In Love or In Hell

Ashley has been with Harry for five months now and she turns to Louis and they have sex. She goes to Niall and has sex and she finds out she is pregnant. Niall had a secret relationship with Harry's older sister Gemma. Niall has a daughter Parsley. Ashley and Liam are now together and they will be singing together and Louis is pissed about it.


20. I Got Her Back

(Zayn's POV)





Brooke and I are officially over and now I don't need Liam here but  he needs to stay here with me because I can't live by myself. If I did it would be hard and I would get lonely. I would go into depression and that wouldn't be a good thing.

(Texting Perrie)





Me : Perrie Lou can we talk for a second ?







Perrie : Hi Zayn right now is actually a great time to talk for me.






Me : Okay I'm going to call you.




Perrie : Okay






(Phone Call With Perrie)





Me : Hi Perrie





Perrie : Hi Zayn



Me : Can you give me one more chance please ?





Perrie : Yeah I can, but don't ruin it




Me : I wont




Perrie : I'm coming home in two days can we hangout ?




Me : Of course we can




Perrie : Okay Zayn can't wait to see you



Me : I am actually shaking right now




Perrie : Awe why ?




Me : I'm talking to the most beautiful girl in the world




Perrie : Awe Zayn




Me : Can't wait to see you Perrie Lou




Perrie : Well Zayn I'm going to bed night night




Zayn : Good night Perrie, have a good time in America




Perrie : I will try, American Mixers are wonderful




Me : Bye Perrie



Perrie : Bye Zayn *Mwah* *Hangs up* 




I got Perrie back. I think when we hit the two month mark I'm going to ask her to marry me. I don't think right now would be a good time because we just got back together and she might say no.




(Texting Jesy Nelson)






Me : Don't tell Perrie but I need your help when you wake up !!






Jesy : I'm staying up, what is ittt ?




Me : I'm going to fly out to America




Jesy : Zayn !!




Me : I'm going to come onstage when you guys are in Ohio




Jesy : Okay Zayn I will tell Jade and Leigh-Anne !





Me : Please don't tell Perrie !





Jesy : I promise Zayn





Me : Thanks Jesy (:





Jesy : I have to go bye Zayn and you're welcome !!!




Me : Bye Jesy





Jesy is my lifesaver. She will always be there for me when I need her. Now I have to text Harold.






(Texting Harry)





Me : Harry !






Harry : Zayn !





Me : Perrie and I are together !!




Harry : What happened to Brooke ??





Me : She called it off




Harry : Zerrie is back in business !!




Me : Zerrie is amazingg



Harry : Yeah so is Haylor...




Me : Harry ?




Harry : I'm dating Taylor.. Shhh




Me : RIP Harry girls





Harry : I feel bad because they have to see Taylor and I be happy and its going to kill millions of girls





Me : Yeah...




Harry : Why don't people like her ?




Me : She breaks up with people and then writes a song about them and they call her a slut.





Harry : I knew you were trouble (:





Me : That's about you Harold...





Harry : It is ?





Me : Wow -_- yes Harry it is





Harry : Cool I have a song written just for me




Me : You're such an idiot




Harry : I must get it from you :P





Me : You got it from Louis (:





Harry : Don't say that about my boobear (:





Me : How long are you guys going to stay hidden ?





Harry : Not very long (:





Me : Larry forever (:





Harry : I wonder what the old Elounor shippers would say ?




Me : Biggest drama in the fandom




Harry : Elounor vs. Larry (:




Me : And the winner is LARRRRRYYY !!!!





Harry : Its kind of obvious that Louis and I are together !





Me : Then why are you with Taylor ?





Harry : Cover up.




Me : We aren't in a boy band anymore so you guys can come out now





Harry : I'm scared





Me : Do it when you're ready





Harry : I have to tell my mum...





Me : Good luck mate (:




Harry didn't text me back after that. I don't like Taylor and never will. I can't wait until Harry and Louis come out it's going to be exciting.











@zaynmalik1d: "@Louis_Tomlinson You coming out tonight ?"







@Louis_Tomlinson : "@zaynmalik1d Yeah just give me time."





@alwaystogether_Larry : "@Louis_Tomlinson EEKKK WHATS HAPPENING ???"




@Louis_Tomlinson : "@alwaystogether_Larry We are announcing something big tomorrow night !!!"






@zaynmalik1d : "@Harry_Styles Sooo are you guys ready for tomorrow night ????"






@Harry_Styles : "@zaynmalik1d Shhh !!!"

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