In Love or In Hell

Ashley has been with Harry for five months now and she turns to Louis and they have sex. She goes to Niall and has sex and she finds out she is pregnant. Niall had a secret relationship with Harry's older sister Gemma. Niall has a daughter Parsley. Ashley and Liam are now together and they will be singing together and Louis is pissed about it.


1. You Can't Be Serious

(Harry's POV)

"Fuck you Louis you knew she is mine."

Ashley and I have been dating for five months and Louis decided to kiss her. I fucking need her now. I walked out the door to Ashley's house her lights were still on. I climbed on the roof and knocked on her window. She came to the window and unlocked it and let me in. I picked her up and put her on her bed and started kissing her. I heard somebody come up the stairs and I ran to the closet. Ashley quickly sat up and ran to her door and opened it. At the door was her mum.

Ashley - "Hello mum what's going on?"

Brenda - "Ashley I'm sorry but your dad and I decided that you aren't allowed to be with Harry anymore."


Ashley - "Mum that's not fair and I'm almost 18 I think I can pick who I want to date now."


Brenda - "Ashley if you are under my roof then I can tell you to do anything."


Ashley - "I'm leaving fuck this shit."


She slammed the door and ran to the closet and she kissed me.


Ashley - "Harry I love you and I want to be with you forever."


 "Ashley you kissed Louis."



She started crying.


I hugged her tightly.





"Ashley what's wrong?"


Ashley - "Harry he didn't just kiss me h-he raped me."


I looked her in her eyes.




"I'm going to kill him now."


Ashley - "Harry I'm sorry."


 "Ashley it wasn't your fault it was that dick head's."



Ashley - "Harry can I stay with you tonight I'm scared to stay alone right now."


 "Of course babe."


She got her stuff packed and I picked her up and went out the window because her mum didn't know I was there. I jumped off first and Ashley jumped off and I caught her. I carried her to my house and it started to rain. We walked in and Louis was sitting watching the telly.



Ashley - "Well Harry I think I'm going to bed."



 "I'll be there in a second babe."



She nodded and walked to my bedroom.






Louis - "Harry calm down it was a bet."



"Who the fuck bets somebody to rape another man's girlfriend."



Louis  "Niall."



I started to cry because the band broke up last year because of Liam got Jade Thirlwall his wife pregnant and he quit and we decided to just quit but I went solo and I'm doing great so far.



 "Niall wouldn't do that to me."





Louis - "You went solo."



"I went solo because Liam got Jade pregnant and we all decided to break up."



Louis - "Niall likes Ashley and he wants to get her."



"Louis, Ashley is mine I'm not letting nobody take her away from me."



Louis - "Harry just make sure Ashley is by you the whole time."



"I'm going to bed."





He nodded and went to his room. I walked to my room and Ashley was undressing and I went over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist.




"Ashley don't put clothes on tonight because they would just be taken off anyway."



Ashley - "Harry I'm tired tonight please let me go and plus my lower parts hurt from Louis."



 "Ashley how does Louis' dick hurt when he fucks you but when we fuck you don't get hurt."



Ashley - "Harry we haven't had sex for awhile now so I wasn't used to having a dick in that place."




I picked her up and kissed her neck and laid her down. I turned off the light and she fell asleep.


(Louis' POV)

Harry needs to calm the fuck down I didn't mean to hurt her she's the one who asked me to have sex with her. Niall didn't do anything. Eleanor and I broke up because I wasn't famous anymore. Zayn and Perrie broke up too. I'm dating Mackenzie Castordad she's a regular girl. I'm done dating celebrities. I'm done being one too. Zayn is dating this one girl Brooke I don't really know about her because since the band broke up we haven't talked to each other except for Harry,Niall and I. I like Ashley and I'm going to get her to be mine. She's really pretty and she doesn't deserve Harry at all. I hate seeing them together all the time. I hope that Niall can see if she likes me because if she does then I'm going to make sure that we date. I like her very much.

(Harry's POV)

Louis likes Ashley and I think that he lied to me when he said that Niall betted him and told him to rape Ashley. Louis just wants to get Ashley to date him but he is dating Kenzie. I don't like her because she tries to kiss me and its nasty. Ashley, Perrie and Kenzie know each other because best friends. I did like Eleanor a lot but I didn't want to tell Louis because he would of just moved out. He's my best mate but he does stupid shit sometimes. I remember him dating El and he hired strippers to go on a date with them. She was pissed. I remember when we broke up Liam had his baby boy Max with him and we all had tears in our eyes. I didn't tell anybody but I already went solo when we released our second album Take Me Home. I didn't really like the whole Larry Stylinson rumors I didn't like Louis in that way we were just band mates and that's it. I hate that it just makes my reputation go down the drain. The Wanted really irks me, Tom went off on Louis but I didn't want to get in that because he would've just brought up Larry. When he did Louis didn't deny anything. I wish he did so we would of just ended it right there. I wonder why he didn't do anything about it. I hate that though but I need to get over it. Ashley and I want to move out and get our own house. I just need to ask Ashley if she wants to stay in Doncaster or if she wants to move somewhere else. I would love to move to the US but Ashley I don't think would though. I just have to ask her when we wake up. I just thought about something, what if Louis got her pregnant while raping her. I hope to god not. I just don't want her to have Louis' kid while she is with me. If she is pregnant I'm dumping her because its not my kid and I don't want to take care of Louis' kid. I hope she isn't. I want to find Gemma, she up and left Cheshire and I want to know where she went to I miss her a lot and I might need her someday. I'm only 20 and I need to be exploring life not worrying about some girl that might be pregnant with another man's kid. If she isn't pregnant then I will stay with her but if she is then I'm gone. It's not that I don't love her it's that I don't want to do another man's job.

