In Love or In Hell

Ashley has been with Harry for five months now and she turns to Louis and they have sex. She goes to Niall and has sex and she finds out she is pregnant. Niall had a secret relationship with Harry's older sister Gemma. Niall has a daughter Parsley. Ashley and Liam are now together and they will be singing together and Louis is pissed about it.


17. The FIght

(Ashley's POV)

"Louis what the hell did he promise?"





Louis - "He promised that if he was offered any other deal that he would decline the offer."






"I'm sorry Lou I didn't know and Simon's the one that put us together and we really didn't have a choice."








Louis - "You're safe but I'm not sure about Liam."







"Please stop, Harry has already been hurt and Liam really didn't do anything to you."









Louis - "Ashley please just you don't understand stay away from Liam, Niall, Zayn, Harry , and I for awhile."






"What the hell did I do?"





"You messed with Harold's head, you wanted him to love you and to leave the band, I know how you are Ashley I'm not stupid."





"Louis, why are you ganging up on me all I did was sing for Simon and he said that he wanted Liam and I to be a duet?"






Louis - "I don't like you."





  "Well I'm sorry but I don't care if you like me or not."







I walked away and got in the car with Liam.











Liam - "What's wrong?"





"Louis was ganging up on me."







Liam - "Ashley what happened?"







"He found out that you and I are doing that duet thing and he said that you broke a promise."









Liam - "That was a year ago, I really didn't think I was going to sing ever again."





"He said that he didn't like me but then again we had sex together and he told me that he loved me."









Liam - "Yeah so did Niall remember?"










"They used me."








Liam - "Yeah let's go in the flat."









We walked into the flat and everybody was there. Zayn, Louis, Harry, and Niall.







Louis - "What the hell didn't I tell you to stay away from us?"









"You're not my dad."








Harry - "Ashley."








"My dad treated me better than you Louis and he fucking raped me and he didn't get in trouble."







Harry - "Everybody calm the fuck down god damn."









"Harry you're making it worse."








Louis - "Shut the fuck up Ashley, nobody likes you."








Zayn - "I like her."








Liam - "I love her."







Harry - "I like her."







Louis - "Not helping lads."








Liam - "Louis why are you ganging up on Ashley what did she do to you?"





Louis - "She took Harry from me."








"How you guys live together how could I take Harry away from you?"







Louis - "Harry is my best mate and every since you came along we haven't hung out much as we used to."










"Louis I know you're gay and all but you don't need to be jealous of me."





Louis - "Say that one more fucking time and I will kill you."








"You're gay."

Louis walked over to me and grabbed me and picked me up and took me to a room.








 Louis - "You'll regret what you just said later."






"What are you doing?"






 Louis - "Trying to find tape."







"Good luck it's in the kitchen."






He picked me back up and walked out to the kitchen.










Louis - "Found it."








Liam came in the kitchen.










Liam - "What the hell are you doing with my girlfriend?"








Louis - "You don't love her Liam, you only wanted to date her because she can sing and you knew that Simon would want you back."









Liam - "I'm not like that Louis and you know it."






Louis - "Yeah, yeah, pretty boy Liam."







"Put me down and leave me the fuck alone."






Louis - "Go home then."






 "I don't have a home Louis."







Louis - "Awe go fuck somebody for money."







I looked at Liam and he had a smirk on his face. I walked away.












"Fuck you too Liam I thought you cared."







Liam - "Ashley, babe I do but Louis said something to me."







"Yeah okay."







Niall gave me a hug .










Niall - "You're okay Ashley."








Harry - "You deserve to die." 




"Thanks Harry."





Harry - "I was talking about the news."






"What happened?"





Niall - "People are saying we are back together and that you are our sex slave."







"I only fucked, Liam, Harry, Niall and Louis, not Zayn so if I was your sex slave I would've had sex with Zayn."






Louis came in the room.









Louis - "Ashley you are our sex slave."








  "You guys aren't even back together."






Louis - "Yeah so we are best mates we can do whatever we want to you."






"Liam, Liam is my boyfriend and he is the only one allowed to touch my body."




Harry grabbed my waist.









Harry - "That can change."










I got out of his grip and ran out the door. I don't have any place to go. My mum and dad are dead. Kory hates my guts and Parsley is with him so I'll get her and go back to Zayn's. I started walking when I remembered. I'm not in Doncaster. I'm in Bradford. I heard a car behind me.





Louis - "Forget something?"










I nodded and kept walking.






Louis - "Ashley get in the car."







"Oh so you can hurt me, I don't think so?"







Louis - "Ashley please."









I got in the passengers side and buckled up.







Louis - "Ashley where were you going to go?"





"Why does it matter anyway?"






Louis - "Liam."







"Liam doesn't like me, you guys just used me for sex and that's all."







Louis - "Zayn didn't."








"I don't really know Zayn."




Louis - "Ashley, I'm not gay and that Larry shit was a joke."





"I know Louis I was mad."






Louis - "I know I'm sorry for trying to hurt you."






"It's fine."







Louis - "Why did your dad rape you?"






"He's always hated me and he wanted to make me feel out of place and that if I told people that he would give it to me worse."







Louis - "Did you tell?"








"My twin brother did."







Louis - "How old were you?"





"I was 8."






 Louis - "Your dad wasn't the loving type."








I shook my head no.







Louis said "We're here."













We walked into Zayn's flat and they were watching the news.







Liam - "Ashley you're on the news."

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