In Love or In Hell

Ashley has been with Harry for five months now and she turns to Louis and they have sex. She goes to Niall and has sex and she finds out she is pregnant. Niall had a secret relationship with Harry's older sister Gemma. Niall has a daughter Parsley. Ashley and Liam are now together and they will be singing together and Louis is pissed about it.


10. Flashbacks


(Ashley's POV) FLASHBACK (8 YEARS OLD) 2003


Daddy - "Ashley come here now."









  "What's wrong daddy?"








Daddy - "Did I ask you to talk?"








He punched me in the mouth and kicked my stomach. 








Daddy - "Go upstairs and undress and lay down in bed."









I ran upstairs and did what I was told. He ran upstairs and shut the door and locked it. He stripped his clothes off and he put his thing in my hole. 










"Daddy it hurts badly."








 Daddy - "Good it's suppose to."









Kory picked the lock and rushed in and picked me up and called the police.












Kory - "Sissy go get some of my clothes on and come back down here."








I ran up to Kory's room and found a shirt and some shorts. I ran back downstairs and Kory was talking to a man in blue.











Kory -"He was doing bad stuff to her."







The man - "Come here kids I'm going to take you to a safe place for a while."










I grabbed Kory's hand and we walked out. We sat in the back of the police car.












The guy - "What's your name?"










 "Ashley Akers."











Kory - "Kory Akers."










The man - "Who's older?"









 "Mummy said that we don't need to know that because we are twins."









The man - "Okay."









 "My daddy kicked me in my stomach and punched me in the mouth."










The man - "Has this happened before?"












 "Yes, everyday for a month."











The man - "Does mummy know?"









 "Daddy told me to keep it a secret from her."








Kory - "Are you going to help us get out of there or do we have to go back?"











The man - "You guys are going to the hospital for a few days to get checked."










  "I'm hurting."









The man - "Where at sweetie?"








 "My lower part."









 The man - "Did your daddy touch you there?"




















Kory - "I heard her scream so I picked the lock to her door."









The man - "That was smart of you Kory."










 "Thanks Kory."










Kory - "You're welcome Ash."









The man - "Oh by the way I'm Officer Tate Winters."









  "Hi Officer Tate Winters."








 Officer Tate Winters -"Hello Ashley."








 "Are we there yet?"










Kory - "Ash don't be rude."









OTW - "It's fine and Ashley we are here."









He opened the door for us.










OTW - "Wait right here because we have to check you guys in."












We nodded and waited in the lobby. OTW came back and took us to a room. 











OTW - "Stay here and I'll get a doctor."









I  nodded. I seen that there was a little girl almost seven. 









"Hello I'm Ashley."












Girl -  "Hello I'm Mackenzie but people call me Kenzie."












 "Why are you here?"









Kenzie - "I broke my arm and leg, you?"









 "My daddy kicked me in the stomach and punched me in my mouth and touched me wrongly."








Kenzie - "Oh I'm sorry to hear that." 










"Will you be my best friend?"












 Kenzie - "Yes I would like that."


*8 years later* November 15, 2011 (16 Years Old)


"Bitch you know you raped me and you were innocent."








My so called dad - "I know but please don't leave me."








"I'm leaving to Jeff's flat and I'm spending the night there too and you can't tell me no because I will tell the police you did it again."










Kory - "Shut the fuck up both of you I don't want to remember that."









 "What did he do to you oh yeah nothing so you need to shut the fuck up."









Kory - "I seen some parts of you that I never want to see again."












 "I never asked you to help me."












Kory - "If it wasn't for me you wouldn't of been friends with Mackenzie."












  "Thanks but I would of met her around the neighborhood."










Kory - "You're a joke."


















Greg - "Shut the fuck up before we relive that night all over again."











I walked out the flat and went to Jeff's.


*5 months Later* April 29, 2012 (17 Years Old)


I'm going to a One Direction concert. I'm going with Mackenzie we are going to have so much fun. Mackenzie and I are leaving now. I'm so excited and we bought backstage passes too. Mackenzie bought those I bought the tickets. We are 10 minutes away from the arena.











Kenzie - "Great now we have to hear girls scream and cry."









  "Just put your headphones in and turn the music up."











We walked to the front of the line and we showed them our backstage passes.











Ticket Lady - "Go on in ladies."







We walked in.







 Security Guy - "Ladies you have to wait before you come in."









 "We have backstage passes."









Security Guy - "Ma'am you need to stop with the attitude."










Harry ran up to us.










Harry - "They have backstage passes just let them in."










Security Guy - "I guess Styles."










Mackenzie and I got our pictures taken with Harry.












 Harry - "What's your names?"









  "Ashley and this is my best friend Mackenzie."








 Harry - "I thought you guys were twins."









 "I have a twin brother."








 He smiled.









Harry - "Well if you ladies need anything just come find me or the other lads."











Mackenzie -"Where's Louis?"










 Harry - "He's in that room over there."











He pointed to a room.











Mackenzie - "I'll go find him."








"Meet me back here when you're done."









Kenzie - "Okay."











