In Love or In Hell

Ashley has been with Harry for five months now and she turns to Louis and they have sex. She goes to Niall and has sex and she finds out she is pregnant. Niall had a secret relationship with Harry's older sister Gemma. Niall has a daughter Parsley. Ashley and Liam are now together and they will be singing together and Louis is pissed about it.


18. I'm On the News

(Ashley's POV)

Harry - "Ashley, people are saying that you are a prostitute."




"All I did was get in the car with Louis and we came here."




Louis - "We forgave each other and she got in the car and that's it."




Liam - "Well now what do we do, do we say something or just let it go?"




I walked away. I can't believe Liam is this selfish. He wants to be know as Liam Payne again and he doesn't even care about me. I wish I never met them. One Direction. I wish Harry was still dating Taylor. I wish Louis was still dating Eleanor. I wish Liam was still dating Danielle. I wish Niall was still dating Demi. I wish I never knew them. I want my old life back. Not the one with my dad raping me. I want a normal life, A perfect life. Liam must of followed me in here.








 Liam - "Ashley are you okay?"




"I don't know anymore Liam."




Liam - "I'm sorry for raping you, I'm sorry I'm being selfish."




"It's fine Liam."





He wrapped his arms around my waist.







Liam - "You know the news is here."







 Liam - "Their downstairs now."





"Liam why are they here, I'm not a prostitute?"




Liam - "Ashley we called them and they want to do a story about you."




"A story about me, why?"




Liam - "You're strong to get through all of that."




Harry came in the room.








Harry - "Ashley, they need you now."




Liam and I walked downstairs and the camera guy was pointing the camera at us.





 Camera guy - "It's not rolling."







I felt relieved.









"What's going on?"






The camera guy - "We are doing an hour documentary about your life."





"Why, I'm not famous?"




Liam - "Ashley, Simon posted a tweet about us."





 "Oh I'm the new famous person."








Liam nodded.









Harry - "We have to go through her whole life?"










The camera guy -"Yeah everything?"









Harry - "Oh."






Liam - "What do we have to do?"










The camera guy - "Just sit down and tell us everything."








"Can the lads be with me ?"









The camera guy -"Of course it's up to you."









"I want them here because they really don't know me."








Zayn - "I'm scared."








"Me too, me, well we need my brother here because he's been through everything with me."





I had to call Kory.

(Phone Call With Kory)

Me: Kory you need to come to Bradford

Kory: Why, sis

Me: The news wants to do a documentary about me and I want you to be in it with me

Kory: Yeah, I'll get the directions off your phone

Me: Thanks bub

Kory: No problem sis

Me: Bye see you soon

Kory: See you sis







Harry - "We have a problem."

















Harry - "He said that if I'm around you that he'll get you in trouble again."









"Shit, but you've been a big part of my life so you can stay."









Harry smiled.








Liam - "When do we start about her life?"







The camera guy - "Since she was 8 and now."










 "The past 10 years."









Harry - "Ashley you'll be fine."










Liam - "What's wrong?"








"You'll find out when my brother gets her and we start."









Kory texted me.







Kory - "I'm here."







I ran to the door and jumped into his arms. Luckily he caught me.













 Kory - "Ashley I told you to stay away from Harold."





  "I'm sorry but it's my documentary and you have to be happy."







Kory rolled his eyes.








"Yes ma'am.








Harry walked over to me and hugged me.









Harry - "Good luck Ashley."












I smiled and hugged him tighter.










I let go.










Liam - "Why are you like that?"












"Like what?"








Liam - "Flirting with other people."







"I can't talk to other people and you think I still love him?"








Liam - "It looks like you still do."








"I promise you I'm over Harry."









Liam - "Okay Ashley."







I rolled my eyes and hugged him.






Liam - "You're adorable when you get all mad."







"Well at least when I get mad I don't apologize after."









 Liam - "I don't do that all the time."









"Yeah but you did it to me."








Liam - "Yeah because I love you."









I smiled.






The camera guy - "We are about to start Ashley."








"Oh okay."





Kory came and sat by me.







The camera guy - "Ready in 5,4,3,2,1 and go."






"Hello there I'm Ashley Akers, Simon chose me to a duet with Liam Payne, I wanted to share my story, okay here we go, when my twin brother and I were 8 my dad raped and abused me. One day my brother came in when he was raping me, he picked me up and told me to get some of his clothes on and he called the police. I ran downstairs and he was talking to the policeman. We got in the back of the police car and I told him about how my dad kicked me in the stomach and touched me in places."






Kory - "Yeah and we got to the hospital and we were split up and I didn't see her for 5 days and I missed her."






"I met a friend while I was in the hospital, she passed away a couple days ago."





Kory - "When we got released from the hospital we had to go to court and they said my dad was innocent and he didn't do anything to my sister."









"He was innocent for fucking raping and abusing me."












Kory - "Nothing really happened until we were 16."









"I still hated my dad and we were yelling at each other all the time."









Kory -"She called him a bitch."










"He wouldn't let me go to my boyfriend's flat."











Kory - "I said some stuff to my twin that I shouldn't of."










"Yeah you went off on me because I told you to shut the fuck up."








Kory - "Yeah and you told me that you didn't need my help."










"Yeah because I really did I was just mad."







Kory - "Five months after that she went to a One Direction concert, she met Harry Styles and they dated for 5 months and she cheated on him with Niall Horan."







"Yeah that was a mistake because I ended up getting pregnant with Niall and then he left me for his ex-girlfriend Gemma Styles, Harry's older sister."












Niall - "She passed away because I wanted to cook for the first time and I gave her food poisoning."










"He has a daughter, Parsley."









Niall - "She's adorable."










Harry - "Ashley's baby passed away while I was in the hospital."











"Yeah, Niall and Harry started to get in a fight because Niall wouldn't get his hands off of me."










Louis - "He got shot right in his shoulder."








"Liam and I have been dating for three long days now."










Kory - "I don't want her dating these lads."








Liam - "And why not?"







Kory - "I don't want you hurting her."






"Too late Kory."







Kory - "What?"




"Liam and Harry had their fair share of me the other day."







Kory - "Hurt my sister again and you wont be able to see her again."






"You're not the boss of me."







Kory - "I know but since mum and dad died you need to have somebody to back you up."










"I'm eighteen I don't need your help."








Kory - "See there you go again."






"See I told you not to talk about it on the phone."






Liam - "Kory is just a little pussy."






Harry - "He still needs his sister to look after him."







Louis - "He needs his body guard."







Niall - "You're just scared of us wussy."





"He'll always need his sister to help him through his problems, ever since we were little, little did he know I'm the one who needed it."







Kory - "Shut the hell up Liam, you're a piece of shit."







Harry stood up.

















Harry -  "Say that again bitch."







Kory - "You heard me."








"Lads calm down."





Harry - "Ashley sit down I got this."






Kory - "He might need to go back to the hospital after this."









Harry - "Ashley can I please beat the shit out of him?"








"No Harry."




Harry - "Too late I'm going to."

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