******The Morning*******

(Ashley's POV)

I woke up and I didn't have clothes on and Harry had his arms wrapped around my waist. I wish I can tell him what really happened. I asked Louis to rape me because Harry wouldn't have sex with me and I only had Louis around so I asked him and I think I like him a little bit. I love Harry more its just that Louis listens to me and doesn't ignore me like Harry. Harry is just this bad boy and he thinks that everything is about him and I kind of get scared of him because when he gets mad his temper is the worst. I hate that about him. I don't like that he is famous I wish he would just stop with the singing and settle down with me and have our own family like Liam and Jade. I miss that cheeky old Harry now he's scary and really mean. I remember watching The X Factor and going to some concerts in England. I was there for the lads. Harry and I met while at a concert when I first met the lads. I had a soft spot for Niall but I really liked Harry. He asked me for my name and twitter and said that he loved me. A couple of days later I seen him again because Lou asked if I could babysit Lux while she did everything for the lads. I used to go on tour with them and even had rumors said about me. I remember one that was about Josh and I, it said that he would always try to get me to come onstage with them because he liked me a lot. Another one was about Harry and it said that he would always trip down the tour bus' stairs to get my attention. I hated fans. I hated haters because they always tried to get me away from the lads but that didn't work. I'm always going to be here. Lux is a very nice baby she's active though. Luckily Louis was wearing a condom when I asked him. I heard Harry come down the stairs.



"Harry we need to talk."



Harry - "What's up babe?"


"I asked Louis to rape me."

Harry - "Why babe why."

"You wouldn't have sex with me you were always tired and we really couldn't have sex."



Harry - "I'm sorry babe."



"He wore a condom don't worry I made him."


Harry - "Will you like to move with me when you turn 18?"



"Yes but please stop singing because I want you badly."



Harry - "I am don't worry I wanted to start a family with you."


"Harry I'm only 17 I can't get pregnant now."


Harry - "Babe I'm not talking about now I mean in a couple of years."


I laughed.




"Just making sure."


Harry - "Ashley?"


"Yes Harry?"


Harry - "Where is your clothes?"


I looked down and I guess my face was turning red because Harry was laughing. Louis came in the kitchen.




Louis - "Harry tell your girlfriend that this is not a strip club and that she looks hot."



Harry - "She is mine Louis."


"Harry can you please get me some clothes?"





He went to his room.



Louis - "I really do love you babe."




 He kissed me and I kissed back. I guess I didn't notice Harry come back to the kitchen.



Harry - "Ashley you can't be serious right now."



Louis - "She's mine now Harry."



Harry - "She will always be mine Lou."



"You aren't mad?"



Harry - "Oh I'm mad it's just I love you too much."




"Oh please stop doing that Louis I want to be with Harry not you."



Louis nodded.




Louis - "Get your clothes on."





I went to the bathroom to get changed. I really need to start getting my head back to normal. I kissed Louis but I didn't want to. I love Harry.



(Niall's POV)

I really like Kayla. Kayla is a girl that I met at the park the other night. We talked a lot and she is very beautiful. I already like her but she's only 17 she's four years apart from me. I'm 21 now. Well shit who gives a shit about how old she is. I like her and that's okay. I want to ask her on a date tomorrow night. Luckily I have her number. I'm going to call her.

Me: Hello Kayla ?

Kayla: Yes?

Me: It's Niall I wanted to see if you wanted to go on a date tomorrow night ?

Kayla: I would love to what time are you picking me up ?

Me: How about 7:30?

Kayla: That's fantastic

Me: Great I will see you tomorrow bye Kay

Kayla: Bye Niall

Yes I am going on a date with Kayla. I can't wait. Now I have to figure out what to do. Oh I know.

(Zayn's POV)

Brooke and I have been dating for 3 months and I really love her. The only thing about it is she is pregnant. I didn't mean to forget the condom but it happens sometimes right ? She's dealing with a lot right now. Her granddad past away a couple of days ago, now she's pregnant and third her mum got arrested. I try to calm her down but she always thinks negative about things. Three months and we are having a kid oh my god that's a small amount of time. I guess this baby is coming soon. I'm so stupid. I guess the BradfordBadBoi is going to be the BradfordDaddyBoi I hope it's a girl really badly. Liam and Jade are too cute together. They are One Mix. See what I did there hehe. I miss being in the band though. I miss the lads. I miss being One Direction. I wish Jade and Liam wore protection. I have no room to talk though my girlfriend of three months is pregnant. Liam and Jade have been married for one year. Harry and Ashley have been dating for five months. I don't really know Ashley. Perrie always talked about her but I never really got to meet her. I know Jade because she is in Little Mix. Perrie and her are in Little Mix together with Jesy and Leigh-Anne. Perrie and I dated for two years. That's a long time. I kind of miss her though. Brooke and I are having a baby together and I want to be in her life. I don't know Kenzie either because I guess Perrie didn't want them to end up with the lads. Well they ended up with them anyway. I guess Ashley an Harry met while at a meet and greet I liked Ashley until now. She is cheating on Harry with Louis but she loves Harry more I don't get why you would cheat on somebody you really love. I've met Ashley I guess once but it was for a couple of minutes so I don't know how she acts.

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