In Love or In Hell

Ashley has been with Harry for five months now and she turns to Louis and they have sex. She goes to Niall and has sex and she finds out she is pregnant. Niall had a secret relationship with Harry's older sister Gemma. Niall has a daughter Parsley. Ashley and Liam are now together and they will be singing together and Louis is pissed about it.


19. What's Up With Everybody Today?

(Ashley's POV)

"Harry sit your ass down now!"






Harry - "No Ashley he needs to shut the fuck up before I do fucking hit him."






Niall - "Kory you're a pussy and you know we can beat your ass."





Liam - "He's a douche and he can't fucking fight anybody."







Kory - "Louis you don't know me, I dated Lottie a couple of years ago?"







Louis - "You're the dumbass who dated my little sister."








Kory - "I'm not a dumbass like you, I actually liked my girlfriend."










Louis - "I liked Mackenzie dumbass, you need to keep your facts straight."








Kory - "I'm talking about Eleanor dumbass."





Louis - "I LOVED Eleanor and we were REAL and people didn't see our love."

Kory - "Larry was real."

Louis - "Yeah because I was totally gay."

Harry - "We never were together people thought we were because we actually looked like we were together better than Eleanor and him."

Louis - "Harry set Eleanor and I up and I don't know why if he was to be gay with me why would he do that if he really liked me."

Harry - "Yeah if."

Kory - "Ashley it's time to come home we need to get some rest right now."





"How about no."







Kory - "Um yes you are and you don't have a choice."

"I want to stay here with Liam, my boyfriend."







Kory - "No Ashley you are coming home with me or else I will get John."









"Get John and I will have Liam beat his ass, you think I'm playing."

Liam - "Who's John?"

"He was my first love."

Liam - "What happened?"

"He was the first guy other than my dad who took my virginity."

Kory - "He was the worst person she dated."

"He took my virginity so I took his."










Liam - "Ashley why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't know he would be brought up in a conversation again."

Kory - "You think I would forget you and him having sex?"

"I'm leaving, bye."

(Zayn's POV)

What the hell is going on? Like for real. Ashley isn't in love she's in hell. She's living in hell and she can't get out without getting hurt. I need to get her out with Brooke and so she can be around girls and not all of us lads. I get how she feels and she thinks nobody understands her. Harry and Niall put her through hell and so did Louis. I hope Liam will treat her right and not put her through hell like Harry, Niall and Louis. Eleanor and Ashley should meet. Eleanor went through a lot being Louis' girlfriend. Perrie got some hate but not a lot. Taylor got the worst in my opinion. Danielle was like Perrie, they really didn't do anything to the fandom. Harry wrote Don't Let Me Go because Ashley left him. Who cares if Ashley had sex with John it's her life and she can do whatever she wants. Ashley needs to find somebody that will love her for her and not just to have sex. Excuse me Brooke is calling me.

(Phone Call With Brooke)

Brooke: Zayn? I'm sorry but I can't be with you anymore

Me: Brooke, why

Brooke: I can't take being alive

Me: Babe come home

Brooke: No I have to go bye *Hangs Up*


"I have to go bye."

Harry - "Zayn what's wrong?"





"Brooke is trying to commit suicide and I want to save her."

Liam - "Where's Ashley?"

"Text her or maybe she's outside the door."

Louis - "Please."



"Louis what's wrong?"



Louis - "I'm talking to Mackenzie."






"Louis she passed away about a week ago."







Louis - "No she's right there."










He pointed to the spot next to him.

Harry - "Lou there is nobody there."

"What's up with everybody today?"

Ashley walked in.










Ashley - "Liam."

Liam - "Yeah babe?"

Ashley - "I need you."










She sat on the floor.

Liam - "What's wrong?"

Ashley - "Period."

Liam - "Oh I'll go get you some tampons and some chocolate."

Ashley - "Thanks Liam."

Liam - "Anything for you babe."



(Phone Call With Brooke)



Brooke: I thought you cared about me?


Me: I do babe


Brooke: Where were you when they took me to the hospital Zayn, where were you?


Me: Ashley was hurting and we needed to know what was wrong with her


Brooke: So you care about Ashley more than me, thanks Zayn I really thought you were the one


Me: Ashley, I mean Brooke I do love you and I want to be with you


Brooke: Go tell that to Ashley, you bitch *Hangs Up*


Me: I do love you...



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