In Love or In Hell

Ashley has been with Harry for five months now and she turns to Louis and they have sex. She goes to Niall and has sex and she finds out she is pregnant. Niall had a secret relationship with Harry's older sister Gemma. Niall has a daughter Parsley. Ashley and Liam are now together and they will be singing together and Louis is pissed about it.


2. Meeting Up

(Harry's POV)

Ashley and I are going to meet up with Liam and Jade tonight. I haven't seen or talked to Liam for about a year now. I miss him. Jade and Liam are bringing Max their baby boy. Ashley is scared about meeting them. When Ashley babysat Lux we weren't really around them because we had to rehearse. Zayn and Liam really didn't get to meet her. I feel bad for Brooke. A lot has happened and now she's pregnant. Ashley and I are about to leave now. We are meeting them at this new Italian restaurant here. We make our way to the restaurant and I see Liam, Jade and Max. Jade sees us and runs to Ashley. Jade takes Ashley into the restaurant. Liam has Max and he asked if I could carry him and I said sure.

"How old is he?"


Liam - "6 months."



"He is adorable."



Liam -"Thanks."


We walked into the restaurant and Jade takes Max and Liam gives me a hug. I missed Liam.


Ashley - "Jade?"




Jade - "Yes?"


Ashley whispered something into Jade's ear and they both walked away.




He said "Yes?"


"You have to help me, Ashley keeps kissing Louis when I leave the room."


Liam - "Move out that's what I would do but Ashley can't stay with you until she turns 18."



"Her parents hate me."



Liam - "You are kind of scary."






Liam - "Your tattoos."



"Oh yeah I forgot."


Liam - "How can you forget you got them two years ago."



"I don't know really."



Ashley and Jade walked out and Ashley screamed. I ran over to her and a guy was touching her wrongly.



"Touch my fucking girlfriend one more time and I will beat the shit out of you."



I tugged Ashley and walked back to the table. He shouldn't mess with my girlfriend. I hate when lads do that to her. Ashley is mine. Man get they understand that we have been dating for almost 6 months. I sat down.



Liam - "What happened now?"



"That guy touched Ashley wrongly."


Liam - "Uh Harry you do know who that was right ?"


"Am I suppose to?"



Liam - "That was...



(Niall's POV)

I'm taking Kayla all the way to Doncaster. We are going to a new Italian place. I am picking Kayla up at 7:30. I can't wait. I am going to go get her now. Man I'm nervous. I haven't talked to the lads since last year when we did the stadium tour. I miss them. I hope we can hangout soon. I'm almost to Kayla's. I'm here now. Wait. What the hell. She's kissing another lad fuck this shit. I drove away. I'm going by myself then. Man this blows. It takes awhile to get there from here. I might listen to the radio. Great. Best Song Ever just came on. We danced all night to the best song ever. This Is Us.. Woah Niall man up don't cry. I miss the lads. I finally got to the restaurant and I walked in and they gave me a table. I walked to the bathroom and I saw Harry and Liam on the other side of the restaurant. I walked to the bathroom and Jade Thirlwall and Ashley Akers came out.






Jade gave me a hug and Ashley just smiled at me. Ashley ended up giving me a hug and I grabbed her ass. She's hot as fuck. Oh shit here comes Harry.



Harry - "Touch my girlfriend one more time and I will beat the shit out of you."



Wait. Doesn't he know that it's me. He was probably just mad and couldn't think straight. He probably hates me now but I am going to go over to him and apologize. I walk there with Jade. Liam stood up and gave me a hug.



"Hi Liam I missed you."



Liam - "I missed you too Niall."



I smiled.






"Ashley I'm sorry I didn't mean to touch your bum."


Harry - "Wait, Niall that was you?"


"Yeah I finally gave in and got three tattoos the other day."



Liam - "Really no way let me see."



I showed him the one on my forearm of the Irish Flag. I also showed them the one of a picture of my nephew and I on my shoulder blade. Finally I showed him the one on my bicep it's my dad's dates it his birth and death dates.



Liam - "I got a new one it's of Max."



Harry - " I got Dusty's birth and death dates."



Ashley - " I got my cat Angel's dates on my shoulder blade."


Jade - "I don't have any yet."



I laughed .








"Maybe Liam can help you pick out something that you like."



Jade - "We've talked about it a lot and I want a picture of Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jesy and I."



"How are they?"



Jade - "They are doing fine we leave for tour next week."



"Awe Liam is going to miss his wife."



Liam - "Of course I'm going to miss her."



"Well I'm going to leave you guys alone and go back to my table talk to you soon."


Ashley - "Niall wait can't you stay here and eat with us we have an extra seat?"



Harry - "Please Niall?"



"Okay okay I'll stay."


Liam - "Yay."



During dinner my phone started to ring. It was Kayla.



Me: Hello?

Kayla: Niall you forgot to pick me up for our date

Me: Actually I stopped by your house and you were kissing Jay

Kayla: Oh sorry about that

Me: Bye Kayla

!!!! Hey guys its Ashley!!!!

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