In Love or In Hell

Ashley has been with Harry for five months now and she turns to Louis and they have sex. She goes to Niall and has sex and she finds out she is pregnant. Niall had a secret relationship with Harry's older sister Gemma. Niall has a daughter Parsley. Ashley and Liam are now together and they will be singing together and Louis is pissed about it.


3. Fighting

(Harry's POV)

*****On The Phone*****

Me: What the hell Ashley where the fuck are you I've been looking for you?

Ashley: Harry its Sunday I have school tomorrow I can't be with you every single minute.

Me: I don't care get your ass home now

Ashley: I am home Harry

Me: I mean this home dumb ass

Ashley: No Harry I'm staying here so I can go to school

Me: Why?

Ashley: So I don't get in trouble by you and my parents

Me: Missy you are already in trouble by me

Ashley: Harry stop leave me the fuck alone NOW

Me: No bitch

Ashley: Harry please stop *Crying*

Me: Ashley what's wrong

Ashley: *Still Crying* Harry you act like I'm an object that can be tossed around

Me: Ashley if you just do as I say then you wouldn't feel that way

Ashley: See there you go again bye Harry

Me: No Ashley please

Ashley: *Hangs Up*

Shit now look what I did. My own girlfriend hangs up on me. I hope she is okay.

(Ashley's POV)

Wow. Harry needs to stop treating me like I'm his little slut. I'm going to Niall's hotel. Niall got a hotel yesterday so that he didn't have to drive all the way out to Ireland. I need to get stay away from Harry for awhile. Niall got a hotel close to my flat. All I have to do is drive 4 blocks then I'm there. I'm getting all my stuff ready so that I can go there. I told my mum that I was going to Kenzie's flat to stay the night. My mum likes Kenzie a lot. She's dating Louis and they spend a lot of time together but Friday and Saturday they couldn't because of a project Kenzie had to do. I already did mine.

"Mum, dad I'm leaving see you tomorrow after school."

I hopped in my car and left for Niall's hotel. I am scared to see him because I don't really know him that well. Kenzie, Perrie and I met while doing back up singing for the band Fun. It was absolutely amazing. I got Niall's number from Liam last night. I'm going to text him.

Me: Hey Niall it's Ashley from last night !!

Horan: Hey Ashley what's up ?

Me: Nothing it's just that Harry and I got into a fight and I wanted to know of I could come over to your hotel.

Horan: Sure I'm not doing anything tonight you can come over.

Me: Thanks I'll be there soon.

Horan : Okay Ashwee!

Oh my fucking god Niall just called me Ashwee. I'm at Niall's hotel and he's waiting for me outside. I got out of my car and got my bag of things and walked over to him. 

Niall - "I can take your things Ashwee."

"Thanks Niall."

Niall - "You're welcome."

I can't believe he is letting me stay here tonight. We walk to the lift and we go up to floor 6.







Niall - "I have the weirdest room."













Niall - "My room number is 666."





"Oh no."





Niall -  "If you get scared come in my bed for the night."






"I will sleep with you if I need to."






He smiled and we walked in.






Niall - "Ashley if you need anything like this again please tell me I will always be here for you."






"That's the cutest thing ever."






Niall - "Awe Ashley you are making me tear up."





"Niall man up lad."




We both laughed.




Niall - "What time is it anyway?"












Niall - "You could've just said 11:13."





"I sound more dorky saying it like that."





Niall - "You are dorky either way."






He pushed me on the bed.






Niall - "Where are you ticklish at?"





"My sides and my neck."





Niall - "Thanks now I know where you are ticklish at."






He started tickling my sides and I couldn't catch my breath. He stopped tickling me and we both laid down together.





Niall - "When we were at dinner last night did you like it when I hugged you?"







"Yes I did, when you did I felt loved and protected."







Niall - "I bet Harry gives you a lot of that."






"Actually he doesn't."







Niall - "If I ever dated you then I would make you feel loved and protected."






"I bet you would."






He smiled and told me to get up off the bed. I got off and stood in front of him.





Niall - "I want a hug."










I gave him a hug and he picked me up.






Niall - "So does Harry do this."








"Nope we don't really hug that much."






He put me down and picked me up bridal style and sat me on the counter.






Niall - "Wait right here."








I nodded and waited there until Niall came back to the hotel room. He finally came back and he had a bag. He handed me the bag and I looked in it and it was a bag full of condoms.

Niall - "Pick one and come here."







I picked a blue one and walked to the bed.





Niall - "Come here Ashleey."





 "You turn me on when you say my name weirdly."





Niall - "Like Ashwee or Ashleey."





 "Yes like that."





Niall - "Awe come here."





"First you have to get me."








I ran to the bathroom and locked the door. He found a screwdriver and picked the lock on the door. He walked in and grabbed me and picked me up and tossed me on the bed.






Niall - "If we do this and get caught I will take the blame."





 "Niall I don't think so it will be me who tells the truth."









He didn't respond he just started kissing me. I like how Niall protects me. He's gentle. Harry is always rough. Niall isn't scary. Harry scares me a lot.








Niall - " You look like Paul my old body guard."







 "He's my uncle."








Anyway back to sex. Niall took off his shorts and tank-top. I took off my camisole and shorts. We were sitting there half naked. He leaned in and kissed me and kissed my neck. He took off his boxers and I took off my panties and I laid on the bed and Niall started kissing me from my head to my lower area. He put two fingers in and started going in and out for about five minutes.

I raised up.







"Let me suck your dick."




He nodded and stood up and I got down on the floor on my knees. I licked the tip of it. He moaned. I started going back and forth and back and forth.




Niall moaned "Ashley fuck yeah."







I stopped and stood up.




Niall - "Lay down with your bum in the air."







I laid down like he said and he inserted his dick into my bum. It hurts like hell. I started moaning. He was laughing.




"Niall this hurts badly."




Niall - "Ash I thought Harry would've gave you anal."






 "Harry and I haven't had sex for about two months now."







He - "Oh well."









He flipped me around and started thrusting into my lower region.







He stopped.







Niall - "Ashley I forgot to put the condom that you picked on."







 "Niall I'm scared."








Niall - "Just remember I'm always here for you either way."








"Niall, I'm 17 I can't have a baby now."







Niall - "Ashley it's fine I promise."









I hope Niall is right I'm freaked out.








Niall - "Let's just go to bed you have school tomorrow."







I nodded and laid down next to Niall and he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek.








Niall - "Night Ashley."








I smiled.







"Good Night Niall."

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