Harry - "Would you like to hangout with me?"









 "Of course."










He smiled.






Harry - "How young are you?"










 "I'm 17 not that much younger than you."









Harry - "Well who do you fancy the most?"











  "You and Liam."










Harry - "I thought so."









 "Can I have a picture with you weirdly?"









Harry - "Of course."








I got out my phone and handed it to him.







Harry - "Nope on my phone."





















 Harry - "You're beautiful and I want something to remember you by."










  "Thanks Harry."









Lou and Lux came over to us.









Lou - "Harry, my babysitter just quit on  me and I don't have anybody to watch her."









 "I could do it if you want?"










Lou - "Yes thank you."









Harry - "Well I guess we will be seeing each other a lot more."










  "That's awesome."








Mackenzie came back.











Mackenzie - "I found everybody except Louis."









  "Awe Kenzie it's okay we have tickets for the next concert too."











Kenzie - "But I want to meet Louis."










Harry - "You guys can't tell anybody this but Louis isn't coming."











Kenzie -"Why not Harry?"









Harry - "Eleanor came back and they are hanging out."










Kenzie -"Oh."









Harry - "I know how you feel."












 "Well I have a baby to take care of."












Kenzie - "What?"










Harry - "Lou just came over here and said that her babysitter which I didn't like quit on her and she needed a babysitter for Lux."












Mackenzie - "I found Perrie."










She pointed to her. 









"Mackenzie we know her already."











Harry - "What?"











 "We were backup singers for the band FUN."









 Harry - "Oh okay."







Kenzie - "Well I don't care."













Perrie came over to us.









Perrie - "Ashley have you seen Zayn?"











 "No sorry but Mackenzie did."










 Perrie - "Where is he Kenz?"










Kenzie - "In room 39."












Perrie - "Thanks."










She walked away. I got a text from Jeff.










 Jeff - "Ashley I'm sorry but it's over."












I started crying.










I responded - "Okay I understand."













Harry - "What's wrong?"










  "My boyfriend just broke up with me."











Harry - "Give me your phone."



















I handed him my phone.










Harry - "Thanks."












 "Lux is beautiful."










 Harry - "If you get tired of holding her let me know."





















He handed me my phone back.












Harry - "Get on Twitter."










I got on Twitter and my mentions were crazy. 










"What did you do?"












 Harry - "I gave you a shout out."









I started crying. 










"Harry they called me fat, a whore and a bitch."










Harry - "Ashley it's fine." 











I walked away with Lux and found a place to sit. Harry walked over to me.










Harry - "Ashley check your Twitter."












 "Harry I will later Lux is falling asleep."










 Harry - "Where's your phone?"









  "My back right pocket."










 Harry - "Stand up."























Harry - "Stand up."










I stood up and Harry reached into my back right pocket and got my phone. The worst part was we were by the front entrance and paparazzi was flashing pictures.












 "Great Harry they probably think Lux is my baby and your her father."










 Harry - "One big happy family."










I rolled my eyes.









"Harry when is the concert?"









 Harry - "We have 5 minutes."











 "I guess I'll get to see you a lot more since I'm watching Lux."










Harry - "Don't look at your Twitter for a while."










  "Okay Styles."









Harry - "Well come on we are going onstage."





















 Harry - "You're coming too."









 "Harry they'll hate me."










Harry - "Why?"









 "I'm ugly."










 Harry - "No you aren't and if you don't want to go don't just remember that I'm giving you another shout out onstage."










  "That's fine."











He walked away.












Mackenzie - "I have to go to the loo."










  "Then go I'm watching Lux."










Kenzie - "I'm scared."




















Kenzie - "I might fart and a women celebrity could be in there too."











"I'll come with you."










We walked to the loo and just before we did. I heard something it's Harry.
























Great thanks Harry I was in the middle of a flashback. I woke up.











"Thanks Harry I was in the middle of a flashback of when we first met."











 Harry - "I'm sorry but we've been asleep all day and you need to eat something."











"Okay Harry I'll be in the kitchen in a minute."










 Harry - "Stand Up."











 "Okay okay I'm up."










He laughed and took my hand and we walked to the kitchen.












Harry - "I'm going to make chicken do you want any?"








 "Nope I'm not hungry."











Harry - "Are you sure?"












 "I'm sure."








I walked back to Harry's room and laid on the floor. I don't know why but Harry's floor smells good and feels good. Louis walked in and laid down next to me.















 Louis - "How have you been?"












 "I feel like shit."













Louis - "Why?"















 "My stomach hurts and head hurts."













He leaned in and tried to kiss me but I stood up and ran to the kitchen.
















Harry - "What the hell is going on?"













 "H-he tried to k-kiss me."













Harry - "Louis what the hell is wrong with you SHE'S MINE, you have Mackenzie."













 Louis - "Harry I like her and I can't stand seeing you and her together."














 "I'm leaving Harry goodbye."













Harry - "Ashley don't go."











I turned back to him.












"Oh no I'm leaving bye Harold."












Harry - "Ashley, Niall is following us around you're not safe."












"Like I believe that Harry."

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