In Love or In Hell

Ashley has been with Harry for five months now and she turns to Louis and they have sex. She goes to Niall and has sex and she finds out she is pregnant. Niall had a secret relationship with Harry's older sister Gemma. Niall has a daughter Parsley. Ashley and Liam are now together and they will be singing together and Louis is pissed about it.


4. School

(Ashley's POV)






Shit I have school.






"Niall please wake up I have school."








He woke up and found some clothes to put on.







He said "Wear my sweat pants with a tee shirt."







"Thanks Niall I brought skinny jeans but I don't feel so hot to wear them."







 Niall - "The pain will go away in the next two days don't worry."









"Oh thank god my ass hurts and when I sit down it aches."







He said "Wow, Ashley it hurts that bad?"







I nodded.






"Well Niall I guess I'm going to school."






He hugged me and kissed my cheek. I checked my phone for messages and there was 5 from Harry. They said:

Harry: I'm sorry please forgive me

Harry: Ashley please answer me

Harry: Ashley come on please I'm sorry babe just can we talk

Harry: Babe please text or call me


He thinks he can get away with it that quickly. I'm not going to talk to him until tomorrow. Niall is really cute. I got to school and headed for my locker. Mine is by this guy named Jeff Arnold. We have every class together. I got my stuff from my bag to my locker and Jeff was still at his. I have the top locker and I'm a little bit shorter and Jeff is taller so he helps me get my folders.








"Thanks again Jeff."







Jeff - "You're welcome shorty."









We walked to our first class.








Jeff - "How's you and Harry?"










"Not too good he's treating me like I'm his little bitch."






Jeff - "Do I need to teach him a little lesson?"







"Jeff you are 18 Harry is 20 I don't think you can."






He laughed.







"I'm a wrestler I think I can straighten him out and not treat my best friend like shit anymore."






"Am I really your best friend?"





 Jeff - "Of course Ashley."








I smiled.








"Here we are first class of the day Health."







He smiled and we walked in and our Health teacher Mrs. Knoll said that we have to do a project this week and we get to pick partners for it. Jeff and I are partners.









Mrs. Knoll - "Now all you have to do is take care of a baby until Wednesday."

"Mrs. Knoll?"








She nodded.









"Can I go to the bathroom I feel sick." 

Mrs. Knoll - "Just go to the clinic with your partner."









Jeff and I walked down stairs to the clinic.









Jeff - "You had sex last night."






"No I didn't."







Jeff - "Don't lie you walk weird and now you are sick."







"Well he didn't have a condom on and I picked one out but I thought he put it on but he didn't."







Jeff - "You need the morning after pill so you won't get pregnant."









"How am I going to get a pill like that." 

Jeff - "Let's just sign out and since I'm 18 I will buy you some."








"You really will?"







Jeff - "Only of you tell me who you had sex with last night."







"Niall Horan."





Jeff - "From One Direction?"











Jeff - "You are so lucky some girls would love to of did that."







"I know."



Jeff - "Aren't you dating Harry?"




"Yes I cheated on him last night."





He said "Naughty."





"Yeah I know spank me."









He laughed and we finally got to the clinic. I told the nurse that I didn't feel good and that Jeff would drive me somewhere.




Jeff - "Somebody is turning 18 tomorrow."




"Oh really who."





Jeff - "Ashley tomorrow is your birthday."





"Oh my god I forgot."






He laughed.






Jeff - "Are you heading back to school or staying home?"





"I'm staying home."




He said "Okay I guess I am too but if you find out anything please let me know."







"I promise Jeff I will."







He smiled and drove away I drove away too. I am heading to Niall's hotel. He said that he will have the hotel until I turn 18 so that we can at least move in together. Harry can't choose who I can and can't hangout with or move in with. I went to Niall's hotel room and knocked on it. He answered the door.







"Why are you back I thought you were going to school?"






"Niall I puked today at school."








He took my hand and walked me into his hotel room. He sat me down.











"Ashley I Niall Horan promise to never leave your side even if we are fighting I want you to feel safe and loved I promise that you will not go through this on your own I also promise that I will wear a condom next time we have sex."

I started to cry.











 Niall - "Why are you crying did I say something wrong?"






"Niall you're so sweet."







Niall - "Liam wore off on me."






I smiled.








"I think I'm going to call Harry."






*One The Phone*

Me: Hello?

Harry: Ashley oh thank god

Me: Harry we need to talk

Harry: About what?

Me: Us

Harry: What about us

Me: I had sex with Niall and I think I'm pregnant

Harry: Ashley why the hell do you have sex with other lads but not me your boyfriend

Me: You scare me and they treat me better

Harry: Ashley babe I'm sorry about everything

Me: Harry it's over I'm sorry

Harry: Don't let me don't let me go cause I'm tired of sleeping alone

Me: Beautiful

Harry: Just like you

Me: *Cries* Don't let me don't let me go cause I'm tired of feeling alone

Harry: You are a good singer

Me: Thanks Harry *Hangs Up*


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