry a hug and kissed him.






Harry - "Get some sleep babe don't worry I'll be right here by your side the whole night."
















I started to cry again. I laid on the chair next to Harry's bed and tried to shut my eyes to sleep.

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