In Love or In Hell

Ashley has been with Harry for five months now and she turns to Louis and they have sex. She goes to Niall and has sex and she finds out she is pregnant. Niall had a secret relationship with Harry's older sister Gemma. Niall has a daughter Parsley. Ashley and Liam are now together and they will be singing together and Louis is pissed about it.


12. Hospital Day 2

(Ashley's POV)

Harry and I just woke up. Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall were in the room.



Zayn - "Harry I woke up this morning with a lot of people asking me if you were alright."






  "Hey I've never met you."







Zayn - "We haven't have we."





  "I'm Ashley, Harry's girlfriend."






Zayn - "Hi I'm Zayn Harry's ex band mate."




Liam - "Jade left for tour yesterday and Max is with her mother."





 "Why did you name your son Max when you guys hate Max George from The Wanted?"






Liam - "Jade wanted to name him Max and I like the name so we decided to name him that."




Niall - "Parsley is with Kory."





Harry - "Where's Gemma?"





Niall - "She passed away Harry."





Harry - "How?"







  "Harry, Niall accidentally gave her food poisoning."






Harry - "Everybody get out of this room now!"






Liam - "Harry what's wrong?"






Harry - "Liam my older sister is dead I want to be alone right now."







 "Okay lads we should get something to eat and leave Harry alone."






Liam - "I'm hungry anyway."





Niall - "I'm not really hungry."




I gave him a weird look.










"Wait what?"






Niall - "My eating habit days are over."





 "Wow Niall."





Harry - "Everybody get the fuck out now."






We all walked out.













Liam - "It's okay Ashley he just needs to cool down."






Zayn - "Niall are you being serious about not eating as much?"






Niall - "Yes Zayn."






Louis - "Wait if Gemma is dead what is Harry going to do, just stay bitchy all of his life?"







 "Lets hope not."






Liam - "Lets just let him be alone for right now."






  "Liam and Zayn do you know that Niall got me pregnant?"







Zayn - "I thought you were dating Harry?"







 "Well I am but I cheated on Harry with Niall and we had sex and he didn't wear protection."








Zayn - "Niall we always told you to wear protection."







Niall - "I'm not 18 anymore I think I can run my life without you lads."





 "Niall calm down please."






Niall - "You know what Ashley I think you and Harry need to break up and stay away from us."







 "What did I do?"






Niall - "We broke up because of you not Liam and Jade."








  "What did I do?"






Niall - "Harry was always talking about you and how you're perfect and he would always mess up everything for us and all you are is a ugly, imperfect bitch."














I walked away. Liam was running after me but I just kept walking. Zayn cut me off at the corner.








Zayn - "Niall didn't mean that Ashley please come back to the room."






 "No Zayn, Harry probably doesn't want to see me anyway."


(Zayn's POV)


Harry and Ashley are cute together but Niall doesn't think so. I walked into Harry's hospital room with the lads.











Harry - "Where's Ashley?"





 "Oh Niall told her that she was a ugly, imperfect bitch."






Harry - "What the hell Niall leave Ashley alone."





Niall - "Oh at least I'm not cheating on her."






Harry - "Wait what?"





Niall - "You and Erin."




Harry - "I wasn't dating her."





Niall - "Then why did you pick her up and take her to your car?"





Harry - "She's the devil Niall, date her and you'll see."





Niall - "What's her number?"





Harry - "It's in my phone."




Niall got Harry's phone and put Erin's number in his phone.













Harry - "Zayn can you go find Ashley?"





  "Yes I can."





Harry - "Thanks mate."






I walked out of the room and looked over and on the floor sitting was Ashley. I walked over to her.










"Hey Ashley, Harry wants you."






Ashley - "Zayn, I went to the loo and there was blood, I lost the baby."






"What is Niall going to say?"







Ashley - "Zayn I have no clue right now."






 "Come on and tell him."












She stood up and we walked into Harry's room.






Liam - "Ashley are you okay?"






Ashley - "Liam I have bad news for Niall and Harry."






Harry - "What's wrong babe?"






Niall - "What's wrong Ashleey?"





Ashley - "I lost the baby, the baby passed away."





Niall - "You mean to tell me that my baby passed away."





Ashley - "I'm afraid so."





Harry - "Ashley are you okay?"






Ashley - "Harry have a great life without me."





Ashley walked out of the room.










Liam - "I'll go get her."





 "Let her be."





Liam - "No she'll do it again."






Harry - "Do what again?"







Liam - "Nothing you'll see."













Liam must know something we don't. Liam has always got a girl to open up about anything.





Niall - "No I'm going to go get her."


(Niall's POV)


I walked out of the room and I walked to the waiting room. I was walking and the women's bathroom door flung open and almost hit me. Luckily it was Ashley. I pulled her towards me and she slapped my hand away and walked away towards Harry's room.








 "Ashley Michelle tell me what's going on."







She turned around.













"Niall you don't understand."







"I don't okay, I cut myself, I was the ugly one in the band, some girls didn't want me in the meet and greet pictures, Ashley I know how it feels."











I pulled up the sleeve to my jacket and showed her my scars.







Ashley - "Niall you used to cut?"











 She gave me a hug.















Ashley - "Those girls don't have a good taste in lads."












Ashley - "Yes Niall."






  "Why did you tell Liam and not us?"





Ashley - "He was touching me what was I suppose to do?"





 "He was touching you?"






Ashley - "Yeah he said that him and Jade fight a lot and that he wants a divorce."







 "Don't do it Ashley."








Ashley - "Niall trust me I'm not."





  "Okay because you did hurt Harry a lot."






Ashley - "Yeah and I feel bad for doing it."






"Who can I date?"







 She - "Erin or Shania."






"Not Erin please Harry told me about her."





Ashley - "I'll text Shay tomorrow."






 "Thanks Ashley."





Ashley - "Do you know Louis' girlfriend?"





"Uh I don't know."





Ashley - "Well you are going to meet her at her funeral."




 "Why am I going if I don't know her and she passed away?"





Ashley - "Yeah and she liked One Direction and her mum wants you to sing Little Things at her funeral."





 "How did she pass away?"






Ashley - "Her flat caught on fire and she didn't make it out."






"Oh uh does Louis know?"





Ashley - "No but I will tell him."







 "Ashley when is the funeral?"





Ashley - "In two days, Harry should be fine by then."






 "Ashley I don't think I can sing anymore."






Ashley - "Niall you sang in the car when we were getting pregnancy tests."







 "Oh yeah."






Ashley - "Niall are you okay?"






  "Yeah it's that I don't know if the lads will do it especially Louis."








Ashley - "Niall, just please stay positive, she was my best friend and I needed her when my dad and I was fighting and stuff."







  "Okay can we go back to Harry's room and talk to Louis and the rest of the lads."







Ashley - "Okay Niall lets go."



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