In Love or In Hell

Ashley has been with Harry for five months now and she turns to Louis and they have sex. She goes to Niall and has sex and she finds out she is pregnant. Niall had a secret relationship with Harry's older sister Gemma. Niall has a daughter Parsley. Ashley and Liam are now together and they will be singing together and Louis is pissed about it.


23. Liam and Ashley's Fun Time


(Liam's POV)



Ashley said she wanted to have fun so we're going to a club tonight and probably going to have some fun afterwards.


"Babe are you ready?"



Ashley - "Yeah Li I'm coming."


We leave the house and we get in the car and we go to the club. We get there and Ashley gets out of the car. She's excited we haven't done this for a while. I walked into the club and Ashley has already had two shots.


"Babe can we dance?"



Ashley - "Yeah."



I grab her waist and we start grinding each other. This is actually very fun for me.



"Ashwee can we have sex later?"



Ashley - "Yeah I would like that."



I smiled and grinded faster.



Ashley stopped and turned around to face me. She wrapped her arms around me and started crying.



"Baby why are you crying?"



Ashley - "Liam, you were the nicest person that walked into my life."



"Ashley, remember? Harry and I raped you."



Ashley - "Its not rape if you like it."



I picked her up so her legs were wrapped around me and I squeezed her tightly.




The DJ – “I’m going to play a song from One Direction. It’s called Rock Me.”












Ashley – “I don’t want to go back to summer ’09.”






“I know you don’t babe.”






Ashley started rubbing my dick.




Ashley – “I want you to rock me.”












I walked to the bathroom to calm down. She turns me on too much. I walked back out to the dance floor. There were two guys talking to Ashley and she kept yelling for me.






“Get the fuck away from her.”






Dumbass guy #1 – “You jealous because she’s with me and not you?”




“She’s my girlfriend you dumbasses.”




Ashley – “Liam.”






I grabbed Ashley and walked out of the club. Ashley was holding her arm.




“What’s wrong baby?”






Ashley – “My arm really hurts from them.”




“Stay here.”








I walked back into the club and punched one of the dudes in the face.






“Stay away from my babe you asshole.”




The security guys came and threw me out of the club. Ashley was sitting on the curb crying. I walked up behind her and picked her up.




“Ma’am it’s time for us to go home and have our fun time.”




Ashley – “Badass.”






“My ass is bad isn’t it?”




Ashley and I walked to the car and got in. I grabbed Ashley’s hand and held it the whole ride home.




I got out of the car and walked to the passenger’s side and helped Ashley out. I picked her up and carried her to the house.




Zayn, Harry, Louis and Niall were asleep on the couches. I walked to my room and tossed Ashley on it. Ashley took off my shirt and pants.






“Eager much?”




Ashley – “Shut up and come here.”




Ashley grabbed my neck and started kissing me. She started taking off my boxers but I stopped her.






“Your turn.”





I took off Ashley’s shirt and pants. I didn’t know Ashley started wearing thongs. She does look great in them.  I took off Ashley’s bra and cupped her breasts in my hands while I kissed her. I could hear her moan.






Ashley - “Now it’s your turn Payne.”






Ashley took off my boxers and threw them on the floor.






Ashley – “Lay down Payno.”




I lied down and she started sucking my dick. I groaned. She smiled. I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed her and took off her thong. I put my dick in her and started thrusting in her.








Ashley – “F-fuck y-you Payne.”






“Already am Miss. Akers.”






I just noticed I forgot a condom. Whatever. I kept thrusting in her.






She pushed me off her and she climbed on top of me and started kissing me. I could tell she’s not done yet. She slides her tongue on my bottom lip. I opened my mouth and we ended up snogging each other. She sat up on me and put my dick in her and she started bouncing up and down. I grabbed her breasts and started playing with them. She stopped and she climbed off of me.








“Are you okay?”





Ashley – “Catching my breath that’s all.”








I got up and smacked her ass. I picked her up so that her legs were around me. She started sucking on my neck giving me hickies. Shit. I tossed her back on the bed and climbed on her. I put my dick in her ass and started thrusting. The door opened and Niall was standing there.






Niall – “Oh god sorry. I can’t sleep with Ashley yelling like that.”






“Sorry Niall, we are almost done.”






Niall – “Thanks Liam.”




Niall walked away. I got out of Ashley.






“That was kind of awkward.”






Ashley – “Very.”






“Let’s go to bed now.”






Ashley climbed under the blankets next to me.






Ashley – “Night babe.”






“Don’t go to bed yet I want to sing to you.”






I started singing It Girl by Jason Derulo.

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