In Love or In Hell

Ashley has been with Harry for five months now and she turns to Louis and they have sex. She goes to Niall and has sex and she finds out she is pregnant. Niall had a secret relationship with Harry's older sister Gemma. Niall has a daughter Parsley. Ashley and Liam are now together and they will be singing together and Louis is pissed about it.


8. Date

(Harry's POV)

Erin and I are going on a date tomorrow night. Niall said that he didn't like Ashley. He likes Gemma though but and she really likes him so I have to at least give him a chance with her. I'm scared that he is going to break my sister's heart. I feel bad for Ashley. She's pregnant and Niall doesn't like her and he promised to stay by her side the whole nine yards but it's been two nights and he already left her. She can't go home because I told her mum that she is pregnant. I AM SO FUCKING STUPID. I want Ashley and I want Erin. Man this is hard to choose. I'm going to bed to sleep all of this off.


(Ashley's POV)


**Texting Mackenzie** 


Me: Hey Kenzie what's up ?



KenzieeBoo: Nothing.



Me: What's Wrong ?



Kenzieeboo: Louis broke up with me.



Me: Mackenzie.. I have to go bye




I hate talking about guys now. I REALLY want Harry back. I miss him I wish I didn't go behind Harry's back to Niall. I'm going to get Harry one way or another.


(Louis' POV)


Now that Mackenzie and I talk more I'm starting to like her a lot more. I was just using her but now I really like her. I heard about Niall and Gemma. I wonder when they dated. I have no memory of that. Erin. I really don't like her. She's like 21 or something. She doesn't need to be around Harry right now. I know I told him to get over Ashley but she means a lot to him right now and I want them to be together and be happy together. I'm tired it's 10 I need to go to bed.




(Louis' POV)


I want Harry to be with Ashley not Erin because I don't like her as much as I like Ashley. I want Ashley to come over so that I can talk to her about dating Harry again.


*On The Phone With Ashley*


Me: Ashley you need to come over in an hour so we talk



Ashley: Okay Louis I will be there



Me: Oh thank you Ashley



Ashley: You're welcome Louis



Me: Thanks for introducing me to Mackenzie she's cute




Ashley: No problem Louis I knew you guys would like each other





Me: I wish you were dating Harry




Ashley: Me too Louis me too




Me: So you do still like him




Ashley: Yes I do like him





Me: Who is Erin ?




Ashley: My older cousin she's 21




Me: Family




Ashley: She doesn't need to do this to me




Me: She's a backstabber




Ashley: I'm going to get ready bye Louis see you in an hour




Me: Bye *Hangs Up*



Can't wait for Ashley to come over to talk about getting Harry and her back together. I'm going to jump in the shower. I'm going to wear sweats and my white tank-top. I got my clothes and towel and walked to the bathroom. I started the water and stripped my clothes off. I jumped in the shower and grabbed my shampoo. I scrubbed my hair with it and then rinsed it. I then grabbed a bar of soap and washed my body then rinsed and got out. I dried my body then my hair. I put my clothes on and walked out. it's 12 now. Ashley should be getting here by now. I heard a knock on the front door and Ashley was there and I gave her a hug.











"Hey Ashley come in."





She came in and we sat at the kitchen table. Harry woke up and came in the kitchen.










Harry - "Louis why are you and Ashley in the kitchen?"




  "We are talking."





Harry - "Oh okay about what?"





Ashley - "You."





Harry - "Erin and I are going on a date in an hour."





"What happened to tonight?"






Harry - "I changed it to an hour so I can hangout with the people I love."





Ashley - "So you don't love her?"







Harry - "I barely know her and I don't love her."






 "Oh thank god."





Harry - Why?"




Ashley - "I like you Harry but you're with Erin now."





Harry - "I like you too Ashley."




 "Date, Date, Date!"




Harry - "Wait until I have my date with Erin to see how everything goes."





 "Awe okay."




Ashley -  "I hope you have a great date with the devil."





Harry - "Wait what?"






Ashley - "Wait until your date to find out Harold."


(Harry's POV)


I hope you have a great date with the devil. What is that suppose to mean? I guess I will find out later. I'm going to take a shower now. I'm going to wear my grey tank-top with black skinny jeans with brown boots. I started the water and stripped my clothes off. I jumped in the shower and grabbed my shampoo. I scrubbed my hair with it and then rinsed it. I then grabbed a bar of soap and washed my body then rinsed and got out. I dried my body then my hair. I put my clothes on and walked out. I'm going to call Erin.


Me: Hey Erin are we still going on our date



Erin: You better be picking me up because I'm not going to waste my stupid gas just for you to drive me to a lame restaurant




Me: Calm down Erin I'm picking you up don't worry




Erin: You better get her within the next ten minutes




Me: I'm going to leave now bye 





Erin: Hurry up *Hangs Up*



 I'm going to leave her ass there and she can walk home. I'm leaving now and she can't tell me when to get there because I'm the one taking her there. I got there and I have two minutes to spare. I walked up to Erin's flat and she came out.





Erin - "Well are you going to just stand there or are you going to carry me to your car?"




I picked her up.










"How are you?"







Erin - "Where are we going?"






  "To the park."





Erin - "Are you gay?"




 "No never have been why?"









Erin - "We are going to the park on our first date and you're rich and we should be going to an expensive place."







"I'm not rich and I'm not gay."






Erin - "You are rich you're in One Direction don't lie to me."







 "I'm not in One Direction anymore."






Erin - "Your gayness get too much of you?"












Erin - "Then why are you living with Lewis?"





  "First off it's LOUIS and second we are best mates and that's all."






Erin - "Noo you're gay and you wont tell me, I'm your girlfriend tell me."







 "You're not my girlfriend and I am not gay because I've never liked lads."






We got to the park and Erin got out and I drove away and left her there. I drove home so I can talk to Louis and Ashley. I turned on the radio.












 Radio Guy - "Will One Direction get back together within the next month?"




 "Of course not we have too much going on."







Radio Guy - "We have Niall Horan to confirm this statement."






Niall - "We have too much going on right now and Harry  hates me right now so we aren't talking."




 Radio Guy -  "Oh what happened?"





Niall - "I slept with his sister and girlfriend, I got them both pregnant but Gemma had her baby a year ago and Ashley will have her baby in 9 months."






Radio Guy - said "So you and Harry switched spots and now you get all the girls?"




Niall - "No just those two I'm not a man whore like him."





Radio Guy - "If Harry Styles is listening right now please call the radio station."












I called the radio station.














 'Niall you know I'm not a man whore I was never one and you know that."







Niall - "Yeah, yeah Styles acting all innocent."





 "What the hell Niall what did I do to you?"





Niall - "Oh nothing but just know I'm watching you."




The line went dead.



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